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Making Of 'The Beserk Flash'

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Date Added: 14th March 2012
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Hello friends! My name is Le$hiY or Oleg Shekhovtsov. This art was created for the Comicon Challenge 2011.

In the beginning I had completely forgotten about the competition, but then I saw a message in a forum saying "The Comicon Challenge 2011 has started!" and so decided to take part. At this Comicon the brief was wide:

"This year's theme for 3D Character Artists and 2D Concept Artists is "Alternate Universe." You can either change the time period of your comic book hero or his/her gender. For instance, you can make a 1842 Western styled Captain America (cowboy) OR a female Captain America OR you can do both - an 1842 western-styled (cowboy/girl) female Captain America. If you decide to mix and match, it's your choice!"

The task for 2D concept artists didn't include a modeling sheet, which was sad in my opinion because it demands a more exacting approach to illustration.

Next it was necessary for me to choose a character to change. I always choose work that's going to help my artistic evolution and I knew I wanted to try and draw detailed fantasy clothes or armor, so after looking at various DC and Marvel characters, I decided to go with The Flash (Fig.01).


The competition lasted four weeks, with a possible one week extension. For an illustration, one week, with a second one in case of random problems, is necessary for me. Because the modeling sheet had been removed, the rest of the time on this project was taken up on the generation and development of a general idea. This is the most important part of any work, so don't neglect it. Ideas are everything!

While I was searching for a clear idea, I started with the elements that made up the original character (skills, style, symbol etc) and things I wanted to have in the image (fantasy clothes and armor). I then began to brainstorm; gathering references, reading up on the original character, inventing stories etc. At the end of the first two weeks I had some sketches, a big folder of references (the main references I collected on a single sheet) and a clear idea in my head: a fantasy berserker. Also, I began to associate my warrior with a wild red fox (Fig.02 - 03).



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