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Making Of 'Making Lightning'

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Date Added: 9th March 2012
Software used:
1501_tid_0015final image.jpg


This work was produced for an art contest, so the image itself had to have a story behind it. The subject was the control of man over nature.

So here's a brief piece of text about the story:

In search for new energy sources, man gets bolder and bolder. Machines replicate mini-storms and control the power of the weather with the aim of harvesting the energy of lightning. Almost like a magician, the scientist gazes upon his achievement. The amount of energy used to jumpstart the storm is enormous, so this machine works on nuclear energy to generate the initial storm. Once it starts the storm, the storm is kept in motion by electro magnets, using a very small part of the energy harvested, making it almost self-sustaining.

Science is the new religion of our days, and we put ourselves in its hands. As science becomes more and more complicated sometimes it looks almost like magic, and what you can't explain becomes something unreal. Maybe that's one of the reasons why people trust so much in science, when sometimes they know so little about what is going on.

I tried to paint the scientist like some sort of fortune teller, looking at the future of mankind in his magic orb.

Creating a good composition is what can make an illustration work or not. It's very important to take into consideration some aspects that will define the final work and its success or not. The creative process can have a set method and process, but it also has to flexible and intuitive. Even before you start your sketch you must know what you're aiming for, the mood and the feeling you want to transmit (Fig.01). Each one of us has learned this with the passing of the years. Our artwork is the culmination of study and hard work. It is something we gain with the passing years, in each new piece we produce. So practicing is the best way to develop all our skills.


Like I said it's very important to know what you're aiming for before you start. For this piece the look and mood I was aiming for was a close-up of the character, but I also wanted to show a lot of detail in the machinery. That's the reason why I worked in landscape. When I was happy with what I had done I drew over my pencil lines in Photoshop (Fig.02 - 03).



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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Uzma Firdaus on Fri, 09 March 2012 11:43am
That's awesome. how you treated the light and handled the minor details. Something to learn from. Very nice
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