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Lighting La Salle Chapter 1: Sunset/Sunrise

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Date Added: 24th April 2012
Software used:

The next step is to emulate the "bloom" camera effect. Note that this effect could have been easily achieved with mental ray however, we had decided to do it in Photoshop, as it gives us the flexibility to quickly edit/choose the areas affected by this effect.

Open the "channels" dialog and press Ctrl + left click on the "alpha" layer, to select its pixels.

Note that, the alpha channel came integrated with the TGA rendered file.

Now that the alpha channels are selected, Inverse the selection (Shift + Ctrl + I), to select the desired areas.

Use the "polygonal lasso tool" (L) to subtract (Alt) and/or add (Shift) selection areas for the bloom effect. These areas should be white, preferably.

While the selection is still on, save it by clicking the "select" rollout from the main toolbar and choosing the "save selection" option, from the dropdown list.

Name it "bloom", on the "save selection" dialog, name field.

This new selection should now be automatically added onto the channels list. (Fig.35)

Fig. 35

Next, while the selection is still on, select the "render" layer, followed by copying (Ctrl + C) and pasting (Ctrl + V) to create a new layer from the selection.

Change its layer properties colour to blue, and name the new layer "bloom".

Next we are going to apply a nice "Gaussian blur" filter to emulate the bloom effect.

Duplicate the layer to keep the original copy.

It is prudent and common practice to retain the original layers prior to editing it.

Click on the "filters" rollout from the main toolbar and choose the "Gaussian blur" filter from the dropdown list.

The value of 11.1 seemed to have worked best however; you may want to try different values, if desired.

For future reference, it is always commendable to rename the layer according to the filter applied, plus its values (i.e." Gaussian blur 11.5"). This will make it easier to remember the original filter applied. (Fig.36)

Fig. 36

The reflection of the environment on the mirror is not as intense as the front areas of the window. This is probably accurate however; brighter reflections would look better for the sake of the composition.

Select the dodge tool (O) and the "bloom" layer.

Set the range to "midtones", click and brush around the relevant areas, until satisfied with the brightness. (Fig.37)

Fig. 37

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