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Lighting La Salle Chapter 1: Sunset/Sunrise

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Date Added: 24th April 2012
Software used:

Next, we are going to insert a bitmap in its "haze" toggle.

Disable the "inherit from mr sky" function. It's enabled by default, to link its parameters with "mr sky object" in the scene. Disabling it will break this connection.

To add a bitmap to the sky click on the "haze" toggle.

In the "material/map browser" dialog choose the "bitmap" option from the list, and "ok" to close it.

Pick the "outside Big_brighter".jpeg bitmap.(Fig.14a and Fig.14b)

Fig. 14a

Fig. 14b

The bitmap and its parameters should load up. Its default parameters are set to "use real-world scale". For better control of most parameters, one has to disable it, by first selecting the "texture" mapping type and disabling the "use real-world scale" function.

Next, change the mapping "environment" type. (Fig.15)

To quickly tile and centre the environment bitmap correctly behind the windows, we are going to first select and isolate parts of the window area in the scene.

Fig. 15

Select and isolate the selected areas around the window area then test render to assess the bitmaps position in the environment.

The bitmap doesn't seem to be visible yet; also, the horizon line is not matching with the mr sky object (i.e. -1.5).

In the material editor, pan down to the "output" rollout and increase the "RGB level" value to 10.0 then test render it again. One can also disable the FG process to speed up the rendering times, if desired. (Fig.16 and Fig.17)

Fig. 16

Fig. 17

To change the horizon line position; click on the "go to parent" button first, to go back to the main "mr sky" parameters.

In the "mr sky" parameters, increase the "multiplier" value to about 1.5, to brighten up further the environment map.

In the "horizon and ground" group, match the "horizon height" to mr sky object (i.e. -1.5). This function will subsequently reveal more areas of the bitmap.

Finally, to add a bit of a yellowish/reddish tint to the sky, go to the "non-physical tuning group and increase the "red/blue tint" value to 0.3 then test render the results.

Back in the "haze" bitmap's "coordinates" rollout. Change the mapping from "spherical environment" to "screen" type.

Moreover, through quick test renderings increase the "V" "offset" value from 0 to 0.63; the "U" "tiling" to 2.0 and "V" to 0.3. The environment bitmap should be more visible and centralized now.

Next, we are going to fine-tune its appearance in the environment with the "ouput" curves. (Fig.18a and Fig.18b)

Fig, 18b

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