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Making Of 'Fluffy Pup'

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Date Added: 2nd February 2012
Software used:

Fig. 04

Fig. 05

Another reason for this design is I wanted to draw something with fur. Looking cute was my first aim, but I actually also wanted to add to my portfolio a drawing which shows my skills when drawing fur. Fur is hard to handle and it is hard to make it look smooth and beautiful. Fur is harder to handle than drawing a woman's hair!

I chose to light the image from behind as I think this helps to show off the character and its characteristics, particularly the fur. This also enhanced the translucent ears. All of these are important to enhance the mood of this simple design. I made the tail a bit transparent to help enhance the material and lighting. I used a blue color to paint the fur and chose a cold color range for the base because I wanted to make the dog look like it could be aquatic, and it contrasted with the color of the tail.

For the painting I basically used the Airbrush tool to paint the puppy and a Wet brush tool for the background. Sometime I will do adjustments to the brushes like the blending modes, Opacity, Shape dynamics, other dynamics etc. For the body I used photographs of puppies, merging them together and modifying them with the Transform and Liquify tools until I had created the shape I wanted. When I had the base for my character I used paint and the Smudge tool to paint the fur.

Due to the fact that the character is the main focus of the image, I decided that I would put the main focus directly in the middle of the page. I chose the pose because it made the dog look friendly. To hold the viewer's eye, I finished off the background with some simple brush work and lighting, added the reflection of my puppy on the background and made it look like it was standing on the water (Fig.06). I also added some splash, ripples, and water dropping from its paw to enhance the feeling. It gave my illustration more life and made it more interesting (Fig.07).

Fig. 06

In conclusion, even though I didn't win any prizes in the competition I did get a lot of praise, support and consolation from my friends and that was enough for me. But it was a pity because I had used pictures of real dogs to do this art work, and due to some personal problems I started to draw with just a few days left before deadline. I am very glad to feature in this magazine, so thanks to 3DTotal!

Fig. 07

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Manuel on Tue, 01 May 2012 10:17pm
I really liked your tutorial, although not did you use any 3D program, I would like you to put a video of the process of your tutorial to guide me and make an equal but a fox. (sorry if I misspelled, I speak Spanish and I translated it in google)
Brad on Fri, 03 February 2012 7:56am
a disappointing tutorial, to say the least. Why he has omited the workflow is a complete mystery to me??? and I'm being very critical becuse it's such a great image
Di on Thu, 02 February 2012 5:58pm
Nice work, but what does it have to do with 3d?
Kerneth on Thu, 02 February 2012 11:58am
I love the concept and all, but in my opinion the tutorial feels empty... almost feel like a big description to what we see in the image (and just one image cut into pieces). No "wip" to see how you got there. Don't know if its me or if you guys think the same, but overall its a cute one... wish i could see more of the process. Cheers keep it up!
Yulaw2k on Thu, 02 February 2012 10:19am
Omg someone please 3d model this cute beast
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