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Modeling a Viking ship with splines

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

1. Maximize the perspective view (you know, place the cursor into the view port you want to maximize and click on the <0> key in your numeric keypad, Num Lock on) and rotate the image as shown. Switch to the polygon edit mode and select the polygons in the order I show you: top, bottom, left, right. The order will be helpful, but is not essential. You may experiment.

1446_tid_Image2-2.jpg 1446_tid_Image2-3.jpg 1446_tid_Image2-4.jpg

2. Click (Ctrl)(f) and enter in the Make Spline Patch window the numbers as indicated. Hit "ok" or (Enter). This is what you get:

3. You say, "Wait! I did not! Where's that color come from?" Ok, here's how: Go to the Surface Editor, select Default, and click on the little color square to bring the palette up. There click on any color you like, as long as it looks like mine :-). No really, it's your choice. Make sure you check "Smoothing" in the Basic tab page.

4. Ok, with that out of the way, we need to do something with that patch. Hit (w) and the Polygon Statistics window will appear.

a) click on the Minus sign next to Total (fig 2-8)
b) click on the Plus sign next to Faces (fig 2-9) (if you followed my suggested selection order you'll have polygons facing you - if not, click the key to flip them)
c) select a new layer (click on the lower half of another layer field)
d) click the key (polys will disappear) (fig 2-10)
e) click the <'> key to switch layers (spline cage appears as black outline)
f) click on the key and polys will reappear (fig 2-11)
g) click on <'> again to return to the original layer and select the polygons for the next patch as in figure 1. Do this until all patches have been created.


5. NOTE: Occasionally you will get a message that "The Curves Don't Cross Correctly". What happened will be that you have selected an additional polygon line, as I did, in this case (see weird arrow). Other possibilities could be that there are more than one point involved at one intersection. However, in this particular case, I hit "ok" and simply deselected the extra little polygon line and all was fine.

6. Are you finished? That wasn't that bad now, was it? Save your file as ship_tute4.lwo


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