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Modeling a Viking ship with splines

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

12. Select that polygon, hit (E) or CONSTRUCT/Extrude and give the thing some depth.

13. Notice those straight lines? There will be lots of them. Delete them all. In some cases you will have to go to high magnification to differentiate them.

14. In one case, unable to separate them out, I sacrificed a short poly to get rid of the large one.

15. It was easy enough to restore. When you're all finished, flip the polys and then, once more, in sequence, select all of the points, UNSELECT ONE ROW OF THEM, and hit (p).

16. Copy, cut and paste that new polygon to an empty layer and slide it (or use Set Value) to X = zero and paste it back into the object layer. Automerge all points. And there is the completed yard-arm support crossbar.

17. On the 500 mm grid, slide it to about here and then give it a post to rest on. Create a box like this:

18. Now, in the sideview widen the crossbar just a little, to have it extend more over the edge of the post. This one, as you can see here, is sitting right in front of the mast.

19. Cut and paste the crossbar into the same layer as the support post, select all of the polygons, hit (q) and name the combination "Yard Support". Then copy and slide them (shown in the 1 m grid) about 7 m one way, and mirror the yard support across to the other side, for a total of three of them.

20. Now they all need some feet. Close in on the right one and go into an empty layer, keeping it in the background. Create a box with these values.

21. Next reshape it in profile like shown in the left image and from the top as shown in the right image.

22. Now select it, name it (yard support base), color it, and mirror it. This leaves us with two of them on solid footing. One remains.

23. This is the one sitting across the mastfish. Zero in on that one, and keep it in the background layer and place the following points as shown, in the 200 mm grid.

24. Now repeat the whole process we went through with the crossbar: 1. Select and connect the points on the curvy side with an Open Curve. 2. Select the points adjacent to the straight edges and connect them with an Open Curve, one at a time. 3. Select all the points in sequence and create a polygon. 4. Select the polygon and extrude it. 5. Delete the straight edges. 6. Reselect the remaining points sequentially and create the final smooth polygon. you will be left with something like this.

Next delete the current central support strut.

1446_tid_Image5-29.jpg 1446_tid_Image5-32.jpg

25. Now to do it all over again to create these points:

26. Select them in sequence and hit (p). Next extrude the new polygon, as shown, and flip the polys, and cut and past it all into the layer of the previous part.

27. Now select all, name it Ctr support base, and color it back in.

29. When you select all of the relevant layers, this is what youll see. Save your file as ship_tute15.lwo

A rendering shows us where we are, thus far. BTW, the file includes the bucket. There were several on each Viking vessel, and just consider it a freebie. If you can't create a bucket by now, I would not know how you got this far.

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