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Making Of 'Sanlik'

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Date Added: 1st December 2011

I added some details in the back to make it more interesting. Taking the "red04" map, I just changed the blend option in Layer Style and moved the black arrow to the right to preserve the lightest colors of the map, in this case the red one. But this action also took away the dark dots, so I duplicated the layer and changed the blend mode to Pin Light. One final detail in the back was adding some marks with the map "gray11" in Overlay (Fig.21).

Fig. 21 - Click to Enlarge

One more step was to paint all of the little details like the nipples, nails, birthmarks and some skin lines between the scales and teeth (Fig.22). The most important thing, the final touch to give Sanlik more realism, was adding the veins. To do this, I used the "blue08b" map. I inverted the colors by pressing Ctrl + I, then changed the blend option in Layer Style and the blend mode to Pin Light. This made the map very similar to some kind of veins (Fig.23).

Fig. 22 - Click to Enlarge

Fig. 23 - Click to Enlarge

Making the Eyes

The eyes were quite simple to do. I used a "green09" map and painted over all the details and veins (Fig.24). In the render, there is a crystal around it making the reflections more real.

Fig. 24 - Click to Enlarge

Making the Diffuse for the Armor

The diffuse for the armor was much easier to do than the body. I started with two different Ambient Occlusions that I had previously got in 3ds Max and a gray base layer (Fig.25). I then created a new folder named "Colors" where I painted the grays and yellow areas in a different layer. All of them were set to Normal blend mode with 100% opacity (Fig.26).

Fig. 25 - Click to Enlarge

Fig. 26 - Click to Enlarge

The next step was to paint the scratches. I created a mask in the "Color" folder and painted them by hand following the Ambient Occlusion map (Fig.27). After that I started to light him by painting some glows all around his armor. I chose a very light orange color in Normal blend mode, copied it twice and changed the blend mode to Screen to make them as brighter as possible (Fig.28). Note that the Glow folder is over the AO folder because they should not be affected by the Ambient Occlusion.

Fig. 27 - Click to Enlarge

Fig. 28 - Click to Enlarge

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Rocky on Fri, 23 March 2012 10:56am
I'm really looking forward to it. I have only just started playing this summer and I am already hooked. It'll be nice to not have to put the clubs away for the winter.
Emerson Diaz Marin on Fri, 30 December 2011 4:41pm
tengo que decir que es un trabajo incre�ble, los detalles tan finos y elegantes demuestran una gran calidad en el trabajo final. un gran proyecto. yo tambi�n soy modelador y animador. pero apenas estoy llegando al nivel de detalle que usted tiene. espero llegar ah�. TRANSLATION: I have to say it's incredible work, such fine detail and elegant high quality in the final work. A great project. I also am a modeller and animator, but I'm just reaching the level of detail you have.
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