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Making Of 'Sanlik'

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Date Added: 1st December 2011

Fig. 13 - Click to Enlarge

I also used the green base layer to determine the overall color of the texture. Notice that the empty areas of the texture are filled with a black color; I usually do this to not distract my eyes from seeing the texture everywhere (I just applied a mask with the UVs alphas into the root folder and outside that folder a black layer)(Fig.14).

Fig. 14 - Click to Enlarge

After that, I used the "brown12" map and repeated it all around the canvas, changed the blend mode to Soft Light, opacity to 60% and changed the Blend option in Layer Styles (I moved the white arrow to the left to preserve only the darkest areas of the map)(Fig.15).

Fig. 15 - Click to Enlarge

At this point, the texture still looked too uniform, so I used another map to give it more variations; "material06b", this time from the Total Textures V07:R2 - Sci-fi DVD. I changed the Blend mode to Vivid Light and applied a contrast of 100 (Fig.16). You may be asking why the skin in the render looks a bit red, that is because I was using a SSS map in V-Ray.

Fig. 16 - Click to Enlarge

Once the texture for the scales was done I started the skin, I used the "red02" map from the Alien Organics DVD and used the same technique of repeating the map all around the canvas. I changed the blend mode to Lighter Color, opacity to 50% and also changed the Color Balance and Brightness just a little bit. Finally, since this map looked a little flat, I used the Burn and Dodge tools to get darker or lighter areas (Fig.17). Note that I made a black mask in the "skin" folder and painted white all the areas of the skin white.

Fig. 17 - Click to Enlarge

For the mouth, I just made a pink base layer and over it I used the "red07" map on Normal blending mode and 40% opacity, changed the Color Balance and Brightness a little bit and finally, over them, I created a darker pink layer with 25% opacity to unify the map and again used the Burn and Dodge tool in some areas (Fig.18).

Fig. 18 - Click to Enlarge

Sanlik now had a good texture, but still needed more color variation; he was very plane and basic. So I made a new folder named "Top textures" with a new set of maps that helped me to make Sanlik looks more alive.

I found the map "brown06" very useful for color variations; I changed the blend mode to Color Dodge, 50% opacity and it was perfect to create some yellow areas. I used the same map, but this time in Darker Color, and I got some nice purple dots (Fig.19). To take the skin further I used the "blue08" map in Soft Light to get a delicate variation in the texture. Finally I added some marks in the trunk with the "gray 11" map in Overlay (Fig.20).

Fig. 19 - Click to Enlarge

Fig. 20 - Click to Enlarge

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I'm really looking forward to it. I have only just started playing this summer and I am already hooked. It'll be nice to not have to put the clubs away for the winter.
Emerson Diaz Marin on Fri, 30 December 2011 4:41pm
tengo que decir que es un trabajo incre�ble, los detalles tan finos y elegantes demuestran una gran calidad en el trabajo final. un gran proyecto. yo tambi�n soy modelador y animador. pero apenas estoy llegando al nivel de detalle que usted tiene. espero llegar ah�. TRANSLATION: I have to say it's incredible work, such fine detail and elegant high quality in the final work. A great project. I also am a modeller and animator, but I'm just reaching the level of detail you have.
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