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Railway Station

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

Railway Station: Texturing Using 3D Studio Max

In the third part I will show you how to use UVWs, where to paint a dirt map for the walls, and finally how to composite the material for the wall in 3d studio max.

Add an Unwrap UVW modifier to the part of the building (to the walls), select all faces, open the edit dialog, choose unfold mapping and choose walk to closest face option. Than select the different faces, or parts of the walls and move them to get a nice unfold mapping as shown below
Unfold UVW Mapping

Make a print-screen of the UVW edit window, and open it in Photoshop. Set the transparency of the layer to 50% and you can start to add dirt masks to this picture. I used 4 different dirt maps, in the areas bellow the windows, below the roof parts, and some over the ground.

UVW with dirt layers

After you are satisfied with the results, turn of the uvw layer, save the image and you have ready a dirt mask

Final dirt mask

You can assign these maps, one by one as you create them, to the walls. And you will see in 3ds max, if the dirt masks are on the correct position and fits well

Create a blend material for the wall. It will be a blended using these four different materials.

1439_tid_1blend_01.jpg 1439_tid_1blend_02.jpg
1439_tid_1blend_03.jpg 1439_tid_1blend_04.jpg

Using different amount of mixing, different tilling, and changing the output controls for the maps we can get a material like
this one.

Don't forget that the first material represents the dirt material for the whole building. You can see a small pattern, which will dissapear, when applied to the walls. This is caused by high number of tilling necessary for some maps.

Texturing Animation

Front And Back Perspective Renders of Textured Building

If you would like to know more about the scene here you can find some statistics:

Model: 3119 Polys
Textures: High resolution
- 4096x4096 dirt map for walls (We could come up with a smaller resolution too, but I was preparing it for some next renderings)
- 1500x1500 HDRI map for windows

Low resolution 512x512 and lower, maps and bump maps

- 16 3d total with changed resolution
- 2 others ( Try to guess which ones ( it is a map with bump map ))

Lighting: Skylight (default)

I hope you have found some useful points, in this tutorial, it's my first one, and hopefully not the last one. I learned a lot, I suggest to all of you to sit down and try to write your own tutorial, you will see how much you can learn.

That all folks, for today. Do not hesitate to write me an email, if you don't understand something.

Special thanks go to all who created the 3d total textures. It was pleasure to use these collections for texturing, and I enjoyed it very much. Great job guys.

Best wishes,

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