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Apple Pro Speaker Cinema4D Tutorial

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:
Welcome to my first tutorial.

Apple Pro Speaker Cinema4D Tutorial

The Design of the Apple Pro Speaker by Harmon Kardon is as simple as ingenious. Because of that this tutorial should be especially useful for beginners.

I am not claiming that my speaker is correct in its dimensions, I created it strictly following the looks of it.

Part 01: Let us begin with the speaker's protection shell

Step 1: We have to create a SPHERE. (Objects-->Baseobjects-->Sphere).

Would be best to choose a high number of segments (Doubleclick the symbol behind the Sphereobject in the object manager), say 100, so the sphere is nice and round.

Then we COPY the SPHERE and SCALE it a bit, to achieve the neccessary thickness of the shell, as can be seen on the left. On the image the smaller sphere is displayed in orange.

We place both SPHERES in a BOOLEAN OBJECT (Objects-->Modelling-->Boolean). The smaller sphere has to be placed first, or, when opening the bolean object the smaller sphere has to be below the bigger one. Because the standard boelan function is "A minus B", the smaller sphere will be cut out of the larger ball. This can't be seen yet.

Step 2: We create a CUBE (here in orange) and place it like depicted on the image. Here the sideview (left)...
...and here the top view.

Step 3: We create another boolean object and place the box first, then the sphere-boolean second, into the new boolean. The cube will cut a piece off the sphere.

Step 4: We create three further spheres and position them like on the image. Then we create a null object and put the spheres into it. Afterwards we create another boolean object, put the null object in first and the boolean object that contains the spheres and cube from earlier.

The result can be seen here.

Step 5: Now we create a tube (Objects-->Baseobjects-->Tube). The settings should be identical to the thickness and diameter of the sphere-booelan.

It should be looking somewhat like on the image to the left.

Here you can see the first part of our speaker in Gouroud-Shading.
We name this object "Shield".

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