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Making Of 'Incubator'

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Date Added: 23rd November 2011
Software used:

These are the lighting passes (Fig.21). These are the V-Ray render settings (Fig.22). When all the lights were merged together, the render looked like this (Fig.23).

Fig. 21

Fig. 22

Fig. 23

Then I jumped into my second favorite phase of the process: compositing.


As I told you at the intro, I created this image for a competition and I had a tight schedule. When I came to the lighting and rendering I was sort of out of time, and I hadn't done the compositing, which was a sad thing. So I didn't even render an Ambient Occlusion pass for this one. I only had time to add the ZDepth and a little color correction (Fig.24).

Fig. 24

I would strongly recommend that you to do your render in passes like Diffuse, GI, Lighting, Shadow, Specular, Reflection, Refraction, Ambient Occlusion, ZDepth etc because you can really boost the quality of your final image. If I had time for that, this image probably would have been even better, but anyway here is my final image (Fig.25).

Fig. 25

Now this is my favorite phase of the process. Sitting back, relaxing and admiring the art!

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Jon on Fri, 03 February 2012 9:38am
Fantastic composition. It is so weird but so pretty. I especially love how the textures make the simple geometry so interesting. Very nice tutorial too. I really loved the dusty glass. How did you achieve that?
James on Wed, 30 November 2011 2:47am
Greaaat image, but the fingers (shader pink) is kind of a standart shader only with the color. But the rest is perfect, congrats!
Jeffrey on Thu, 24 November 2011 9:01am
Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.
Danilo on Wed, 23 November 2011 1:59pm
Awesome imagem, even if isn't the final result you expected, I think it is amazing. Congrats.
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