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Simple Texturing process

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

Ok, now you have find a nice texture on the CD but you need another color in your this is different way to cheat with the texture color, the first image shows you only the color channel, in this case I put a 60% opacity layer in multiply mode and I choose a more yellow/orange surface color this time. In the second image I just add the diffuse channel, like before you can play with the opacity.

1426_tid_bloc1.jpg 1426_tid_bloc2.jpg

Then, I add the bump and specular channel, nothing special here, I used the same process as the previous scene, and this is the new wall......but now let's play with a gradient layer and you will see how you can radically change the color of the object. In the image 4 I added a gradient layer in the color channel and choose Bump to the input parameter, you can see it in the next screen shot.

1426_tid_bloc3.jpg 1426_tid_bloc4.jpg

1426_tid_gradient2.jpg 1426_tid_gradient3.jpg

I put black in the low bump parameter, green in the midle, and beige in the high bump level, and totally neutralized the other key with a low alpha input. All these walls are made with the same layer, I just changed the colors, alpha Key value and input parameter for the last one. (previous layer)

1426_tid_bloc5.jpg 1426_tid_bloc7.jpg

1426_tid_bloc6.jpg 1426_tid_bloc8.jpg

Here you can see the same texture in a simple environment, just 1 light, and radiosity enabled. The stairs are created with the same displacement technique as the previous scene, the barrel is a cylindrical mapping with another texture from the CD, no UV map were used.

And now, I would like to thank the 3D Total team for the best european 3D resources and particularly Tom for his patience ;) and for letting me try these 3 awesome CD's. I I hope volume 4 is coming soon, because I really think it's a good way to learn how textures work in 3D, and a way to have nice results quickly and "easily" without having to have a lot of experience.

And finally the last one, still the same wall....maybe i'm addicted now ;)) Hope you enjoyed this basic tutorial..... and understood my "random" English....

Happy texturing.

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