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Simple Texturing process

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

Now we can start to talk about the render process, as you will see in the scene file, there is only one light (area). But before I want to hold your attention on the old dirty plate object.

Select the plate, hit the P key to open the object property panel.

In the geometry tab set the display subpatch level to 0, especially if you haven't got a professional graphic card, then set the render subpatch level to 2, usually I use 6 but this time I had already subdivided my object in modeler. Don't forget to set the subdivision order to "after displacement" for smooth render. Now hit the Displacement map button and put the same layer as the bump with .04 in texture amplitude. As you can see, I try to capture the different way to access the different object properties, but the shortcuts are very important to accelerate the workflow.

And this is the result : before and after the displacement, great way to had detail no?


Now, go to scene tab/compositing and choose a great sky image in the CD, this one could be great, what do you think? I profit from this stage, before forgetting the name of the image, to put it in the reflection image panel for the windows

In the backdrop tab, choose add environment ---> textured environment. Hit the texture button and put a gradient under layer type. Choose pitch in input parameter then try to add daylight color in gradient key. Not so difficult.

The last step, in global illumination panel, it the shading noise reduction for better area light shadow render. Enable the radiosity render in backdrop only mode, and about the rays per evaluation??...... I think it depend of your computer ;) I crop the caustic part cause we don't need to enable caustics in this scene.

During the creation of this image a friend said "Wow! remind me Spiderman"....Ho! thanks, but I really prefer Batman so I worked a bit more and.....this is a more Batmanish render of the same scene, with same textures, just replacing the gradient color in texture environement panel and adding a volumetric spotlight, the sky is made with Skytracer2.

I hope this small tutorial will be helpful, if you have seen any mistakes or have a question, don't hesitate to send me a mail, I will answer with pleasure. And now you can dowload the full scene here and use enjoy. But wait, now we will speak about another way to use the images from the TotalTextures CD, so...

...proceed to page three to learn more...

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