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Car Modeling Using Nurbs Part 1

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

1: Intro

(Please read): Before you begin the tutorial you should know that the tutorial will only work perfectly if you model the same car. This will save you a lot of frustration as you progress through each section. In order for you to better grasp the tutorial, I highly recommend that you do model the same car. This will better prepare you for when you start working on your own models and/or other blueprints. In case you decide to work on a different blueprint this tutorial will help you with the fundamentals. In addition, you will learn a fast, clean and production friendly way to model a car.

Note: Please keep in mind that every model has different challenges, so be ready to think outside the box and have fun. Please read all the explanations next to the pictures. DO NOT assume just by looking at the picture. There are many details that need to be explained and cannot be shown in images alone

This is a full tutorial of how to build a car. In the first tutorial you will learn to create the body of a car. The second and third tutorial will concentrate on adding detail. During the fourth and fifth tutorials we will go over how to build the interior, tires and rims. At the beginning of the tutorial I will assumed that you don't know where the tools are, but as we progress it will get more direct and hands on

2: Placing Pictures Reference

Many people like to use cameras for the projection on images. I personally like to map them in the planes of the same dimension of the picture. That way if I want I can see some part in a wire frame, a smooth or an X ray. To see it X ray on the selection. I use this script

Copy and paste in your Script editor and then save on as shelf button

string $sel[];
int $temp[];
int $value;
$sel = `ls -sl -dag -ap -typ surfaceShape`;
for ($obj in $sel)}
$temp = `displaySurface -q -xRay $obj`;
displaySurface -xRay 0 $obj;
displaySurface -xRay 1 $obj:

3: Layout The Curves


Click to image above to download blueprints

To start laying out the curves just follow the cars contour draw as many curves you can see some you will actually use and others will help you as a guideline. The curves can be built as solid curves or different segments. It doesn't really matter because later curves can be rebuilt to attach or detach. *** Please spend some time making these curves as accurate as you can. This will be the foundation of your model

4: Detached and Rebuild Curves

With the left curve selected, right click on the curve and select curve point and click where the X is (or there is a meeting point between the two curves.) Go to Edit Curves - Detach Curve, repeat this 3 more times

5: Boundary

Select the 4 curves that can make a plane and go to Surfaces - Boundary Repeat two more times for the two missing parts

6: Cleaning Time

As soon you are done with all the patches, you might find out that the two surfaces don't blend perfectly this problem can easily be fixed by selecting 3 CV's and scaling them on one axis. I use the Z axis

continued on next page >

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Lalo on Tue, 24 January 2017 3:15am
I dont understand between step 2 a 3. There are like 10 hours of work that you do not mentioned. .-. Please help!
Duncan on Sun, 23 September 2012 10:44am
Pretty late to the party here but here it goes. First I would like to say thank you for the brilliant tutorial, but I have a question about setting up the initial curves. How do you get the points to line up? What I mean is the ends of a curve attaching to parts or the ends of another curve. I've tried the snap to points tool, but it refuses to work and it's driving me crazy (pun not intended).
Prakash on Tue, 22 November 2011 11:04am
its amaging.itd very halpfull 2 learn me
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