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Paint effects animation in Maya

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
Software used:

Now lets see how the tree looks in different frames.

1405_tid_animation_clip_image042.jpg 1405_tid_animation_clip_image044.jpg

1405_tid_animation_clip_image046.jpg 1405_tid_animation_clip_image048.jpg

1405_tid_animation_clip_image050.jpg 1405_tid_animation_clip_image052.jpg

As I said before, this is a really simple simulation, and you can actually set keys to every one section in the paint effects.

Well now I will create a simple tree wind simulation too, and its done in the same way I did the animated grass wind, see the settings I use.

I use the tree wind type, and as I said before because this applies more turbulence to the branches and leaves, remember you can animate the forces, blend and spiral settings too, in order to created a really great effects.

Now, what about the clouds in the scene.

Yes, more Paint Effects

See how the cloud looks in the 3d view of Maya 7 and compared with the render version. Nice right!!

Well there are some limitations in clouds but first I use the Cumulus Purple stroke, but how do I animate the clouds moving?

If you try to apply turbulence or wind deformation you will see that actually you can't do it. You can't use any of the behavior settings!!!!. You can use the Flow animation panel but I will not, so how I animate my clouds if I do not use any of the animation settings for paint effect?

Well is really easy I animate my texturing settings, I animate my Repeat U, Repeat V, Offset U and Offset V settings from the texturing section in my paint effects, I can also animate the colors and well again a lot more.

See the settings I use here.


In this simple example I only set one key to the beginning and one in the end and that's it. Of course you need to configure your brushes; experiment a lot, there is a lot of possibilities with this.
I will not write the values I use because that's not the idea; I'm showing the general technique to use not restricted to values, that's kind of boring, you need to learn how to do it, not how to copy some settings from an article. Again experiment. Create your own techniques and help us to learn from you too.
Here you can find the maya files and the animation file to download


maya files

Well I hope this article can help you, now if you want some other tips or tutorials write to me and tell me what you will like to learned , and as I did with this article, I will try my best to help you.

Thanks a lot for you attention, bye

Isidro Fernandez C

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