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Prop Modeling Project 2 - Wine Barrel Modeling

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Date Added: 30th December 2010
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For the second project in the 'Prop Modeling 101' series, we'll start working on a detailed wine barrel model. In part one, we'll start out with a basic primitive shape and use modifiers to quickly shape it into a base mesh for our barrel. Once we have the correct shape made, we'll look at a way we can break it up into separate boards. We'll discuss different techniques to use when working with high poly geometry verses low poly geometry. We'll cover mesh clean up and discuss some tips on getting everything into quads. We'll also cut a hole through the side of the barrel, add a plug, lid and bottom and finish off the wooden portion of our barrel off by UV mapping everything.

In part two, we'll start creating the metal bands and rivets. We'll use our previously made polygon selections from part one to quickly create the base for our bands, we'll add thickness and then start modeling in the overlaps. We'll optimize the model by getting rid of unnecessary polys and cleaning up our mesh. Finally we'll map the bands to finish them up and then move on and create the rivets.

In the third and final part of the wine barrel project, we'll combine all our UVs onto a single texture sheet. With everything organized by material and laid out correctly, we'll render out a UV template from Max. Then it's over to Photoshop, where we'll set up our layers so we can use our rendered UVs as a guide for creating our texture maps. Finally we'll complete the wine barrel model by applying our texture maps back in 3dsmax.

Fig. 01
Fig. 02

Fig. 03
Fig. 04

Duration: 28 minutes 53 seconds
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