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Making Of 'God of War'

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Date Added: 7th November 2011
Software used:

More Details

Pretty happy with the actual look, I started to paint in some random details to the army below the God. For the shield and flags I created a new layer and worked with the Lasso and Round Selection tools. Again, I was using the same paint and erase technique. I always create a new layer when I'm working with this technique as it gives me the opportunity to work without affecting the rest of the image.

On top of that I started to rough in the first look of the God's armor by using just the round hard edged brushes. I added a big, flashy weapon to do justice to the God (Fig.06).

Fig. 06

Mood and Color

I flipped the canvas a couple of times and realized that I needed a more dramatic lighting setup and mood. By using my customized cloud brush I painted in a lot of fog and smoke. This was also a good way to show how the God was manifested from smoke and clouds. For the light rays I used the Lasso tool (holding the Alt key gives you the option to draw straight lines). The selection was filled with a bright tone on a newly created layer, which was set to Add. Using layer effects is a pretty effective way of adding lights or shadows to your image.

Further on I created again a new layer and added a blueish soft round gradient on the lower left side set to Soft Light. I really like to work with a high warm/cold contrast in my images (Fig.07).

Fig. 07

More Details and the Evil Army

With a better feeling for the mood and the lightning, I pushed the details on the God and the foggy blending way further, again with just the round brush and the Smudge tool. The Smudge tool is a great and effective tool for blending hard edges.

The left side of the image was pretty much set at this point, so it was a good point to start to add "something" to the empty right side. What is a battle without enemies? The hostile line was blocked in the same way as the God's army (customized brush). For a better visual difference I gave the "bad boys" the color red, while the "good boys" are in blue. I know this is a bit of cliché, but why change what we already recognize? It's always good to use elements that people are used to (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

Clouds and Details

Stupid me - I realized that the flags were going in different directions, which would obviously never happen. I repainted the blue flags by again using the Lasso tool and my standard brush. Now, that all the flags were going in the right direction it showed where the wind/storm was coming from.

Not really happy with the God's head I set my complete focus on it. I changed his helmet to rising hair to better show his rage. On top of the hairs I started to add a lot of details to his armor. All the details were painted with the Hard Round brush set to Opacity mode. For the soft blending I used the Smudge tool a lot and for the hard edges I work a lot with the Lasso tool as well (Fig.09).

Fig. 09

Armor and Colors

Spending a bit more time on the armor helped to make the God pop out more. I created a new layer, set to Soft Light, and painted in some bright yellow tones on top of the armor to make it more goldenish. Another new layer with a purple soft round gradient on the upper right side shifted the color away from the too-greenish look. Working with extra layers is a pretty comfortable way to change moods, colors and values.

OK, back to the God. I moved his arms downwards, because I had the feeling that his proportions were off. I also added some patterns to his armor for a more ancient and mystical feeling. Some blueish tones were painted into the fog/cloud. Some simple touches to match him with the army below (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

Final Details

Time for the final details. By using the Lasso tool I selected the lightning and duplicated it to a new layer (Ctrl + J). Using a Motion Blur and a Radial Blur filter as well, while the layer is set to Add, gives some nice glowing touches.

I moved his head upwards a bit and repainted his facial expression to make it more aggressive. This was mostly done with the Hard Round brush and the Smudge tool.

For the final color correction I'm really used to the Color Balance layer effect, which is a simple but effective way to change the color for depth, mids and highs. By using this layer effect you're easily able to change the highs to a blue while the depths are more reddish.

I merged all the layers into one and duplicated it. The final "light" touches on the God and his lightning were made with the Burn tool by using a soft round brush. And then I called it done (Fig.11).

1387_tid_fig11 - large.jpg
Fig. 11


I hope this tutorial will give you an insight into how I mostly work. But I still believe that every image needs its "own way" to be painted. One of the important lessons I've learned is that you need a good understanding of what are you doing. If you just paint, maybe the image will look good but it won't have the depth and soul that you can achieve if you know what you're doing.

Thanks for reading this Making Of and I really hope that you found it useful.

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Markus Lovadina on Wed, 16 November 2011 9:59am
@ Titus - Thanks for liking it, buddy;) For sure!! Just drop me a mail and I'll get back to you with a download link! Thanks again and cheers. @ Danilo - Thanks for the compliment;) Well - it was a tough one but also a lot of fun. Its always good to move out from comfort zone. Thanks again;)
Titus Lunter on Tue, 08 November 2011 9:07am
Very nice tutorial mate. You know I will be asking for that spear brush of yours soon ;) Great to see it up here. 5 stars! Cheers, Titus / U2644
Danilo on Mon, 07 November 2011 2:38pm
That's awesome. Loved the paint. Must be hard do something like that. Congratulations
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