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Making Of 'It's a New World'

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Date Added: 31st October 2011

When I was happy with the placement of all the parts, I painted all the elements again with more detail, like the wires and leaves. At this point I was pretty much happy with the background, color, light and composition. Next I moved to my main focal point: the plant. I went in to as much details as I could to get the look that I was trying to achieve so I dressed up the surrounding elements accordingly. I used lots of Burn and Dodge to achieve a fresh, juicy, tender feel. At the same time though I had an idea, and I added a fallen dry leaf. To do this I used the existing leaf, adjusted it and then I was almost done with image. It was eight o'clock in morning and I had been working the whole night. After tea I had another fresh look at it and asked a few friends to comment on it. The result of that was that they liked the piece, but I got a confused reaction to the dry leaf (Fig.05).

Fig. 05

Without wasting time I removed that leaf and gave the image another try. I placed everything in the background and concentrated on the creeper where I wanted to add the new leaves. Separating the creeper cables from the entire picture helped me to focus. I started working on the maple leaf, moved it around and tweaked it to avoid it looking like a stamp. Then I worked on the leaf close up and blurred it to make it fit into the image (Fig.06).

Fig. 06

It is not only birth and growth, but ageing and death that makes nature so beautiful and touching, in comparison to the man-made world. I was very happy to add this last thought to the painting; without which this piece would have been incomplete. Mostly I paint with loose strokes and do concept art, but this was totally different and required heavy detailing; it's really important to execute your concept with the required level of detailing (Fig.07)

Fig. 07

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Ramesh Rai on Thu, 22 December 2011 10:49pm
Genius minded ... hats off .. awsome
Josh Cox on Fri, 04 November 2011 3:46am
beautiful render love the imagination great concept would make a great movie where the machines take over the world turning into plants and soon programming us into what they want
SpringCG on Tue, 01 November 2011 7:32pm
Great work!
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