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Colouring Hair

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Date Added: 12th April 2007
Software used:

Now i'm going to go a little bit further on my base shading.

I picked a 13pix soft brush and adjusted the brush settings as you can see. I'm going to draw some extra hair shading to each strand. Just draw some strokes towards the end of the hair and voila XD

If you don't have a tablet, you can do the same with a mouse... it requires more patience, but it's not impossible. You can also do the shadows using the path tool or even the poligonal lasso tool to secret the shape and the area where your shadow will go. I don't use those techniques very often, because I like to draw freely with the tablet XD.


Alicia's hair looks like this now. You can see the cell shaded areas and the little extra strokes I did after cellshading. You can add more strokes if you want it to look more like real hair.

Take a look at the buns on her head. I tried to follow how the hair should go to form the bun and added some strokes and shading minding the lightsource and the shape of the lineart.

Not that hard, huh? If you find problems at this point, you could go and study some other pictures to see how the shading has been done. I learnt that way myself, it helps you improve quite a lot.

You still can stop here and add some highlight and it will look nice.

Now some nice effects...

I picked a wider soft brush, 72 pix, set the flow, or opacity in case it works better for you. to 58% and unchecked the shape dynamics. I keep the "Other dynamics" on, since it will allow me to regulate the opacityof my stroke with the pen pressure.

Now, with the same colour you did the shading , go and colour really softly (that's why it's set to 58%) the points of the hair and shaded parts.. Why? if you look carefully at the bangs on the screenshot on the left, you'll see that the base colour and the shade areas. That's the idea. You'll notice better when you see the whole hair below.


Once you're done with the above, pick the base colour and do the same, this time softening the start of the shadows.

See the effect?

Now Alicia's hair looks like this. It's a bit softer than the previous cellshaded version =3 that was the idea.

As said before, this part is totally skippable... I liketo do it, that's all XD.

I picked an even darker colour as my 2nd shadow and picked again my soft 13pix brush to add some extra shadows.

I drew some hair over my already shaded areas to add some depth. I don't let my darker strokes meet the base colour, I just keep them inside the 1st shade colour.


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