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Making Of Interior: 'Hallway'

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Date Added: 12th September 2008
Software used:


For the texturing, I use the following DVDs from 3DTotal's Total Textures collections:

TTV1:R2 - General Textures
TTV3:R2 - Bases & Layers
TTV6: R2 - Clean Textures
TTV9:R2 - Ancient Tribes & Civilisations
TTV16 - Architectural & Showroom

I'm used to doing some mixing work in Photoshop to create my own textures with some photo references or texture collections - this way I can give depth to the materials. For this scene, I've taken as an example the making of the old wooden table. I used some wood references from the Total Textures with different kinds of grains and layered them to obtain an old, worn look to the wooden texture (Fig.05) for my table. Texturing work is always important part for me - it achieves the realism and depth of emotion in an image!

Fig. 05 - Click to Enlarge

The second part of the texturing process was the UVWmap, for the scale. It's important to be extremely careful with this part, because an object with false mapping can give the scale of your scene away! (Fig.06)

Fig. 06


As my render engine, I used V-Ray 1.50 for 3D Studio Max. V-Ray is, for me, double-sided software. On the one hand, it is absolutely greedy in terms of your hardware resources! But on the other hand, it can be optimised and create great renders in short amounts of time - providing you understand the settings! One picture can speak better than a thousand words, so here are the settings I use for this image (Fig.07).

Fig. 07

And here is the first final render for this project (Fig.08). For a picture of 1500x1312 pixels, the render time was 42 minutes.

Fig. 08


After some colour correction and tweaking in Photoshop, the image was complete. The entire project took me 3-4 days in my spare time to create. It was interesting in terms of the execution for the lighting and I've now got a great render setting for an interior which doesn't require too much time, and there was no need for any large amounts of post work, just some usual corrections!

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Keith on Thu, 25 April 2013 6:50pm
Nice work. What are your settings for you vray panel lights. Also what type of camera did you use and what are the settings you used.
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