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Making Of 'Sebulba'

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Date Added: 22nd June 2009
Software used:

Ok now when iv got more detail to work with after cutting in my loops and pulling verts and polys i look at the pics not the guides.. I use the asset browser to bring in my pics im working from to get a clearer look an see the form better. So looking at his ears they stick out. So a good way to get some geometry to work with is to select a vert and then using one of the polymesh tools called extrude vert i do just that. Going around the model looking for places that can benefit from this method.his ears looked a prime target

Here you can see the effect of extruding verts. A good rule to work by is to always try to keep your polys 4 sided as meshsmooth works best on quads. So when ever you do extrudes and bevels and cuts its best to look at your polys and start to weld verts an connect edges to keep your faces 4 sided. Of course you will have some polys that you missed. And i always miss quite a few as im a pretty sloppy worker..Here is another script that works great, it highlights all yournon quad polys. Showing you the culprits so you can then set to work fixing them. well that's how i built up the geometry of the ear next i started work on the eye.

The first thing i did while building up the eye is to select the edges were the eye should be and connect them up then extrude the faces out. Then its a matter of cutting in edge loops to give you the detail to sculpt. The way i always build loops to give me that detail is like this. I make one loop first then "chamfer edge" a max tool btw. So now i have 2 loops

Then select one edge of both of the 2 loops and then hit the edgeloop tool, so now we have both loops selected like it shows in the pic .


Then i hit chamfer edge again so we now have 4 loops. That gives us the finer polys in-between the edges. chats basically how i make the details for areas that need that finer work. This is all pretty basic stuff to a more advanced maxer. but im hoping that some newbs to max and polymodelling will gain some benefit from this.

Now we got the loops, select the polys in the middle of the edges and pull them out a little and also select verts and pull them to give you a better shape to your eye. As i said this aint suppose to be a step by step tut and i think im starting to do step by step hmmm. Anyway

The next bit i do is to select the middle polys and bevel them in a few times this will give you the eye socket and eye lid geometry. Now make a sphere an scale it down so it fits into your socket then you can sculpt around the sphere acting as the eyeball.


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