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Making Of 'Kate V.01'

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Date Added: 11th October 2011
Software used:

The next step was all the other small pieces. I wanted to keep the colors subdued because the skin was going to be really prominent and I didn't want them to clash. At this point I also quickly laid down the texture for the clothes, such as a simple leather and cloth texture. This was mostly for color previewing (Fig.12).

1277_tid_Fig 12.jpg
Fig. 12

For the head I used the mental ray miss_fast_skin shader. Before any textures were applied, I set up all my SSS layers. I knew from the start what colors I wanted so it was all down to getting the right settings and balance between mainly the epidermal and subdermal. I was trying to get a fleshy look, but with a deep blue/purple right under the surface. I kept the diffuse on a little just to smooth out and desaturate the test render (Fig.13).

1277_tid_Fig 13.jpg
Fig. 13

For the final setup, I plugged in the SSS node into the Additional Color of an mia_material. I did this so I could use the reflection/gloss from that material instead of the specular/reflection of the skin material (Fig.14).

1277_tid_Fig 14.jpg
Fig. 14

The diffuse maps were done in Bodypaint. It was a combination of photo textures and hand painting. I was especially mindful of the subdermal map. I painted things like veins and tattoos to get that "under the skin" look (Fig.15).

1277_tid_Fig 15.jpg
Fig. 15

Here is the raw render of the textured head (Fig.16).

1277_tid_Fig 16.jpg
Fig. 16

For the eyes, I modeled them pretty normally with separate pieces for the eyeball/cornea/iris. I was really experimenting when it came to the look of the eye. I wanted the eyes to definitely stand out on the character so I chose to darken the white part and kind of exaggerate the bump and reflectivity. I used a SSS shader for the eyeball itself with some noise for the different skin layers. (Fig.17)

1277_tid_Fig 17.jpg
Fig. 17

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Sherman Waysome on Thu, 20 October 2011 7:48pm
Wow, incredible. I like you broke down the steps and talk about the mishaps. I see some techniques I could use. Nice tutorial.
James. W on Tue, 18 October 2011 7:54pm
Great job man you did really nice with the head pieces.
Trevon .M on Mon, 17 October 2011 12:56am
Awesome tutorial Jared, hope you don't mind me using some of your tricks & tips.
Marcus Monteiro on Sun, 16 October 2011 2:31pm
Awesome!! nice job! I will study a lot to able to develop such a brilliant art as this.
Quintonius on Sun, 16 October 2011 3:54am
Great tutorial man,
Marco Rocha on Sat, 15 October 2011 1:51pm
Congratulations, Tank you!
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