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Making Of 'Judge Death'

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Date Added: 6th October 2011
Software used:

(Fig.13) This texture is laid in Photoshop with the Multiply mode on the layer, with the colors and facture to create shadows. The highlights are a result of the specular maps. I don't create them in the diffuse textures so the character has highlights only in places where the light falls. The base diffuse texture is created by mixing AO (Ambient occlusion) textures, color and facture (Fig.14)

The specular map is created from the diffuse textures by desaturating and increasing the contrast. On mat surfaces (for example fabric) the texture is made with less contrast, on the bright surfaces (metal) the contrast is increased.

Fig. 13

Fig. 14

Starting at this stage I improve the textures by thinking about the final scene render. (Fig.15)

Fig. 15


I hope you've enjoyed this making of and perhaps you've even learnt a few tricks. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via email. Thanks for reading!

Final Image

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Peter on Mon, 29 April 2013 6:55pm
Love your work on Judge death here, the model is superb and the finished product is one of the best I've seen, this should be used in a game! I would easily buy it then. Hmm is this one uploaded on Deviantart? Super work, love it! Judge Death rules, have my own Judge Death suit, hehe I'm a fanatic of him :P
Cloverli on Thu, 01 March 2012 2:00am
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