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Making Of 'The Confrontation'

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Date Added: 29th September 2011
Software used:

Step 4

The early composition did involve observant monkeys hanging on trees if you look closely at the upper right hand corner, and for some odd reason, this idea crossed my mind that another figure should be sort of riding the beast, or controlling its actions. That really didn't go over too well, since the scale of the painting meant that the dinosaur would be gigantic, thus making its surroundings more detailed than what I wanted to show. Another decision that was made was to crop the left side of the image so that there would be less space between the man and the beast, because I wanted a more dramatic feel. At this point, I'm still using the default round brush and painting in black and white. (Fig.04)


Step 5

It was then time to throw down some color, and to indicate general forms and shapes. Using a combination of multiply, overlay, screen, and soft light, I gave some starting base colors to the forest, dinosaur, and the figure. These layer modes are useful for laying in basic colors without covering up the line work. If you think in line like I do, this technique is extremely helpful. Depending on how you think, you may prefer starting off with line art or you may choose to immediately use solid color to block in shapes, masses, and just go nuts. Either way is fine, it is all a matter of comfort and finding whatever method works in your favor. For me, I find it easier to conceptualize and see things in line. (Fig.05)


Step 6

Using a few layers to build up the colors gradually, I continued to push some of these base colors in order to make the image pop more. I was going for a late afternoon, early evening atmosphere, so I wanted everything to have a dark blue-green tinted overcast, with a primary focal area bit brightly defined and lit. For now, it seems to be where the dinosaur is standing. The colors are quite saturated right now, but that will be changed later on.  Also, I decided to change the rock on the left and add some trees in front of and behind the dinosaur in order to define this environment a bit further. (Fig.06)


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David on Thu, 08 December 2011 12:23am
Just great!. Love it...
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