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Making Of 'The Beast'

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Date Added: 12th August 2011
Software used:

Free Brush Set



During one of those ordinary after work evenings, I was sketching some of the character thumbnails, just one after another.

I like to explore new shapes and forms, and to generate something I've never created before. Speaking in general, I manage to capture interesting ideas when I don't restrict myself to anything specific. So I have no idea what I am going to create at all.

Frankly speaking, the characters were the most difficult part for me to draw in the past. 
I feel much more confident in drawing environments, but I knew that if I struggle on with the characters I would develop my concept art skills.

And I hardly ever give up))


So usually, I quickly drop some silhouettes on a blank canvas. (Fig.01) I like to work with the silhouettes, because silhouettes allow me to concentrate more on the design, than on technical issues such as a shadows, highlights, color and etc.

Fig. 01

My main production tool is Photoshop, but I would advise Alchemy to those who are interested in concept-art. It is excellent software for producing interesting shapes that could be used in order to create characters, landscapes, vehicles or whatever one needs.

I have my own set of brushes for Photoshop, though I only use few of them during thumbnailing. You can download them by clicking the link towars the top of the page.

Actually there is no best brush for painting it is all up to the artist. In this painting I used only one brush. I would suggest using the brush that suits your style and your needs.

Some people create masterpieces with one pixel round brush, and some spend too much time searching for magical brushes in Photoshop. Don`t waste your time, just draw more and more.

Whilst working in Photoshop I find that the tool preset menu is more useful than the right-click brush menu. (Fig.02) Right-click menu only saves the brushes, but the tool preset menu allows me to save the presets of that specific tool, such as painting mode, opacity and flow. Also tool preset simply saves my time, instead of right-clicking and searching the brushes on the list, I simply select them from the tool preset menu that is constantly open on the right side of screen.

Fig. 02

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Xushuyuan on Fri, 13 September 2013 5:11pm
Awesome work! Great pretty.thank you
Milivoj on Mon, 22 August 2011 8:17am
awesome stuff!
Frank Voors on Wed, 17 August 2011 4:28pm
You have a great sense of proportion and you seem to know pretty well how materials act in light and darkness. Thanks you for your insights. Frank
Gfxengine on Tue, 16 August 2011 6:09am
Thx a lot for sharing this tut man :)
Munkybutt's Avatar
Vitrux (Forums) on Sun, 14 August 2011 4:34am
Very nice mate! Thank you for sharing your work with us :D
Gianni on Sat, 13 August 2011 3:23pm
Lots of interesting tips and ideas. I like your style very much. I'm also a little bit envy of your painting style :-P
Rick on Sat, 13 August 2011 11:36am
I really enjoyed reading this making off, you explained your steps simple and easy to understand. Thank for sharing! :3
Sergio on Fri, 12 August 2011 8:50pm
hahaha your characters are awesome (Fig.09) reminds me patapons :)
Sandeep Singh Sidhu on Fri, 12 August 2011 11:16am
cool........ this is awesome....
Naseer Haider Siddiqui on Fri, 12 August 2011 10:55am
Super Concept ... Nice machine i really like it :)
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