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Making Of 'Dead Twice'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


Last but not least the last details: the brooch and the sharp claws.

1. The brooch is an object started with a plane object, where extrusions and fittings were done until the perfect format, and after splines objects were added to the contour. The materials are the same chrome material used before and the red material semi-transparent with a little reflection, all included in a Material Mult Sub Object.

2. Maybe you can add some adjustments on the hood to position as image below.

3. You can work the claws now, the blades are sharpened so you can use the modifier Meshsmooth, but it cannot have any rounding on certain areas. Isolate one a claw, select the edges as image below (in this case, go to the sub-object's Meshsmooth and activate its edges, and after attribute it the value1 on field "Crease". Make this process to all blades of the hand.


4. Render's Work

5. Save the work. The tutorial is done, and here is the final piece.


Bibliographical Reference

Author: Joh A. Bell - Any of his books are very good
Author: Ted Boardman - Excellent author. He explains very well the content with exercises
Author: Michelle Matossin - Her basic book about 3dsmax4 is really good, very simple to understand
Author: Angie Jones - This book is a very good book about Animation for 3dsmax3 recommended to intermediate and advanced users of the 3dsmaxAuthor: Barret Fox - Great book of animation with 3dsmax 6, you can understand the process of the creation from characters to pos-production movie.
Author: Edson Tanaka - It explains all tools about Adobe Photoshop, very recommendable. (In Language Portuguese).
Author: Fréderic Delavier - It's about anatomical movements at the gym it's very well illustrated
Author: Sobota - There is a series of books about scientific anatomy, very good and very technician

You can also use the internet to search more information.

In this project I used the books mentioned above as my guides and the tutorial "Modeling Joan of Arc de Michel Roger" is also available at to help me this work

Many thanks to 3dtotal for the opportunity of showing my work and to let me creating this tutorial. Thanks to the Henry and Diuale to help me on the translations, thanks to my family, thanks to my girlfriend Andressa for understanding my work and a special thanks to GOD

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