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Making Of 'Feeding the Dragon'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Step 5

Now is time to add some shadows. Ctrl+click on the dove layer to select it and add a new layer under it name the layer dove shadow and fill the selection with a dark color. Now go Filter-Blur-Gaussian blur and blur the shadow with a radius of about 5px. After that Ctrl+click on the skeleton layer to load the selection then go Select-Inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I) Click again on the dove shadow layer and hit Delete. Now Set the Blending mode to Multiply and the opacity to 75%. Use the same technique to add a skeleton shadow on the house. After that open the texture.jpg from the source folder and drag it into the image, name the layer texture and drag it over the background layer. The result should look like in the image below


Step 6

We do some adjustments again at this time. In order to make the parts looking a bit more crisp and fresh we use a blending mode. Select the house layer and make a copy of it then Set the blending mode to Soft light and the Opacity to 70 % then merge the two house layer together. Do the same with the dove layer. And the same with the skeleton layer but for this one set the Opacity to 50%. Then with the layer still active go to Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U) and reduce the saturation to about -10. Then Ctrl+click to load the selection go Select-Feather (Alt+Ctrl+D) and set a radius of 1 and go Select-Inverse (Shift+Ctrl+I) then zoom in into the area where the dove sits on the skeleton and erase the part of the tail that covers the bottom part of the mouth like in the image below.


Step 7

Now from the source folder open scratch.jpg and drag it in the image name the layer scratch and Set the blending mode to Multiply. Now open the paint.jpg from the source folder drag it in the image Set the blending mode to Soft light and name it paint. Drag the paint layer over the texture layer and the scratch layer over the paint layer. Now we will set the final composition Link the dove, skeleton and house layers go to Edit-Transform-Rotate and rotate them a bit to the right. Now the elements create a nice curve from left-up to right down that helps to guide the viewers eyes on that path and to make from left up -life to right down- death and make the image understandable. It is time to save your file if you didn't do it until now.


Step 8

To have the composition complete in need a sky that fits in the image with a lighter upper-right side and a darker bottom-left side. I will paint one for that. For that i made create a new file that has the same size and fill it with a blue linear gradient colour.


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