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Modeling a World of Warcraft Orc

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

Extend the four points... Thinking... I should have took notes when I was modeling. K, I think there's an easier way. But I'm just going to follow what my red scribbles say.
#1 lower right. Extend the four points twice and make sure the second extend the points get put on the zero X axis. Select the four points and hit (ctrl-V) for set value and put them on zero on the X axis. Then make 2 polys by selecting four points in order on the top of his head then hitting (P) Also, make sure that you delete excess polygons that the extend tool creates.

Do the same type of thing but only one extend and put the points on zero for the five points on the back of the head. Then make polys under the chin and under the cranium. Again, extend makes excess polys so delete them.#2 and #3 select half the head of polys and delete them then use Mirror and in the front view and drag down the exact center.

Select the all the polys in the dotted area and smooth shift twice. The first time just pull the polys out defining the jaw line and the second time stretch all the polys flat.

I'm just noticing the tri behind the jawline. You may have to delete two polys, one on each side of the head, and weld to get the neck to have the proper amount of sides to weld into the head..

Time for an ear. Should be easy compared to the last couple steps ;) Smooth shift those two polys out once. See, easy.

Now Smooth Shift poly on the top of the ear upwards and size the poly down to almost a point.

Since WoW orcs have a bit of a hunch back we'll Smooth Shift from the front polys instead of the top for normal bi-peds. I put an X just to show that you don't touch this area. Also, make your first smooth shift for the arms.

Before you start smooth shifting the legs out make sure they're five sided. More thinking, writing a tutorial is harder than I thought.

K, easy. Select the two top polys right below the side of the belt/waist. Not the two directly on the side but one of the ones next to the direct side and the next it further towards the front or back.

Now under conctruct tab, way down hit the additional tab and then hit bandglue. When you hit that the polys merge together all the way down the leg(or not very far if you only have a couple SS's). Before you do this yu may have to cut and paste the leg to make sure it doesn't merge polys up into the torso. Do this with the back two polys and the front two then merge all the points and make tri polys in the wholes I have marked in the screen.

Oh, and weld the head in point by point.

After you struggle through that then smooth the heel down and like the ear take the front of the heel and smooth it forward into the rest of the foot.

Adjust the toe of the orc to something similiar to this.

K, here your going to have to use the band glue on the four edges of the arm to make it four sided. Or you could weld the proper points befor you start SSing all the way down the arm.

Select two polys with the line between them being the one that you want to delete and use the band glue tool

1187_tid_27.jpg 1187_tid_26.jpg

This is one of the parts I'm not going to go over really detailed. This and teeth. But the teeth shouldn't be to hard. The teeth don't actually attach directly into the head, just two smooth shifted boxes for the fang/tusks. And just two sets of about 4 or 6 polys each one set for the top row and one for the bottom row both rounded to match the contour of normal teeth going back into the jaw. The tops of them arn't pointed, they are flat but with texture alpha maps they look like they are pointed polys with more detail than they actually have.

To make the hands you start out with a cube and cutting an L shape into it(plus a couple more cuts), from there you can pull two fingers from one edge of the L and two from the other. Then you kind of flatten the hand so the back of the hand doesn't look like a hard corner. With some good point welding to get it back into the arm you have a neat hand hand. :)
Give it a try first, if you can't figure it out then download the hand here and weld it into your model. I'm going to let you guys model the teeth by yourself :)

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Esa Niemi on Wed, 16 May 2012 3:35pm
Ty for a great tutorial m8
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