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Modeling a World of Warcraft Orc

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Welcome to my first tutorial. You see what we'll be working on right above. The low poly model should come out to about 800 triangles.

When I say Smooth Shift, I mean turn on the smooth shift tool(shift-F) and click once, then proceed to tweak points and polys using Stretch (h), Move (t), and Drag (ctrl-t) tools. You can make a poly by selecting four points clockwise then hitting the p button. If the polygon is faced the wrong way and invisible hitting the f button will Flip it back over. If your using other software it shouldn't be to hard to find equivelant tools.

Excuse the image quality, I'm trying for fast load times. There also may be some spelling and grammar errors. Any questions or comments e-mail me at This only covers modeling. K, have fun.

Lets start with the torso.

First, make a box with 3 segments on the X axis and one segment on the Z axis. The numeric panel has the fields to enter in segments. Most tools will have fields you can enter into the numeric panel.

Pull the points around by selecting them and using the drag(ctrl-t) and/or the move tool(t). Make sure the polys where the legs are going to come out of are angled by pulling the outside points upward. Define the shape of the back bone by giving it a slight indent.

Smooth shift out the polygons for the legs and upward into the torso. Make sure you smooth shift multiple polys at once. Four for the leg an eight going into the torso. shaping points as you go along the best you can. Try to use all the viewports to get the proper shape.

Continue to smooth shift up the body pulling and shaping polys and points with the drag and move tools as you go.

And here we have more smooth shifts...Use the rotate tool and rotate somewhere around the red point, in the side view, to tilt the shoulder area a little more forward.

Here's our first bandsaw(yes, that's what BS stands for in the picture ;). You can also probably use knife in this situation because it's somewhat organized. You need to cut the polygons going all the way around the model. This will define our pectoral region a little bit and give us a little more to work with on the back also.
Select two polys next to eachother in the direction you want the cut to go. Then use the bandsaw tool. Auto should be selected in the tool menu.

Before I continue to work on the shoulders and legs I'll put the head on the body, atleast for this model that's how I did it. So the next section covers the head.

For the head we're going to start out with a flat polyon. Give it 4 segments on y axis and 3 on X axis. Some of the stuff I don't remember exactly how I did it. I actually had to backwards engineer it because I didn't have the layer backups for the next few screens.

Time to start shaping the head. Try to give it a curvy feeling from the top and side view. This is a back engineered face too, the first actual face I have backed up has the nose and laugh line around the mouth area.

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Esa Niemi on Wed, 16 May 2012 3:35pm
Ty for a great tutorial m8
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