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Making Of 'Crow'

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Date Added: 9th July 2009
Software used:

By the way, at this point I actually ended up putting the concept away because of other things that I had going on in my life at the time. It was only at the end of 2008 when I was able to come back to it!
After returning to the image, I saw that I already had a rough pose worked out and so I started to fix it further to give the woman a more natural and realistic look. At this stage I used 3ds Max and ZBrush simultaneously, because some things were easier and quicker to do with one over another and vice versa (Fig.05 & Fig.06).

Fig. 05

Fig. 06

I also kept the model's poly count as low as possible, because I wanted to do all the detailing in the end. When I was happy with her look, I unwrapped the model and started to do the final detailing in ZBrush. When I finished all the detailing and I was fully happy with the model, I created a displacement map of the highest level in ZBrush using Multi Displacement and exported the model at the middle level, which gave me a decent amount of main details and had an average poly count. All of this was done to optimize the model, because the highest level had around 3 million polygons and my exported middle only had around 120 thousand.

The tail cloth was simulated. As my concept had been designed with a primitive modelled "tail", I already had an abstract shape to follow. So I started with a plane which had an average poly count. I animated it so it would lie down on the ground, making the path I needed on its way. I tweaked the parameters of cloth, as well as the animation, until I got the result I was happy with. After that I moved it into ZBrush and sculpted further for a better result (Fig.07 & Fig.08).

Fig. 07

Fig. 08

The next step was to add all the details like the chains, the ring on her leg, eyebrows, eyelashes and so on. As this was more detailed, accurate work it was rather hard. For the chains, I started to put splines all around her. After that I made few versions of chain pieces and used them to make the full chains (Fig.09 & Fig.10).

Fig. 09

Fig. 10

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Allie on Sat, 17 November 2012 4:36pm
This is really awesome, and absolutely amazing (both the artwork and tutorial). Thank you for sharing both of them!
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