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Making Of 'Magic Bullet'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:


And now it's time to reveal the subject. Thanks to the UV maps I generated previously I can prepare the image textures and create the shaders for:

  • The box cover (outside, middle part and inside)
  • The metallic sheets (colour map + bump map)
  • The transparent plastic container
  • The notice
  • The bullet (the projectile, the casing, the rim with some embossed text, the primer)

The overall resolution of the images is about 2.5 Mb

Texturing the box

I loaded the image corresponding to the UV faces layout of the box into Gimp as the background layer and I drew the logo and some additional information in a new upper layer. I hided the background layer before saving the image used to texture the box as the UV layout is not required anymore.

No need to fill all the faces of the box, I only drew the visible faces. The outside part of the box has 3 textures, the UV colour map, a noise texture to add some grain and a cloud texture to produce some irregularities on the paper surface, both are used as bump textures.

The inside part of the box is a simple shader with a light brown colour and a noise texture used to add some grain.

The middle part is more or less the same as the inside part but with a much darker colour to differentiate it.

Texturing the container

Same process to create the images required to texture the metallic sheet using Gimp. I used 3 images, one for the colour map, one for the bump map used for the splitting areas and the last one also used as a bump map to create the small squares all over the sheet. A shader with high IOR will be used to get a nice metallic effect.

Colour map

Bump map for splitting areas

Bump map for the small squares over the metal sheet

Shader for the transparent plastic container

This is a simple glass shader with IOR = 1.5, nothing else to say

Texturing the notice

Same process to create the image required to texture the notice using Gimp. Here again, I used a noise bump texture to add some grain and get a better paper effect. Nobody will read it, so I just wrote anything to create something looking like a notice; the same image will be used to map all the pages.

Colour map


Texturing the bullet

The casing of the bullet is made with a copper material, I mixed two textures over the UV map (by limiting the amount the textures affect the colour to 0.7) and I used a glossy metallic shader with IOR=4 to get a reflective surface with low spec.

The back casing part has the same copper material but I add a bump map with the identification information, it's a must detail.

The bullet projectile and the primer are simple glossy grey metal with IOR=20 and a noise texture bump.

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Peter Laverty on Mon, 09 December 2013 4:00pm
Wish there was a video tutorial for this
Liark on Thu, 31 January 2013 1:31pm
amazing, a work of a master
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