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Making Of 'My World'

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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:

06 - The coloring of hair is pretty easygoing with the base color blocks already there. But extra care is noted making sure the lighting doesn't go wrong for the arranged layers. Slight designs in the front make the hair more interesting and girl more charming.

07 - The body is colored according to the order of arrangements back and forth; paint the skin first, then the accessories, the chair before all that, of course. Attention was paid to the joints and structural proportions; I used smaller brush size and work slow to keep the skin smooth, also, not forgetting the shadows cast by the necklace.

08 - Edges of the necklace was strictly controlled, the carvings and lines took a lot of time to detail. Those done colors were laid for the remaining parts of the image. More hues were used in this section to make the centre more colorful and interesting. In detail the left armrest on the chair was shaped and made into a twisting stack of CDs.

1108_tid_myworld10.jpg 1108_tid_myworld11.jpg 1108_tid_myworld12.jpg

09 - To bring out the half mechanic half organic feel in the piece, a trait in Butterfly, the design of arms were made to look organic yet locked in a mechanical design. The textures not flesh but plastic and leather inclined, the right wrist's spiral looking thing is a speaker, earphones directly plugged in for music; and to leave an impression of difference the phone in her hand was designed out of the norm, communication of a different world with another.

10 - The two spheres are also part of the main focus, I had wanted to use them to present two totally different worlds contained within. Final decision was an erupted volcano and a fish in water.

11 - Here, other than painting what's within the spheres, the texture and shapes themselves also had to be projected; thus cracks were painted on the one behind, and the one in front, weightlessly floating, water spurting out from the centre.

1108_tid_closeup1.jpg 1108_tid_closeup2.jpg

12 - The last part is the bird at the most front. This bird was painted casually with no reference, wearing a mask and giving it a sharp looking eye is to show that even birds have thinkings in this world. After coloring's all done the image was resized to check on any mistakes or if anything was missed out.

Adjusting of colors was done in Photoshop because Painter's color contrasts are lighter. Because there was a very clear concept in mind since the very start, the workflow was very smooth. Overall the image took about 10hours without any references.


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