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Tutorial: Comic Coloring 2

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Date Added: 8th December 2009
Software used:

Part 4: Storm & Finishin Off

Well after a long time, the finish line is finally in site!

I'm not going into as much detail on rendering Storm as I did Emma Frost, because most of the techniques are the same - pick a dark color and build up towards the light source.

So let's color Storm's skin, cape and hair exactly the same as Emma's character. Then go in and use the same technique as the hair on the metal parts and on her shiny costume (this is because they reflect the light in a more defined way than the skin or something soft).

When all is said and done, your image should look something like Fig.37.

Right, let's finish this baby off now!

Fig. 37

Outline & Effects

At this point, if you save this picture, your line art won't show up and since we also want to add some effects above the line art, we can't as long as it's a channel.

So first off we go to the channels panel and while pressing on the CTRL key, click on the line art channel. This should select your line art (Fig.38).

Fig. 38

Next go to the Layers Panel and create a new layer above all your other layers and fill it with black. (You'll notice that your outline seems very heavy now; just go to your channel panel and switch off the line art channel) (Fig.39).

Fig. 39

I didn't add too many special effects in this piece, but here's a rundown of what I did decide to add:

I created a new layer above the line art layer and with a soft brush I put first a shine on Storm's bracelet, then I very soft glow to her eyes (Fig.40).

I then went back to the line art layer and, using the eraser tool, I erased out the lines on the lightning to give it a better look.

If you do the same then your picture should look like this (Fig.41).

Fig. 40

Fig. 41

Line Holds, Or Something Like That

Now this is a technique that I learned by watching John Rauche's videos, but it's so cool that I often use nowadays.

Line Holds, usually refer to the coloring of the line art in certain places to give a cool effect, but here's a trick that might be easier:

Turn off your line art and effects layers (Fig.42).

Fig. 42

Select everything by pressing CTRL-A (Fig.43).

Fig. 43

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