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Making Of 'Seriously No Joking'

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Date Added: 24th January 2011
Software used:

The process works like rendering software; you know, with the little box going from top to bottom in the image. I made a grid, keeping in mind that it there were some parts that couldn't be divided or painting it would be really hard (like the face for example) (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

I then spent 5 minutes on each box and then did another pass of 10 minutes. It's great working like this with a timer; it kind of puts you under pressure and is a really fun technique to use (Fig.09)!

Fig. 09

Another thing I like to do is put backlights on my characters. It makes them pop out of the drawing and look interesting. It's always better when these backlights make sense. In this image, my character was standing on top of a building and it made sense to have a blue light behind, like a moon or something. I always create the backlight in another layer first. That way, using the Hue and Saturation controls I can change it however I want.

Sometimes I like to put some layers with colors, like a post effect. For example, I might have one layer with dark edges and Color Burn for the Blending Mode, or maybe an orange to blue fade from the top in Color Dodge Blending Mode. I even use textures sometimes, like old paper or dirt. I've gotten some really cool results by doing that (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

And here's the final image (Fig.11)!
So that's it! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

Fig. 11


I'm not sure if this advice is going to help you since I know there are better artists out there, but if you are just starting out and want to get better at this then hopefully this will help you a little.

You should always practice the basic things: colors, human proportions etc. You should also look at a lot of tutorials and draw as much as you can. But don't get stuck just drawing one thing though. Variety is important and if you focus too much on one area then you might get very good at that, but you won't be able to draw much else!

I think that if you can finish a painting, or at least 60-70% of it in one day, then that's great. The next day you'll see it with fresh eyes and will probably spot some changes that need to be made, but the original idea will remain.

Always use references when you don't know what something looks like. At least for making concept art. Don't be afraid of using pictures; the person that hires you won't mind if you looked for advice during the process. He'll only care that your ideas are great and if using references is the best way to explain them, then that's the way you should do it.

Always add details to your drawings unless the intention is not to. The imagination of the painter is not the same as the guy who is looking at the image. So it's better to do some hard lines on the drawing.

I want to thank you for reading this tutorial and also thank 3DTotal for giving me the opportunity to share the little things I know about digital art.

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
William on Tue, 03 January 2012 4:39am
Jesus, I love your technique, I come from a traditional back ground and have been trying to get into digital painting. I also wanted to say that anyone (including any people on this board) who give you crap for using reference photos are idiots and losers, the best artist ALL use references to some degree (Alex Ross-comics, Drew Struzan-movie posters, James Gurney-Children's Ill.), as long as you have permission from the model or photographer, or you shoot the images yourself, you plowing the same field as all the greats.
Jesus on Mon, 28 November 2011 4:01pm
Hello arvin! im the creator of the tutorial! thanks a lot for your comment! im glad you found something good about it ;) have a great day!
Arvin Villapando on Mon, 24 January 2011 12:59pm
Wow... cool technique on getting values on the image. Never thought about that.
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