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Making Of 'Mustang Shelby 67'

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Date Added: 19th May 2011
Software used:

  • After choosing your image you'll be taken back to the Viewport Background window. Here, you'll have to change a few options to make things easier. In Aspect Ratio, change to Match Bitmap and enable Lock Zoom/Pan. Close this window by clicking on OK (Fig.05)

  • 1063_tid_image_05_setting_blue_prints_refrences.jpg
    Fig. 05

  • The image will show up in the viewport and we can zoom in without getting the image static on the viewport so that it now goes along with the zoom and pan. Notice that the image must match the selected viewport (Fig.06)

  • 1063_tid_image_06_shelbey_car_template_refrence.jpg
    Fig. 06

  • Right now the image is in the viewport, you should repeat the process for the remaining viewports (Fig.07)

  • 1063_tid_image_07_refrences_front_side_orthographic.jpg
    Fig. 07

    Another way to add the images to the viewport is to create four grids in their respective axis. This was the technique I used for this model (Fig.08).

    Fig. 08

    Here is an example of a blueprint used for the modeling of my Mustang Shelby. For realistic inorganic modeling it's imperative to use one of these. Blueprints can be acquired for free at (Fig.09).

    Fig. 09

    Fig. 09a

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    Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
    PYRO on Tue, 16 October 2012 7:26pm
    how did you put the blue prints on the perspective view
    Bob Theriault on Sun, 05 February 2012 8:32pm
    Really excellent work. I have been a graphic and industrial designer for 40 years and know how much talent it took to do this. Excellent!
    Clovis on Sat, 21 January 2012 4:05pm
    Marco Aurelio - Nice renders. Congratulations! Clovis
    Rahul Joshi on Tue, 24 May 2011 10:52am
    there are a few issues with the shapes and curves here and there.. like the wheel arches.
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