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Making Of 'Classical Girl'

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Date Added: 6th October 2008
Software used:
Step 6:
This step is very important! Here we add the eye lashes and the tear ducts. We often witness CG masters who can make their characters look vivid - it's all in the eyes! The key is to produce a single model of the tear duct alone, and then adjust tears in the material. If you are not already aware of this issue, I hope that this tip has given you some food for thought (Fig.07)!

Fig. 07

Step 7: Making Adjustments
Together with the eyes, eyelashes, tear ducts, teeth and earrings, take a look at the results and make the appropriate adjustments (Fig.08).

Fig. 08

Step 8: Hair
At this stage I created the hair (Fig.09). I was once asked how to create hair. I basically use NURBS, mainly on two loft curves of a surface. Do not delete the history records - this way you can make amendments simply by controlling the curve directly. If you want to make the effect of the wind, or want to control it as a whole, add a fine mesh to control the curve. Using this method is a very easy way to make adjustments!

Fig. 09

Step 9: Hair & Clothes
Here I added the hair and then moved on to make the clothes and the fan object (Fig.10).

Fig. 10

Step 10: Lighting
Finally, I added the lighting (Fig.10). Lighting can be in used in accordance with our interests, and then we can use the FG option of MR to render. Here is the effect of rendering (note that I changed her clothes and removed the fan) (Fig.11 - 12).

Fig. 11

Fig. 12


This article has primarily been focussed on the modelling stage, as many people before me have gone into detail about mapping and texturing, especially using the SSS material adjustment method. Her skin was an SSS skin texture, and in the future I hope to have the opportunity to talk to you more about the material, lighting, rendering and post production. For the time being, I hope this has been useful to some of you! Thanks to all!


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Sebastian Alexander on Fri, 31 December 2010 8:08am
Wow....,the result is very AMAZING... I rarely see a tutorial with a BEST result like this...
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