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Making Of 'Hot House'

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Date Added: 1st September 2011
Software used:
This scene portrays the last day on earth in a far-off future, as the sun is over expanding and going nova. Global warming has reached its final stage and has overrun the earth, transforming its surface to a completely different terrain. This new environment has created trees several kilometers high with flora nearly reaching into the stratosphere. An aggressive genus of ivy now climbs over all the other large plants.  Airborne social and sentient plant life have replaced flocks of birds with broods of floating flora. Their floating bodies are mobilized by the lighter than air gas within them.  A circulation system of tree sap flows over the terrain from tree to tree, creating a biologically interconnected forest. This sap has replaced water and where there were once waterfalls, now exist running falls of sap.

When I was drawing this, The Last Day on Earth is what I had in mind. Until now there have been many portrayals of The Last Day on Earth but I wanted to do something in which Earth was covered by huge plants. I wanted to create a sense of irony in which the future of earth looks how it was when it was first conceived.  As I imagined the Earth would have extremely humid and heavy air, forested with huge ancient plants, looking quite like the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. I hope this painting conveys the image of a far and distant future.

First I sketched out an image of what I had in mind. I imagined a place with big trees, an enormous sun and surface covered by ivy, plants and other greens. Keeping perspective and color concept in mind I created the image. (Fig.01)

Fig. 01

I usually start from the background as I feel that it is more efficient working out from the background. I usually use default Photoshop brushes. Keeping composition in mind, I worked to portray the trees as being huge and massive. (Fig.02)

Fig. 02

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Munkybutt's Avatar
Eydi (Forums) on Mon, 21 November 2011 8:08pm
Very inspiring tutorial. This artwork is a masterpiece....
DongwonKim on Wed, 26 October 2011 2:55pm
Nice and cool tutorial
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