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Fantasy Letter

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Date Added: 24th March 2010
Software used:


Okidoki, all texture maps have been created, so lets use them in Lightwave! You can close down Photoshop now if you want to, and then load up Lightwave Modeler. Create a box with the following settings.

Picture 14: The Box settings

Triple the polygons. Create a surface for this object called "Paper" and turn smoothing on, then save this object as "Paper.lwo".

That's it for modeler, at least for now, so load up Layout and load the Paper object in. Place and Rotate the Camera to the following.

Picture 15: Camera Position

Picture 16: Camera Direction

Select the Light, hit "p" to get the properties panel and use the following settings.

Picture 17: The Light properties

Next, use the following position, direction and size for the light.

Picture 18: The Light Position

Picture 19: The Light Direction

Picture 20: The Lights Size

If you render a preview now by hitting F9 it should look something like picture 21.

Picture 21: The first test render

Enter the Image Editor and load in all the images we made in Photoshop, it's time for some texturing. We are going to start with the Displacement Map, so click the Objects button at the bottom of Layout and then bring up the Properties Panel. Click the Deformations Tab, then the Texture button for Displacement Map, use the following settings.

Picture 22: The Displacement Map. Remember to click Automatic Sizing for this one!

Click OK and render another test render, it should look something like picture 23.

Picture 23: The Displaced paper

In the properties panel for the object, click the Rendering Tab and then click the "T" for the Clip Map channel, use the following settings.

Picture 24: The Clip Map

The Test render would look something like picture 25 at this point.

Picture 25: The Clip map added

Now let's make this look more like paper, so open up the Surface Editor. Set the colour of the paper surface to R: 217 G: 174 B: 136. Next we will use the transparency map to soften the edges and give them a fibre like look, so use the following settings in the Transparency Texture Channel.

Picture 26: The Transparency Channel Texture. Don't forget Automatic sizing

Click OK when you're done with the transparency texture and then click the T for the Color channel. Use the following texture settings for the first texture.

Picture 27: The Texture for the Color channel

Once again click automatic sizing.

When you're done with that one, click "Add Layer" to add another texture layer, and then use the following settings.

Picture 28: The Fractal Noise texture for the Color channel

Click OK when you're done with the Color Channel, then render a test render, it should look something like picture 29.

Picture 29: Color added

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