3DTotal would like to present our largest project to date the 'Digital Art Masters: volume 1' book. A collection of work from artists which have featured in the gallery of 3DTotal. The work is arranged accordingly in the following sections - scenes, characters, fantasy, sci-fi and cartoon section spread over 192 pages.

The book features some of the finest digital 2D and 3D artwork that you can see today, from artist as Natascha Roeoesli, Philip Straub, Rob Chang, Jesse Sandifer, PiSONG, Meny Hilsenrad and Ryan Lim. However this is more than just any other gallery book. Each artist ha breakdown overview, each with supporting imagery of how they made there piece of work.

These are not simple step by step tutorials but are more concerned with the thought process behind the artwork. We wanted the readers to be able to discover how certain parts were created and maybe find out some new tips and tricks along the way.

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EUR-€49.00 / UK-£32.00

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Hardback 31cm X 25cm in size

192 Full colour premium paper pages.
Weight 1.4 kg

isbn: 0-9551 5300-X

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UK - £7 / Europe - €8 / USA and Worldwide $14

Quotes from the Industry...

Brian Taylor - Creator of Rustboy.
"Digital Art Masters is an inspirational book. While it isn't intended to be a step-by-step tutorial, it provides a fascinating insight into the working methods of many digital artists. The 3D images are broken down into modeling, texturing and lighting, but the book also covers good examples of traditional practices such as perspective and composition".

Dan Wheaton - concept artist / matte painter.
"Check it out fellow pixel pushers! Smell that fresh ink on paper, and pick up this hardcover beauty. It's a showcase, it's a 'behind the scenes', it's two great tastes in one! Kudos to 3DTotal for jumping in with style. And the fact that it's Volume One means more goodness to come... so don't just get it, get in it!"

Tim Warnock -matte painter / concept artist
"This book not only exhibits the artists at the cutting edge of the digital art industry but also delivers valuable tips and advice that will usher in the next generation of Digital Art Masters. It is books like these that continually challenge and inspire me in my own artistic journey."

Rafal Wojtunik - "Fallen Art" BAFTA winning movie & Platige Image concept artist.
"For those who are not satisfied with only a 'final picture' book and also want to know the techniques behind the images. A nice start for a new book series"

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Ronnie Olsthoorn
'Little Friends'
Niels Sinke
'Hot and Dusty'
Donald Phan
'The Guide'
Nicolas Richelet
'A Day in Valcour'
Juan J. González
'Hagia Sophia'
Marcel Baumann
'The man without body'
Cetin Tuker
'Sad Street'
Meny Hilsenrad
'Coney Island'
Rob Adams
'Night and Day'

Li Suli
'All in the Wind'
Richard Tilbury
Balazs Kiss
'The Temple'
Daniele Montella
'The Haunted House'
Laurent Ménabé
'Abandoned Place'
Mariska Vos

'Mazda 787B'
Fabricio Micheli
'The Corner'
Olli Sorjonen
'Track Day'

Robert Chang
'Scythe Wolf'
Haure Sebastien
'Opus Premier'
Drazenka Kimpel
Romain Côte
Landis Fields
Linda Tso
'Tears Wont Fall'
Natascha Roeoesli
Omar Sarmiento
'The Fatman'
Ryan Lim

Egil Paulsen
Laurent Gaumer
Norbert Fuchs
'Warrior Monk'
Fredrik Alfredsson
'Templar Knight'
'Bill Murray'
Fred Bastide
'My Uncle Cthulhu'
Khalid Abdulla

'Arabian Warrior Horse'
Eric Wilkerson
'Captain of the Guard'
Thierry Canon

Philip Straub
Jesse Sandifer
'Wail Evolution'
Andrey Yamkovoy
'Small Bot'
Rudolf Herczog
'Other Worlds'
Marco Siegel
'Beast Mistress'
Patrick Beaulieu
André Holzmeister
'Red Beard'
Francisco Ferriz
'The Family'
Jorge Adorni
'Romance in the garden'
Juliano Castro
David Drbal