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Name: Denis Udalov

Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Member ID: 80880

Name: Alexandr-M

Location: Russia

Member ID: 16186

Name: Nasir Khan

Location: Kabul Afghanistan

Member ID: 80866

Name: nag_designs


Member ID: 80838

Name: Eduardo Porceli

Location: Curitiba, Brazil

Member ID: 54893

Name: simon 3d

Trivia: Sr, Character Modeler

Location: hyderabad

Member ID: 65273

Name: Liuba Kushnir

Trivia: Interior designer

Location: Ukraine

Member ID: 80718

Name: Helixscape Visual

Location: China

Member ID: 80703

Name: mohamedlotfy

Trivia: 3D Artist Environment

Location: Egypt

Member ID: 30678

Name: GameYan

Trivia: 3D Animation & Game Art ( Character / Asset ) Outsourcing Development Studio

Location: Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India

Member ID: 25899

Name: kongen

Location: Stockholm

Member ID: 73940

Name: InspiredFX

Trivia: I am very passionate about Art, visualFX, story telling and animation

Location: Lagos Nigeria

Member ID: 77682

Name: HelenGarcia

Location: Bangalore, India

Member ID: 42776

Name: Daniel Rojas

Trivia: Freelancer Digital Artist

Location: Colombia

Member ID: 76338

Name: arco3dstudio


Member ID: 77961

Name: Harjit Virdee

Trivia: CG Generalist and Retoucher

Location: UK

Member ID: 21623

Name: Fred Lopes

Location: Sao Paulo

Member ID: 80439

Name: Jan Krocak

Trivia: 3D Generalist at Jellyfish Pictures

Location: London,UK

Member ID: 25764

Name: jayanta


Member ID: 78594

Name: Takuya Suzuki

Location: Tokyo

Member ID: 80242

Name: Gabriel Bjork Stiernstrom

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Member ID: 73591

Name: MD

Trivia: Murilo Dias

Location: Brasil

Member ID: 25227

Name: Fevas3d

Location: spain

Member ID: 79813

Name: Nirmal


Member ID: 12035

Name: The Experimental Unit

Location: Canada

Member ID: 16801

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