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Name: Tsubasa Nakai

Location: Yokohama

Member ID: 85472

Name: Thelian Arz

Trivia: Great artist, great person

Location: México

Member ID: 85744

Name: paramveer singh

Trivia: 3d character modeler

Location: Punjab, India

Member ID: 85702

Name: natalieu1

Location: United Kingdom

Member ID: 85692

Name: amir.va


Member ID: 76511

Name: kaitlynp

Trivia: Student

Location: United Kingdom

Member ID: 85649

Name: Marcelo C.

Location: Brazil

Member ID: 63711

Name: Daniel Vega

Location: Bogota - Colombia

Member ID: 85557

Name: 4pixos Studio


Member ID: 85499

Name: farhanm


Member ID: 85510

Name: siddharth raj


Member ID: 85404

Name: Kinema

Location: Vancouver, B.C

Member ID: 5696

Name: Ersin

Trivia: Architect/CG Artist


Member ID: 84923

Name: Erdinc Gurbuz


Member ID: 85420

Name: joshanstudioir

Location: iran

Member ID: 85405

Name: Gallardodigital

Trivia: 3d Artist freelance

Location: Granada, Spain

Member ID: 85401

Name: Jan Smrz

Location: Czech republic

Member ID: 84078

Name: hossein_mohamadian

Trivia: Lighting TD

Location: Iran

Member ID: 85330

Name: yytssln

Trivia: single

Location: China

Member ID: 21872

Name: Jorge avitia


Member ID: 85261

Name: lucas.gallo

Location: France

Member ID: 61401

Name: vivekdas

Location: Bangalore

Member ID: 85227

Name: imanCG

Trivia: Hi guys, i'm iman, an 3d modeler and character artist from Tehran.Iran. The 3d art is my passion and making game ANDROID, 3d artist , environment artist

Location: iran

Member ID: 84438

Name: Cassagi

Location: Slovakia

Member ID: 81420

Name: snakeman

Location: China

Member ID: 85061

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