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Write us a Tutorial!
Written any great tutorials recently? Want to share them with the wider artistic community, get some valuable exposure and help other aspiring artists? Well, now you can!

3DTotal are looking for fresh, educational tutorials to showcase on our website. They can be for any software and difficulty level, any topic and both 2D and 3D tutorials will be welcomed, in text- or video-based format.

Accepted tutorials will be showcased on the homepage of 3DTotal for up to two weeks, as well as being featured in our forums, before being given a permanent home in our tutorial archives. There are also 3DTotal goodies up for grabs for every accepted tutorial, so get writing!

For full details about how to submit a tutorial, please see the following page:

On Site Tutorials

  • "Making of Judge Death" by Petr Nasirov
    Hi there, my name is Petr Nasirov. I’m a 24 year old character modeler from Belarus. “Judge Death” was created
    for the game art challenge Comicon’09 and it won 1st place. When I saw Judge Death I instantly thought,
    “I want to model this character” because he looked interesting, unusual and fun.

  • "Making of Kinetica" by Jacques Pena
    Hi and welcome to the Making Of Kinetica. To best understand the artistic process, we’ll start by looking back
    to before production even began, to the conceptualizing phase. One of the first steps is to understand how
    the image was formed, and that was through some serious sketch exercises

  • "Making of The Confrontation" by Jone L. Leung
    Hello, for this making of, I will try my best to backtrack the steps that I took to complete my image, The
    Confrontation. I’ve always been inspired and fascinated by dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures, so for this
    painting, I wanted to create an adventure based fantasy piece.

  • "Making of Turtle Freedom For Sale" by David Ferreira
    I made this image for a 3D challenge about freedom. My first ideas were way too ambitious for the time I
    can currently spend on my personal projects and much more serious, full of contemporary meaning. But
    after some thought I decided to go with a lighter and funnier approach.

  • "Making of Robot in Disguise" by Valentin Yovchev
    When I started to think what I want to make, I was very excited by the transformers movies. I’m a big fan of
    the animation series and the movies, and there were so many awesome robot designs that were really
    cool, but no-where was featuring really cool old types of Russian or German cars, and that disappointed me.

  • "Making of White Walker" by David Munoz Velazquez
    The idea for this image came from a sort of "Blog War" where artists created their own version of their favorite
    character from the Game of Thrones TV series. In my case I found the mysterious White Walkers particularly
    interesting and I didn’t know how they were going to look in the series.

  • "Making of All Roads Lead to Rome" by Livio Rajh
    I took a well known phrase – "All roads lead to Rome" – and placed it into a context where it was unlikely to work.
    For this I modeled one comet with a road across its surface, roadside signs pointing towards Rome and an
    astronaut strolling across the galaxy.

  • "Making of Makes Me Fly" by Adrien Castel
    Hi, my name is Adrien Castel and I'm a 3D generalist at a studio based near Bordeaux in France. I made
    this illustration for my girlfriend. She's the kind of girl who makes you want to become someone better so
    that's why the idea was that she makes my fly!

  • "Making of Hot House" by Kenichiro Tomiyasu
    This scene portrays the last day on earth in a far-off future, as the sun is over expanding and going nova.
    Global warming has reached its final stage and has overrun the earth, transforming its surface to a
    completely different terrain.

  • "Making of the Marauder" by Casper Thomsen
    In this Making Of I will share some of the general concepts, ideas and problems I had throughout the project
    and hopefully inspire you to undertake large projects in order to push your own skills.

  • "Making of Man-Eating Plant" by Markus lovadinus
    Man-Eating Plant was created for a Drawing Jam and was my personal interpretation of this famous plant.
    In this Making Of I‘d like to show my working process and I hope this will be of some help to others.

  • "Making of Dionesis" by Elena Bespalova
    The inspiration for the character came from my fascination with Antique mythological heroes.  The images of the
    forever young Dionysus (Bacchus) and joyfully dancing Maenads appealed to me as the right source for my
    character design.

  • "Making of Ice Creature" by Fil Barlow
    Since 1987 I have been designing characters and creatures for the Hollywood animation industry. My Photoshop techniques are pretty basic, partly because I am self-taught, and partly because I started working with Photoshop
    ten years ago when it was a much simpler and less robust program. Old habits, you know.

  • "Making of China Town" by Ozcan Sener
    have always been interested in science-fiction and fantasy themes, especially the dark ones like Blade Runner,
    Immortel and the cinematic trailers from Blizzard to count a few. Whenever I find spare time I search for new
    concept images to see more unique creations from different artists.

  • "Making of Close-up Portrait" by David Moratilla
    In this Making Of I will try to explain the way in which I created my “close-up portraits”. I am going to mainly focus
    on the texturing/shading part.

  • "Making of The Beast" by Jama Jurabaev
    I like to explore new shapes and forms, and to generate something I’ve never created before. Speaking in
    general, I manage to capture interesting ideas when I don’t restrict myself to anything specific. So I have no
    idea what I am going to create at all.

  • "Making of White Street Loft" by Mackiewicz Maciek
    The image was created to improve my overall rendering skills. Every time I have a moment to myself I like doing
    projects like this one to learn new techniques and watch how my work is improving. Since I've been working on
    exterior shots lately I really wanted to make an interior view for a change.

  • "Making of Lobo" by Yaroslav Grigorash
    When I decided to create a character from a well-known DC Universe – Lobo – the first thing that I realized was
    that my character was going to be a bit different from the original. My main goal was to create an older version
    of this guy, so I thought that if I was going to shift his age, why not change his whole look as well

  • "Making of The Drawing Room" by Mojtaba Shabanzadeh
    To make the scene as real as possible, I had to consider the following. Firstly, I needed the correct scaling.
    Secondly I wanted a powerful texture for the cushions, carpet, chairs, curtains, and the face of the clock.
    Thirdly I wanted exact and real looking lighting.

  • "Making of Private Charlie" by Daniele Orsetti
    I initially created Charlie to teach character modeling during a master degree of computer graphics at the
    BigRock training center here in italy. Since I really liked the design, after the course I decided to develop him
    into a personal piece by adding more details and giving him a context that fits his personality.

  • "Making of The Warehouse" by Juraj Molcak
    This image was not created for a commercial job, but was more of a concept sketch I made as a practice in a
    single day. I just wanted to try a composition consisting of both photography and a painted element. I knew from
    the beginning that I wanted to mix a real environment with painted humanoid creatures.

  • "Making of Pirate Hype" by Pao (Thitipong Jitmakusol)
    When Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was released, there was no doubt that the CG character,
    Davy Jones, was simply stunning. I liked all the sea-life characters in the films, and they inspired me to create
    my own interpretation – just for fun!

  • "Making of Power Plant" by Rohan Dalvi
    The idea for the power generation plant came from the thought that alien planets could have almost any type of
    plants. So I figured why not have a planet where trees generate electricity that is harvested by machines? The
    original idea was to have the plants grow in a laboratory-like environment, but I later changed it to a forest

  • "Making of Peaceful Day" by Andreas Rocha
    This year I went on a holiday to Scotland and I was completely blown away by its beauty. All that greenery is not something we see a lot here in Portugal where the weather is sunnier and drier. Scotland also has an
    architectural patronage that makes you feel as if you’re in a fantasy movie.

  • "Making of Little Dragon" by Vlad Konstantinov
    I'd like to tell you about the making of my picture "Little Dragon". In this article I'll touch upon all the stages of the
    working process, from modeling to post-production. I hope that the information which I'm going to share will be
    useful for you.

  • "Making of The Breath On Your Neck" by Branko Bistrovic
    I don’t know about you, but when I begin a painting there are usually two ways the idea arrives in my noggin: either
    it’s a happy discovery  while making random marks on the canvas, or it’s something that came to me while I was
    out and about living in “the real world”.

  • "Making of Once Upon a Time..." by Gustavo Groppo
    Here I´ll guide you through my working process for the image “Once Upon a Time…” My inspiration for this work
    came when I first saw No Country for Old Men. I’ve always loved those Western American landscapes and
    although the film was recorded in Texas, I used photographs from it as a reference so I could create a police
    scene in a vast desert.

  • "Making of Morocco Topo" by Jorge Montero Bruna
    The main idea of this work was to redesign a classic cartoon character. In this case I chose one of my favorite
    Hanna-Barbera cartoons, Secret Squirrel and decided to recreate the squirrel’s side-kick, Morocco Mole.

  • "Making of Talos" by Emanuel Da Silva Luz
    In this article, I will be writing about the high poly character creation of my demon centaur, from the conceptual
    phase to the final render. He was made for a 3D character competition about warriors.

  • "Making of Control Panel" by Andrew Finch
    This image was inspired by a reference photo I found on the internet. I was tired of the restrictions of game creation (which is my day job) and wanted to make something small and interesting. I’m interested in lighting and texturing
    so this was the most enjoyable part of this project.

  • "Making of Gloom Room" by Hani Troudi
    Ever since I bought my first electric guitar I’ve wanted to model one, and finally I had the time to do so recently.
    After finishing it I thought it would be cooler to place it in a scene with other stuff, therefore I decided to model the surroundings.

  • "Making of The Twisted Room" by James Wolf Strehle
    For this making of article I would like to take you through the steps I took when creating my image, "The Twisted
    Room". It's an older image, but it is a piece that I had a lot of fun creating and I'd like to share that process with
    you, from concept to completion.

  • "Making of Biblio" by Carlos Rinaldo
    This scene is an idea I started about one year ago for the company where I work on an ongoing basis
    (Mozart Srl), which I then chose to finish by myself later. The inspiration for this work came from watching
    the amazing video The Third & The Seventh.

  • "Making of Neo-Renaissance Girl" by Zoltan Miklosi
    Before I started working on this image I studied thousands of fashion photos to get the right pose and lighting for
    my character. I also looked at some Renaissance paintings to better understand the fashion of that era – this
    information was particularly important for the character’s hat.

  • "Making of The Janitor" by Christian Johnson
    The aim of this image was to produce a concept visual of a steampunk robot design. I had an idea for a janitor
    who worked in the engine room of a titanic steampunk space cruiser. His sole task was to turn giant pressure
    valves and carry heavy machinery.

  • "Making of Imp Vs Angel-Warrior" by Oleg Matsokin
    How many representations of the fight between good and evil do you think have already been created? To add to
    the vast range of interpretations of this eternal theme, I chose to depict the two opposing forces through an
    example of two very specific characters – an imp and an angel-warrior.

  • "Making of Le Rabbit" by Jose Alves da Silva
    During the creation of this image I bumped into several problems, especially regarding the fur. I am not a digital
    hair expert and I had to face some questions for the first time. These problems may sound basic to some readers,
    but I have decided to talk about them and the way I solved them.

  • "Making of Mustang Shelby 67" by Marco Aurelio Magalhaes da Silva
    I would like to dedicate this work to the CGI School, Melies, in São Paulo, where I had the opportunity to study and
    develop this model. I also would like to thank João Luiz Boldrini, Rodrigo Pauliki, Matheus Braz Polito, Ronaldo Brito
    and Rafael Ribeiro, who all helped me in some way in my journey – teaching, motivating and working with me.

  • "Making of Satyr Statue" by Wesclei Barbosa
    Hi guys, my name is Wesclei Barbosa and I will try to guide you through the creation process of my image: Satyr
    . The idea behind this image was, by following the original art created for the God of War trilogy, to try to get
    the best result as possible using the work of these artists as a guide.

  • "Making of Can I be your little brother?" by Wanchana Intrasombat
    I want to share this tutorial with you guys and I hope you’ll find it interesting. My technique is quite free and I follow
    my imagination while making sure not to lose sight of the concept. For this illustration I used a Round brush.
    Okay, let’s get started!

  • "Making of Never Again" by Alex Ruano
    Hi everybody. It’s a pleasure to be here with this Making Of, in which I’ve tried to explain the creation process of
    my latest image “Never Again”. As usual, I used 3ds Max with V-Ray for rendering, Adobe Photoshop to create and manipulate textures, and Fusion for the final post-production.

  • "Making of Waiting for the Storm" by George Krallis
    I’m 35 years old and I live in Xanthi, Greece where I work as a graphic designer. Xanthi is a small town in the
    north part of Greece and the old part of it is filled with aged buildings, which are what inspired me to make
    some 3D scenes.

  • "Making of Soul Jailer" by Genc Buxheli
    This all started as a small competition between fellow artist friends. We decided to work on an Underworld
    character, each with its own job and characteristics. I decided to make a Soul Hunter, who then became a Soul
    Jailer. The idea behind this character was to overdo things and try to make him as disgusting as possible.

  • "Making of Koschei The Immortal" by Yuriy Mazurkin
    Last year, my friends had a chance to visit the Carpathian region of Eastern Europe. They brought back lots of
    photos and interesting stories about their adventures. I was so inspired by the atmosphere of these places that I
    had an idea for a picture.

  • "Making of Hovercraft Parrot" by David Munoz Velazquez
    This is a character design which is in fact more the design of a vehicle to be used for personal transport, or racing.
    It has to be like a hovercraft because the surface of the planet is very rough covered by small, crystal, organic plants.

  • "Making of The Dungeon" by Alex Ruano
    In this, my first “Making Of”, I’m gonna try to explain the creation process of my image “Dungeon”. I used mainly
    3ds Max, with V-Ray for the renderer. I also used Adobe Photoshop for the textures and small retouches, and
    Fusion for the final post-production.

  • "Making of VT-61" by Victoria Passariello
    First of all, it is very important before starting any 3D work to previously have as many sketches as necessary to
    be 100% sure you know what to do in 3D. As we always say, “Design on paper, not in 3D”.

  • "Making of Old Mansion" by William Pointer
    My goal for this image was to create a high resolution, realistic render of an old home that looks abandoned and
    worn down from the conditions over time. If there is an owner, they haven’t bothered to take care of it for many
    years. After searching for a reference point for several days, an old Victorian home caught my eye.

  • "Making of A New Bride" by Roy Stein
    Hi, my name is Roy Stein and I am a VFX artist and illustrator based in London, in the U.K. In this short “making of”
    article I would like to share with you the process of creating a digital painting from the basic idea to the final artwork, using my recent image, A New Bride as the basis for the explanation.

  • "Making of Unicron" by Clinton Felker
    I’ve always wanted to paint tributes to my favorite childhood cartoon characters and I chose Unicron to be the first
    in the series. I wanted to do something pretty high res because I wanted to print the series and hang them in my workspace.

  • "Making of Gross Worm" by Alex Heath
    When I sat down to create this image I had a rough idea of what I wanted to show. Having played many games of
    the survival horror genre recently, namely Dead Space and Silent Hill, I decided I wanted to paint a creature that
    would be right at home in this kind of environment.

  • "Making of Dust Storm" by Arthur Haas
    This piece is a typical example of how some of my personal work is created. It basically comes down to playing
    around with making custom brushes in Photoshop with, at most, a vague idea of what direction I want to go. I just
    love to be surprised by what comes out and leave the whole setup quite abstract at first.

  • "Making of Plunderer" by Jack Zhang
    Creativity comes from real-life experiences, as well as inspirational sources.  Orcs, robots, superheroes and
    aliens are nice, but I don’t like to limit myself to these the subjects because you see thousands of images like
    that on forums each day. This time, I wanted to do something close to my reality.

  • "Making of Evasion" by Sebastien Rousseau
    Hello, my name’s Sébastien Rousseau and I’m currently a senior shader artist at Eidos Montreal. In this Making
    Of I’m going to show you my creative process behind this image. The main goal of this 3D illustration was to
    add human emotion and figuration to my personal portfolio and also learn some anatomical notions.

  • "Making of Mountaintop Mining" by Cyril Terpent
    This image is a matte painting I created for pleasure. The original idea was just to make a landscape with an
    interesting atmosphere; the idea of the mountaintop mining developed after I’d searched for some photos and references for this matte painting.

  • "Making of Abyssal Princess" by David Ferreira
    This image started out as a lunch break exercise, but I liked where I was going so I decided to take it a bit further.
    In this article I’ll try to reveal most of my workflow for this particular piece, covering all the main steps to reach the
    final image.

  • "Making of Valentyn" by Paulo Silva
    I created Valentyn for the Blending Life 2 contest. The objective was to create a realistic-looking human using
    Blender. I always wanted to do a realistic portrait, so I grabbed the chance and started working on Valentyn.

  • "Making of Spider" by Andrew Averkin
    Hi, my name is Andrew Averkin and this is the making of my latest image, Spider. By reading this, you will
    hopefully uncover something on your own that will help you in your own 3D art creation, so I hope you’ll enjoy
    reading about how I created this image.

  • "Making of Dwarf Hammerer" by Danny McGrath
    The modeling was all straightforward poly-modeling techniques. I also used a method of modeling with
    parametric modifiers to achieve geometry that might otherwise be time-consuming to create.

  • "Making of Ebenezer Scrooge Finds a Cap" by Alessandro Sabbioni
    At the beginning there was a clear and simple idea: a vulture, dark and dusty. Step-by-step I imagined the shape
    in my mind and began to recognize a character that I knew from childhood: Ebenezer Scrooge. I could see him like
    a vulture and then... I could draw him!

  • "Making of Concrete 7" by Yang Xueguo
    This image was painted with Adobe Photoshop using my “Good Brush Set”, which you can download for free
    with this article. To start things off, I began by drawing a simple sketch on paper with the ideas I had in mind.

  • "Making of Call of Cthulhu" by Giorgio Grecu
    This illustration is inspired by the short story Call of Cthulhu by Lovecraft. There is plenty of amazing Cthulhu art
    around and I’ve always been fascinated by the subject so I decided to do my own version of it. It’s based on the
    part of the story that describes how the sailors accidentally manage to free Cthulhu in the nightmare city of R’lyeh.

  • "Making of Artillery Guard" by Bartosz Bieluszko
    Hi, my name is Bartosz Biełuszko and I’m character artist in People Can Fly, Poland. Professionally I’m a 3D
    character artist, but I decided to I wanted to practice my 2D skills at home and so I created this image. I was in Napoleonic mood, because of some games I was playing, and I wanted to create some mad, elite soldier.

  • "Making of It Was A Fierce Battle" by Geoffrey Cramm
    I liked the idea of a giant evil flytrap with a monstrous grin, versus a small, helpless prey.  I decided to take a
    different approach and finish the sketch only in 2D. This way I could keep more control over small details and
    vegetation, as I'm not a particularly good 3D modeller. Painting it would definitely give a more satisfying result.

  • "Making of Old Cafe" by Narek Gabazyan
    The original idea for this work came up when I used to sit up late with my friends in our favorite bar. I decided the
    recreate the bar digitally in a way that when a person looks at it they can feel all the calmness, gentleness, and
    spiritual pleasure of the bar, and have the same feeling of relaxation as if he were really there.

  • "Making of Ascension: Cam De Leon Tribute" by Sean Langford
    The image simply consists of three similar figures, so I created a basic mesh for all three in the approximate
    proportions using 3ds Max. After importing the mesh into ZBrush, I separated it into my favourite Polygroups.
    I find that doing this step first can save a lot of time and hassle throughout the span of the project.

  • "Making of 30 Minutes" by Toni Foti
    While the piece that I’ll be walking you through today is an unforgivably busy and detailed one, I will basically just
    be using it as a vessel to illustrate the way I make allof my digital paintings (and some not-so-digital).

  • "Making of The Baroness" by Manipula Studio
    At the end of every year we work on the studio’s new personal portfolio images and for 2011 our main goal was
    to create stunning images that combined photography, illustration and CCI in just one picture.

  • "Making of Poker Master" by David Moratilla Amago
    In this ‘making of’ article I will try to explain the techniques that I used to create this image. I will focus mainly
    upon the creation of the character. I wanted to learn “new generation” tools, like ZBrush, and this project gave
    me the opportunity for exactly this.

  • "Making of Setubal Beach" by Douglas Shimada
    My objective was to do a realistic external scene, where I could study organic material and light. I’ve divided the
    Making Of in sections so it is more organized – these are: modeling, texturing, light and post-production.

  • "Making of Black" by Dmitry Grebenkov
    With this work, I understood clearly the image that I wanted to create, as well as the mood of the piece –
    daydreaming, sadness, anticipation; a picture with some unknown history behind it. For this image, I used my
    favourite software: Corel Painter X.

  • "Making of Having a Meal: a Conversation with God" by Andrzej Kuziola
    It is constructed as a puzzle; different ideas, different inspirations and experiences (some of them very personal)
    came into one piece. I find it more interesting myself when there is more than one way of seeing things and
    illustrations are more complex, and so as with most of my illustrations, this one is open for interpretation.

  • "Making of AH-1Z Viper Helicopter" by Martin Kostov
    Hello everybody, my name is Martin Kostov and in this article I will have the honor of explaining the creation of
    my image “AH-1Z Viper Helicopter”. First of all, I want to start by telling you that I did not work alone on this project.
    The high poly modeling was done by my friend and colleague Ivo Jovchev.

  • "Making of What a Shame" by Sara Biddle
    It all started when I found a story outline that I had written previously, hidden away in an unused desk drawer. The
    story consisted of a girl who had everything she could ever ask for in life. Despite the warning words of others, the temptation of her father’s occult obsession led her in the wrong direction, which ultimately brought about her demise.

  • "Making of Snowfall" by Ejiwa A. Ebenebe
    This image actually started as a random sketch. I had decided I just wanted to draw something purple, and since
    people are one of my favourite painting subjects, I decided to paint a girl with purple as the colour scheme. After
    leaving the sketch alone for some time, I decided to work on it some more.

  • "Making of Praying Mantis" by Victor Maiorino Fernande
    Hey guys! My name is Victor Maiorino Fernande and I live in São Paulo, Brazil. I'm just starting my digital artist
    career by studying at Melies Cinema and Animation School.
    This is my first Making Of and I'm going to write the production process of my image “Praying Mantis”.

  • "Making of Morass" by Dzmitry Surynovich
    I like to create that which does not exist, but a place that people could believe to be true. Once I have the desire to
    create a fantastic place that will seem real to you, the scene should hold your interest for as long as you look at it.
    In the given article, I will tell you about the most important points of creating my recent picture, "Morass".

  • "Making of Seriously No Joking" by Jesus Conde
    Hi! My name is Jesùs Conde and I’m from Venezuela. In this tutorial I’m going to explain a little bit about how I
    work and I hope this help you to become a better artist. By the way, I should say that I don’t consider myself a
    great artist – I still have a lot to learn so you’d better teach me something in return one day!

  • "Making of Short Hair" by Peng Zhao
    I wanted to create a pure and quiet looking girl, like the past famous film star Audrey Hepburn. I first visualized a
    concept in my head, and then started to gather reference material. I grabbed lots of photos from Google and
    brought them into Photoshop for reference.

  • "Making of Illuminate My Soul" by Facundo D.W
    Welcome to this article. Here, in a few steps, I will be describing the painting process that I go through to create
    one of my illustrations – in this case: “Illuminate My Soul”. I will only be focusing on the drawing process, so you
    will probably need some basic Photoshop knowledge to follow these steps.

  • "Making of Zenoth, the Alien from Jupiter" by Federico Scarbini
    I think that every man, once in his life, takes some time to wonder about extraterrestrial beings; it's quite normal,
    I guess. The most frequent questions are most likely, ‘What would they look like?’ and ‘How would they relate to
    us?’ – Two very basic questions and yet an infinite number of answers.

  • "Making of Thunderstorm" by Dmitry Mitsuk
    I have always been impressed by the beauty and level of detail other matte painters have been able to produce
    in their images of natural environments, and so I decided to try and create my very own jungle landscape. This was
    my first experience of trying to create a realistic jungle.

  • "Making of Ganesha" by Hemant Dangare
    I grew up in a simple Indian family that lived by devoutly religious values. That every act was to be performed
    while keeping in mind the values and blessings of the divine force was taught to us right from the beginning. In
    our culture every religious function, festive celebration or holy or new endeavor begins with the invocation of
    Ganesha, the god with the face of an elephant.

  • "Making of Back in 1991" by Daniel Karner
    I’ve always wanted to do a computer retro rendering that reminds the viewer of the good old days of (adventure)
    computer gaming. However there are a lot of Amiga and Commodore renderings on the web and so I decided to
    create a computer scene with an old IBM-AT.

  • "Making of No More Waiting" by Herner Quintero
    Carlos and Herner Quintero pooled their talents to create this great image. Find out more about their creation process now!

  • "Making of Marcus" by Andrea Bruschi
    Andrea Bruschi brings us a Making Of his image “Marcus”, which focuses closely on the concept of character creation, offering some great tips and advice...

  • "Making of Who Is That?" by Sean Hong
    The work, Who Is That... is just one piece from my series called, The Children Forgetting To Go Back Home. In this painting, a child has left the noisy metropolis, climbed a hill behind the city and has started to draw a flower that he
    found after school.

  • "Making of Say Cheese" by Vaibhav Shah
    I approached this project with the goal of creating a cool, dirty, flooded bathroom, in which a fish is trying to survive,
    in-between some leaking water pipes. Even leaking pipes blow air into water, which make sweet bubbles!

  • "Making of Restricted Area" by Daniil V. Alikov
    Hello! This is an article about the making of my “Restricted Area” artwork. I won’t be talking about the modeling
    process or shader settings etc. Instead I’m going to focus on how the raw idea was transformed into the final piece.

  • "Making of Modern Interior" by Daniel Radulescu
    Hello, my name is Daniel Radulescu. I was born in Romania, I’m 18 years old and I study visual arts at an art
    school in Brasov. I’m very interested in 2D concept art and especially in 3D graphics. I’ve been working in 3D Studio
    Max for over four years now and I can honestly say that picking up Max was the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

  • "Making of African Bust" by Anto Juricic
    Hi everybody, my name is Anto Juricic Toni and I am going to walk you through creation of my latest work, African
    Bust. I drew my inspiration from the Kenyan Masai tribe, and although I did not achieve all that I was aiming to
    I am going to demonstrate some techniques that I hope you will find useful for your own work.

  • "Making of Classical Girl" by Wang Shiyong
    I spent a lot of time on this model; I tried my very best to make it as perfectly as I could, so for example sometimes I changed the prominent arches above the eyes, sometimes I chose to have the eyelids slant inwards or outwards.

  • "Making of Tin Man" by Francois Conradie
    Francois Conradie goes for a Steampunk-themed, Iron-Man type robot suit in his latest image, the Making Of which he has kindly shared with 3DTotal.

  • "Making of Babice (Midwife)" by Vanja Todoric
    Hello, my name is Vanja Todoric, and this will be a quick overview of one of my recent illustrations. This illustration
    was drawn for the second tome of Serbian Mythology – Banned Demons, and the demon we have before us is
    called Babica or Midwife.

  • "Making of Mr. Reaper" by Jose Alves da Silva
    “Mr. Reaper” was made with a single objective in mind: having fun! I looked for a subject that I could mix the universe
    of heroic fantasy with a humorous approach, and what could be a better subject than the personification of death
    itself – the Grim Reaper? Such a great character gives an artist a lot of possibilities!

  • "Making of Motorball Gally" by Tommy Wong
    Hi there, my name is Tommy Wong, and I am a character artist in Malaysia. This will be a brief introduction to the
    process I’ve gone through for creating my Comicon Challenge 2010 entry. Comicon Challenge is the little
    sister/brother of the more famous character competition Dominance War.

  • "Making of The Duel" by Carlos Lopez
    Hello, my name is Carlos Andres Lopez, I am 3D Character Artist and graphic designer, currently living in
    Bogotá, Colombia and I have worked for five years in this fascinating world of Graphic Arts. The initial concept
    was born in the company I work (Zerofractal Studios) and the initial idea was to have a bacteria character in a
    battle position, carrying a can of disinfectant as a weapon.

  • "Making of Patrol" by Henry Lee (Pashkov)
    In the first phase of work, I created the concept for the scene and spacecraft. I then worked up the concept.
    Opening up Photoshop I created a new file sized 3000*2000 pixels, at 300 dpi. This was going to be the base
    of my future image. On the blank canvas I created a layout for the scene (Fig.03), and then closed Photoshop.

  • "Making of Flower Concept" by Soheil Danesh Eshraghi
    I created this illustration as a concept design for “Baran”, a short 3D animation. The story is about a girl that lives
    in a flower, and the theme was slightly different from my previous work and style, so it was a real challenge for
    me to experience some new stuff.

  • "Making of The Brumak" by Joao Paulo Ribeiro
    The Brumak is a character in the game Gears of War, which I consider one of the best games I've ever had the opportunity to play. The intention was to reproduce as faithfully as possible the original character with the
    knowledge I've acquired through some years studying and participating in forums.

  • "Making of Constanza Bonarelli Bust" by Joe Harford
    Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini is by far my favourite sculptor from history. I love his subjects’ expressions and
    masterful forms. His bust of Constanza Bonarelli is one of his smaller pieces that I greatly admire, and for that
    reason I chose to create it digitally.

  • "Making of Nastya" by Alexander Yazynin
    Hello everyone, I'm Alexander Yazinin and I'm an art director at Katauri Interactive, which has recently been
    working on “King's Bounty: The Legend” game. The image I’m going to discuss in this article, however, is not
    part of my job, as you might have already guessed.

  • "Making of Worm Licker" by Ioan Dumitrescu
    Hello, my name is Ioan Dumitrescu (aka Jonone); I’m a 20-year old self-taught concept designer and a student
    of architecture. In this making of article I will try talking you through some thoughts, ideas and show you some
    of the workflow behind the creation of my ‘Worm Licker’ image.

  • "Making of Razper" by Dhilip Kumar
    I am big fan of designing machines; designing machines make me feel high! I’ve been wanting to design a bike
    for a long time after watching Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and so I came up with the idea for Razper
    (which means First Blade). Razper can function as an automated drone and a speeder.

  • "Making of Dancing Genie" by Yuriy Mazurkin
    For this image, I was inspired by the book named One Thousand and One Nights. It is often known in English
    as "Arabian Nights". Genies and the image of Scheherazade amazed my imagination.

  • "Making of Mantis Queen" by Nick Miles
    The Mantis Queen came about through my desire to push the boundaries of abstract form within my work whilst maintaining what I deemed to be a coherent, clearly identifiable character silhouette.  For a while now I have been incorporating abstract patterns and shapes into my own work and I wanted to see how far I could push this.

  • "Making of Orc Maori" by Nicolas Collings
    Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas Collings and in this article I’m going show my latest artwork, Orc Maori, and
    the techniques I used to quickly get an illustrative look from my 3D sculpt.

  • "Making of Monster Face" by Ivan Kash
    When you have some spare time, it's always nice to draw something for your own pleasure, something not connected with your work. I'm very fond of drawing different creatures and characters, evil and good ones. So, after reviewing some photos, references and pictures by other CG artists I decided to do a monster portrait.

  • "Making of Ruo" by Yu Cheng hong
    This piece is the third character that I have created for personal work; a dark magician with cool looks and a
    gloomy, cold personality. I wanted his costume to not be too armoured, but to be more modern-looking, and I
    intended to have the space featuring some magical steel on the wall.

  • "Making of Majin Buu" by Jonas Skoog
    Hi, my name is Jonas Skoog, a 3D character artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. I loved manga and anime when
    I was younger and Dragon Ball Z was one of my favorite series. It therefore felt natural to pay tribute to my
    childhood heroes/villains with a 3D sculpt.

  • "Making of Mercedes GP 1908" by Marco Antonio Delgado
    I wanted to represent the beauty that, in my opinion, all classic cars have. I have always been attracted by the cars
    of the early 20th century because of their beauty and the simplicity of their design - they are definitely the jewels
    of the automotive industry! This is why I decided to create a 3D image of the Mercedes GP 1908.

  • "Making of The Last Nutcracker" by Francois Conradie
    This image started off as just a doodle in my sketch pad and after looking at the black and white sketch, I wanted
    to see how I could make it work in 3D with rendered hair and dynamic lighting.

  • "Making of Hellboy" by Kerem Beyit
    Before starting with the actual drawing, I first of all decided on the composition by creating a simple sketch.

  • "Making of Ford GT40 In Vegas" by Luis Nieves
    Hello everybody, my name is Luis E. Nieves. I am a digital artist currently working as Technical Director at Lightstream Animation Studios and based in northern California. In this Making Of I would like to share my workflow and also some tips with you. This project was done using Autodesk Maya, mental ray and Adobe After Effects.

  • "Making of Prototype A" by Won Gyo Lee
    Hi everyone, I'm Won Gyo Lee and I’m going to show how I created my "Prototype A" image. I’ll be focusing on
    how to make a detailed normal map and I hope you find this article interesting.

  • "Making of Enforcer" by Olli Sorjonen
    I wanted to create a slightly stylised UN soldier of the not-so-distant future. I first visualised a concept in my head
    and then started to gather reference material. I think it's important that you always check photos or any real source material you can get your hands on. That way you don't end up with clichéd ideas or any replicated mistakes.

  • "Making of Karmelion" by Paul Wesley
    The concept behind this piece was to design a futuristic automobile that was equipped with ammunition and had defense capabilities. A sort of a war machine that looked ready for a fight and could be a possible future armored
    tank. Keeping this in mind, I went with a look and feel that was decidedly futuristic but at the same time incorporated elements from current or yesteryear vehicles.

  • "Making of Dream" by Kamal Khalil
    The initial goal for this art piece was simply to conceptualise a method of personal transportation. However, I
    wanted to approach the topic in a way that did not instantly state the obvious. Naturally, the desire was to create something cool, but what I really wanted was a universal concept, something that would appeal to people of
    immense variety.

  • "Making of Hummer H1" by su woong, Han
    For a very long time I have wanted to try my hand at automobile modeling. I’m particularly interested in the Hummer
    H1 design because it is much more sturdy and heavy in comparison to typical sports cars and sedans, which have
    more of a progressive and modern design. These factors fascinate me.

  • "Making of Dinner In The Water by Chris Carter
    The idea for this project was pretty loosely thought out. I wanted to create a blue crab: their colouring and organic
    shape seemed like subject matter that would challenge me at this stage of my 3D work, and it also seemed like
    a great way to learn how to use ZBrush.

  • "Making of Annie" by Florian Falcucci
    Hi, my name is Florian Falcucci and I am a CG graphic artist who’s been living in Paris for the last year. For this
    character, the idea was to create a character in a cartoon style with a good charisma. A strong, successful
    woman who does not let itself be pushed around.

  • "Making of Drinks Girl" by Rodrigo Banzato
    I created this image to showcase three old models that I made when I was working for Gameloft. I really don’t
    like the idea of having unfinished models on my hard disk, and cartoon models aren’t my favourite, but I actually
    really enjoyed creating this image.

  • "Making of Night of May 6th" by Aleksandar Jovanovic
    I started this project a while ago. It started as a commercial project for an animated TV show and my duty was to
    create a concept for a small village, focusing on its central square. One of the main spots was a café where the
    lead characters would gather before they headed off into new adventures in each episode.

  • "Making of Peugeot Fish" by Paul Biesevicius
    One day in the office I was drawing an unusual car. My colleague came to me and asked me about the image and
    how I was going to use it. I said that it was just for fun, but he then informed me about the 5th Peugeot Design
    Contest that had already started, and said that my rough sketch – with slight modifications – would probably fit in!

  • "Making of Starfleet Officer" by Anto Juricic
    Hi, my name is Anto Juricic, also known as Grapix on various CG forums including the 3DTotal forum.
    I am going to talk about the creation of my latest work “Starfleet Officer” and what it takes to make such image.

  • "Making of Back in Memory" by Esam Darweesh
    The main goal of this project was to create what I personally feel when time takes us back to our childhoods,
    where we used to play together every day; to recreate a place that holds lots of memories of peace and love.

  • "Making of Breakfast Wars" by Mohammed Abdullah
    In this tutorial I will be showing the process behind the creation of Breakfast Wars, as well as some general
    techniques I use to create my artwork. Starting with how I approach sketching my initial designs, I will detail the
    steps I take that lead to the final rendering.

  • "Making of Shroom Valley" by Min Hyuk Yum
    My initial thought was to paint something with a very strong emphasis on lighting; a moody environment with lots
    of depth and contrasting colours. I wasn’t too concerned about the subject matter, except that it had to be organic
    and a little abstract so I could easily change, adjust and cheat the lighting.

  • "Making of The Getaway Vehicle" by Simeon Patarozliev
    I started modeling this car for another scene a while ago and it was supposed to be just a low-poly half-finished
    model. However we had an assignment from university to make a realistic car so I decided just to finish this one
    and make it really good. The whole process took about 18-20 days from start to finish.

  • "Making of Jamukha, Got Milk?" by Rodny Mella
    This artwork is my humorous take on the “Why do aliens abduct cows?” question. The illustration is a vector art completely done with Abode Illustrator CS2. Here I am going to explain the techniques I used in the creation of
    “Jamukha, Got Milk?”, in full detail.

  • "Making of To The Waterfall" by Wanchana Intrasombat
    I always draw inspiration from everything that I am interested in at a particular moment, such as movies, fine art,
    eating noodles etc. For To The Waterfall, the concept idea came from a doodle that I had done in my spare time.

  • "Making of Wolverine" by Nicolas Collings
    The 3D sculpture that I’m going to talk about in this article was initially created for the challenge “Real-Life
    Cartoon” Speed Sculpting Challenge on the 3DTotal forums.  The theme for this challenge was simply to try
    and re-create a real-life cartoon character.

  • "Making of Heading South" by Olivier Vernay-Kim
    This image was originally an environment I made for a Fable 2 cinematic shot at Blur Studio. I really liked the
    subject of a peaceful winter scene in the countryside, so later I decided to take the project a bit further by adding
    more details and atmosphere. It was also a good exercise for snow modeling. My goal was not to make an ultra
    realistic image, but rather giving it an illustration look that suits to the subject.

  • "Making of Crazy Zombie" by A. Martin Puentes Rivera (Max)
    Hi, my name is A. Martín Puentes Rivera (Max) and I would like to thank Jo and the 3DTotal team for their invitation
    to me to write a few things about the making of my image Crazy Zombie. This work is part of a personal project: a character design test in high resolution and rendered in mental ray with 3ds Max.

  • "Making of Beacon Tower" by Andrew Berends
    Hey guys and girls!  Today I’m going to explain to you a little bit about the process I went through when I painted
    my image, “Beacon Tower”.  I’m going to try not to go into every little detail as this picture was created on and off
    over a period of about three months time, in-between paid work.

  • "Making of Pursuit of Perfection" by Jesse Sandifer
    The brief of the challenge was to create something that depicted “strange behaviour”, and I figured that a big,
    crumbly rock with arms trying to sculpt itself into a sphere would be pretty strange!  I wanted the action to appear
    to make sense when the viewer first looks at it, but then after second thoughts they would realise that Mr. Rock
    would never be able to achieve such spherical perfection

  • "Making of Le Bain" by Eve Berthelette
    I started ‘’Le Bain’’ in 2007; the idea was to do something architectural and oriental. After some sketches, it
    became a bathhouse. Unfortunately, I had to put this project aside due to lack of time, which resulted in a lack of motivation as well... But recently (this last January 2010) I happened to have lots of free time… and still had this unachieved project, so I gave it a new try – it took literally a month of work, and here it is at last!

  • "Making of Bedroom and Wood" by Ramon Zancanaro
    Hello everybody! It’s a great honor to write this Making Of. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has
    supported me in making this image. I’d also like to thank 3DTotal for giving me the opportunity to show you a
    little bit more about this work. I believe that when I show all my settings and the way I work, I’m not only helping
    other people but I’m helping myself too.

  • "Making of Military Truck" by Moises Gomes
    Hello, my name is Moises Gomes and I live in São Paulo city in Brazil. In this Making Of I will show you the
    production process behind the creation of the Military Truck image. This piece was developed for the portfolio
    of a games company here in Brazil, where I am responsible for every part of inorganic modeling and texturing.

  • "Making of Mechanurse" by Marco Plouffe
    Hey there! My name's Marco Plouffe or Splash if you feel artsy. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the workflow I
    used to create my newest lowpoly model called Mechanurse using 3ds Max, ZBrush, mental ray, Photoshop
    and Xnormal.

  • "Making of Head Hunter" by Wan kok Leong
    This tutorial is divided into five main sections: Research and Concept; Preparing your Canvas for Colouring;
    Colouring; Texturing; Final Touch Ups. These will be summed up in 10 steps. Each step along the way will be accompanied by a screen capture from Photoshop, explaining the tools and methods I used.

  • "Making of "1936 Auburn Speedster 03" by Richard Clark
    It’s a great feeling to be able to create something that I will probably never be able to own or afford. At least this
    way I can still appreciate the curves, but unfortunately not the horse power.

  • "Making of Orc" by Abraao Lucas
    I like to draw illustrations that explore strength, anatomy, etc., so I decided to draw an Orc because it embodies characteristics. I wanted to explore these elements by showing that even though this warrior is alone he is not
    intimated by his enemies.

  • "Making of Uplift Universe" by Malanjo
    My main goal wasn’t to create a little green alien standing by the side of an astronaut with futuristic clothing…
    My starting point was actually to make something light and chilled – a magical moment, unique inlife and
    visually strong.

  • "Making of Sandoje" by David Arberas Recondo
    I fell in love immediately with the Sandoje character, because of its cartoony style and wonderful details, so I
    sent an email to Zurdom asking for permission to make it in 3D and he kindly gave me permission to do that.

  • "Making of Cave Dwellers" by Yap Kun Rong
    In my mind I pictured a dark, secluded cave, and I wanted the focus to be upon a tiny settlement inside this
    massive cave. Having looked through piles of incredibly atmospheric works, I knew I wanted to achieve an
    atmospheric fantasy look, very much like those sets in The Lord of The Rings films.

  • "Making of Teddy Bear Snacks" by Andrzej Kuziola
    Hi, my name is Andrzej Kuziola and I would like to show you how I created “Teddy Bear Snacks”. I think by
    explaining to you the overall work flow, instead of going deep into details, it will be more interesting.

  • "Making of The Punk" by Vikram. V
    “Punk” is a character inspired from one of the models on The intention was to make a character
    aesthetically pleasing, which stood out from the rest and had a unique design. After some research I found out
    that there were not many models of punk type characters, so I decided to go in that direction.

  • "Making of Dragon's Smile" by Branko Bistrovic
    I first asked myself, within a fantasy setting, what sort of beasts would at least semi-convincingly be able to carry
    away both themselves and great burdens upon their backs. I’d want them to be large, enormous actually (scale
    generally helps bring significant interest to an image).

  • "Making of Red Baron" by Ajdin Duroakovic
    With all honesty, this was a challenge I took due to the fact that one of my friends was one of the judges for this
    contest. Not that I was looking for any help, but I was looking for some constructive criticism and advice. In
    addition, the idea of creating a Steampunk image sounded very entertaining.

  • "Making of City of Angels" by Frank Hong
    The City of Angels matte painting was a personal piece I finished in 2009. It’s more of a spontaneous piece
    since I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted going into the process. As there wasn’t a brief, I was free to
    take the image in any direction I wanted.

  • "Making of Engine Room 4" by Ivan Rojo & Eugenio Garcia Villarreal
    We created this image for a client here in Mexico. The image has a lot of high poly modeling and, at the other end
    of the creation process, a lot of post-process work in Photoshop. So this Making Of is going to be split into these
    two important parts: modeling and post-production work.

  • "Making of Private Goofy" by Jaime Otegui
    Hi, my name is Jaime Otegui and I work in the film industry. In this Making Of I will try to explain how I made this
    image, following the main steps of its creation process. I hope it will be useful for you.

  • "Making of Welcome to 2010" by Jama Jurabaev
    So I took the photo and quickly put the main forms and ideas down as a quick sketch. I wanted this structure to
    rise over the top of the mountain and wanted to really emphasize the size of this structure. I also wanted to have
    the people in the image arriving at some kind of arctic base.

  • "Making of Bath" by Igor Catto
    The original idea for this image came out of the references I’d collected. Whenever I start a new artwork, I do a
    lot of research and then I start the modeling
    . With these references, I blocked the model with a simple base and
    I did some primary tests with the composition of the model

  • "Making of Cross of Iron" by Eric Zhang
    I am a big fan of military topics. Since I had already done a soldier, this time I wanted to try a World War II
    German general.

  • "Making of Harbour" by Aleksandar Jovanovic
    Harbour is my latest personal project, which evolved from an idea to create an old and rusted place surrounded
    by water, placed sometime in the future.

  • "Making of Half-Octopus Thief" by Chuck Wadey
    The assignment was to create a half-animal, half-human thief. I had recently been watching a nature documentary
    and was blown away by the variety of textures and forms that cephalopods come in. The texture and eyes of the
    cuttlefish became my main inspiration. 

  • "Making of The Princess" by Marcos Nicacio
    Hello guys, my name is Marcos Nicacio and I'm here to show you the process I used to create my recent work:
    The Princess. This project was requested by Nitroglicerina studio, and they provided to me a sketch. I was then
    free to create my vision of a classic princess in a white and gold detailed dress.

  • "Making of Mercedes Benz CLS550" by Soroosh Ghaffarian
    Hi everyone, I'm Soroosh Ghaffarian, a 3D artist. In this tutorial, I'm going to share my knowledge on how I
    modeled and rendered the Mercedes Benz CLS550.

  • "Making of Classic Living Room" - Using 3DTotal Textures by Roger Vila Castane
    This is my first Making Of and I’m going to try to briefly explain the process of creating my image Classic Living
    . I used 3ds Max for the main development of the image and VRay as the renderer. I also used Adobe
    Photoshop for creating the textures and adding the final touches at the end.

  • "Making of Aquaman" by Nick Gizelis
    Hello, my name is Nick Gizelis and I would like to thank the 3DTotal team for their invitation to me to write a few
    things about the making of my image Aquaman for you. The creation of CG characters – either realistic, or science
    fiction ones – is always an enjoyable and relaxing activity for me, even more so whenever I end up with a physical
    model of them in my hands.

  • "Making of Ranxerox Salesman" by Sebastien Sonet
    My initial idea was to pay tribute to the creators of one of my favourite comic book characters, “Ranxerox”, by
    Tanino Liberatore and Stefano Tamburini. My approach was to imagine what would have become of this character,
    years after his famous adventures in New York. I was playing with the idea that he had probably found work – so
    why not a salesman, given his legendary good mood?

  • "Making of Ayasha" by Hossein Afzali
    Before starting to design any character you must know the characteristics of that character. What is the character’s
    age? What background are they coming from? What is their objective? So before I started to design my character I defined some of these characteristics, I decided I wanted my character to be totally childlike.

  • "Making of Deep Water Marine" by Arif Pribadi
    The first thing I needed to do was to pre-plan my project. This was important because my main focus was on
    my character modelling reel, and so I wanted to make the image work from all angles and be able to move.

  • "Making of Breeze of the Past" by Mohamed Abuyhia
    The work consists of an old office room in good condition, still in use even now. I started this work wanting to
    create a silent story, so I made the components of the room appear to be speaking for themselves; each piece
    tells you a story and is reminiscent of memories.

  • "Making of Ash and Sam" by Jeff Haynie
    “Ash and Sam” was originally painted as a full-page illustration for a game magazine, showing the main characters
    from “Evil Dead Regeneration”, the game.  My concept was centred on showing the relationship of Ash, the hero,
    with his deadite zombie sidekick, victorious over a pile of zombies (or deadites!).

  • "Making of Fall" by Toni Bratincevic
    Fall, my latest project, was the first illustration I did using a combination of 3ds Max and VRay. After almost five
    years of experience with mental ray it was a real pleasure trying something new.

  • "Making of Iron Cat" by Visual Harmony
    Basically this started off as a study for work, in which I had to create accessories and ornaments to go with a
    building reconstruction I was working on. Once I had finished this, I started to think about all the different objects
    that could be created with this weaving-technique, which lets you build objects creatively.

  • "Making of Worker Robot" by Hossein Afzali
    I started by practicing with geometric objects, but no concept drawing on the paper. As a child I always wanted
    to have a robot that could help me to do my jobs, so I decided to make a worker robot with a bow waist, like a
    humpback. In this step I used spherical objects and started the robot based on a sphere and a hemisphere.

  • "Making of Lost Signal" - Using 3DTotal Textures by Tarik Ali
    My intention was to create a sci-fi robot scene that would challenge my knowledge of CG. As a starting point,
    I quickly did some small thumbnail concepts of the robot that was going to be the main focus of the piece.

  • "Making of King Kittan The Great" by Teoh Wei Liat
    I always wanted to create a Sci-fi robot scene and I’ve had an idea in my mind for some time now. After I watched
    the Japan anime Gurren lagan, I became interested in the robot design. Therefore I chose one of my favorite
    characters in the anime called King Kittan.

  • "Making of Did Somebody Just Say Ow?" by Nick Harris
    I wanted to use it as an exercise to take ArtRage for a spin; see what it was capable of. It’s a very handy bit of kit, especially considering the very modest price tag. It has limitations like all software, but I actually like how it
    makes you rely more on old fashioned drawing skills rather than trying to solve all your problems for you.

  • "Making of Space Opera" by Robh Ruppel
    Whenever I create an image for myself, I’m looking to explore the pure abstract qualities of art. For a job
    there are constraints; the image needs to fill a need or illustrate a design. But when I sit down to do something
    for myself, I want to go for a ride where I’m not sure of the destination. It’s exploration. It’s undiscovered territory.
    It’s the whole journey versus destination thing.

  • "Making of Girl's Bust" by Igor Catto
    When I start a new piece of artwork I always have an extend research period, so I can have some ideas with
    which to start the modeling process. The main reference for the girl’s bust was a sculpture by Philippe Faraut.

  • "Making of Cliffside" by Dmitry Mitsuk
    Usually I start working by experimenting with the idea in different forms, lines and colors until I decide how the
    image should be. Obviously while working on the painting, the image is transforming and the final one might
    be very different from the original.

  • "Making of Getty" - Using 3DTotal Textures by Jan K. Vollmer
    I wanted to create an interior scene of the world famous Getty Center. The straight architecture of that center
    fascinated me, so I started with the simple modeling of the room. It had to be a tall room with a lot of space. I
    also wanted to have no direct sun light, so I ending up using the VRay Sky for the lightning and some IES lights
    for the spots and VRay mesh lights for the wire lamp, but I’ll by talking more about that later.

  • "Making of Lord Something" by Louis-Philippe Lebel
    Most of the time, when I begin on a sketch, I have a clear idea of what I want to illustrate. For “Lord Something”,
    I wanted to create a cartoon character using pure lines and lighting that went from warm to cold.

  • "Making of Aston Martin V8 Vantage" by Esteban Pacheco
    Since the focus of this project was on lighting and rendering, I will leave the modeling part brief. You can find
    many tutorials on the web about car modeling. I recommend Julian Sarmiento’s BMW Z4 tutorial here on
    3DTotal if you are using the NURBS approach.

  • "Making of Surprise" by Guido Zatti
    I wanted to use him outside of the serious and sometimes terrifying situation in which mummies tend to always
    be thought of. Nevertheless, my aim was to create an interesting and funny character, but at the same time to
    emphasise that the situations aren’t the normal ones that you would expect for such a character.

  • "Making of Who is Spock?" - Using 3DTotal Textures by Andrei Szasz
    Here is my latest personal work “Who Is Spock”. I wanted to make a Mr Spock of our day, so he could something
    like a simple astronaut, or even the original Mr Spock himself, who has come to pay us a visit from the future.

  • "Making of Zombie in the Closet" by Yaroslav Primachenko
    So I drew a character called Franky – a younger brother of the famous Frankenstein monster. A freak and an
    outcast, hated and despised by his own family for being a vegetarian and preferring broccoli to brains. Nobody
    ever wrote any books or shot movies about him – his existence was a disgrace to all of his relatives.

  • "Making of Papageno The Bird Catcher" by Alexis Van der Haeghe
    I’ve always been interested in classic paintings and the old masters who are the fathers of the artistic movement
    in Europe and the US. This image is one from my Epic and Classical series. I didn’t want to just mimic the same
    old painters’ styles; with this image I wanted to bring in a new mix of modern techniques with the traditional way of reading a painting. Along the same lines, I decided to mix 3D and 2D to further that contrast in style.

  • "Making of Late Afternoon" by Andreas Rocha
    As usual I applied some quick brushstrokes, trying to find something interesting to portray.  It probably took me
    about 10 minutes or so. I reduced the contrast, brightened up the image and printed it on normal A4 paper. With a ballpoint pen I started detailing the image I had in mind.

  • "Making of Sailor Girl" by Igor Catto
    When I start a new artwork I always do an extended period of research, so I can have some ideas to start the
    modeling process.
    I started the modeling with a simple base mesh and I worked on the general volumes and
    anatomy of the "T" pose. After that, I posed the model to fix and clean up the anatomy of the body.

  • "Making of Ford Mustang Fastback '65" by Paslea Paul
    I decided to work on the Ford Fastback because I love the classic look of the car, and that is what I wanted to
    achieve – a feeling of class and style. I had a rough idea in my mind of the final image, the colours, and a studio
    render with maybe some different camera angles. But it was really the process of creating the car and trying out
    different things that led to the final result that I am talking about today.

  • "Making of Vampire" by Caio Cesar Brachuko Fantini
    This piece started with the idea of the mutation of a human turning into a vampire. I wanted to show him in the
    midst of transformation. After looking at some pictures of vampire bats and creatures by the artist Carlos Huante
    I came up with a primary idea to develop my concept.

  • "Making of Aayla Comiquette" by Fabio Paiva
    I started with a simple basemesh since my idea was only a still image and to have a mesh ready for 3D printing.
    I was careful not to leave any holes in the mesh, for example around the eyes and mouth and in none of the
    other parts either.

  • "Making of Petrol Head" by Nick Govacko
    I was browsing the internet and found a few images of an old car carburetor. It looked really cool, with all its
    complex mechanisms and technological form. And I was wondering what kind of headache the idea of creating
    a carburetor in 3D would cause the modeler.

  • "Making of Distributor" by Denis Tambovcev
    The main idea of this image was to create an atmospheric environment with a sci-fi setting. So I settled on the
    idea of a dimly lit room with a massive old distributer, dilapidated walls and plenty of rusty pipes.

  • "Making of Big Guy" by SelWorks
    The history I imagined for this character is that he is from a race of great warriors; you could imagine him on a
    huge battlefield in the first line of fire. He can be a nice combat mate, but he’s brutal too. He has a deep sense
    of honour and respect for the enemy, but he can kick ass if he wants to.

  • "Making of Stranded" by Anne Pogoda (Azurelle)
    Some of you may remember that I wrote a tutorial about painting basic landscapes with Painter in Issue 24 of
    2d Artist. Well I was also recently asked to write a “Making Of” for one of my more matte painting style image
    creations, “Stranded”, which was also handled in Painter.

  • "Making of S-Force" by Ke Weilin
    Whenever I try to make a new character, I always try to give that character a particular personality which is
    different from all my other characters. For “S-Force”, I decided I wanted to make a female character that was
    not only sexy, but also kind of powerful.

  • "Making of Steampunk Village" by Robh Ruppel
    I generally start by making a series of simple compositional sketches. I'm looking for a pattern that's both
    dynamic and interesting. I do several on a page so I can compare them and not fall in love with one idea too
    quickly or keep repeating the same idea.

  • "Making of Alfa Romeo Competizione C8 Spyder Studio" by Arturo Garcia
    The project, Alfa Romeo C8 Spyder, started as a personal challenge in order to improve my modelling techniques
    and final renders. The modelling of cars has always attracted and fascinated me, and this is what I specialise in.
    I have created some car models and the treatment of each finished model is better than the previous one.

  • "Making of Red Hulk" by Fabio Bautista
    He’s a character not well known in movies or games, or even in comic books. The character is an evil version
    of Hulk, created by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuiness (one of my favorite comic artists) and according to them, he
    is more aggressive and intelligent, besides having all the abilities of Hulk.

  • "Making of Fern" by CHEVisodes
    Hi everyone and welcome to the making of “Fern”, a 3D artwork created by the CHEVisodes team. CHEVisodes
    is an episode based CG animated movie featuring Fern as a main character. It’s a “for the love of this” type
    project; we’re basically a bunch of friends that really love CG-ing.

  • "Making of Speed Demon" by Gerardo Barbero
    For this scene my initial idea was to model a realistic car, but I wanted to make an old one, such as you see in
    the exhibitions. I started searching for references and blueprints on Google, to find one that was interesting to
    model, and after a long search I chose the Aston Martin Ulster.

  • "Making of Asteroid N351" by Ruslan 'ars' Anisimov
    My primary goal was to make a picture and animation for a website. The concept for the characters wasn’t mine,
    because the client had 2D sketches already

  • "Making of Play" by Minna Eriksson
    The main inspiration behind “Play” was our living room wallpaper. I have a very similar bear sitting on top of a CD rack in front of the wallpaper, so I thought it would be just a fun little project to model it and play with hair and fur. I also wanted to see how far I could push an image on my own, without a retouching team...

  • "Making of a 1964 Peugeot 404" by Richard Clark
    When modeling a car I generally try to find something different to build, something I haven't seen before (in 3D). I enjoy modeling older cars because I find their shape more fascinating than modern cars. Sometimes I have an idea of the final image I want to achieve...

  • "Making of Where Music Meets Fine Art" by Gábor Miklós
    As I am a great music lover and I love lots of different musical styles, I decided to create a musical instrument. At first, I didn’t know which one I was going to choose to recreate, but I liked the sound of making a guitar and so I decided to give it a go...

  • "Making of Ornaments" by Jan K. Vollmer
     I saw an illustration on “-The Chesterfield Project-” and I was blown away by the level of detail!
    When I looked closer at the details, I saw some glasses on the table and I thought, “I want to try it by myself, to
    create such realism in a 3D rendering”.

  • "Making of Alien Baby" by Martin Beyer
    This alien baby was an old idea, which I first sculpted with clay five years ago. The clay sculpture was now a good reference for this 3D project – in fact, it was the only reference!

  • "Making of Xing Tain" by Yu Cheng Hong
    I’m glad to share the creation process of “Xing Tain” here. The original concept was based on a Chinese mythical character who I read about in a book: a brave warrior who was defeated in battle.

  • "Making of Union Light and Power" by Dan Crossland
    I started this project with a very clear idea of what I wanted to produce: a scene with an old power station. I had a
    look for some nice reference on the internet and found that the Union Power Building in Missouri was exactly
    the right building for my concept.

  • "Making of Grumman F-14 Tomcat" by Stefan Biermann
    This project is the largest I’ve ever attempted. It’s been in development for around six months now, with me
    working constantly on it for a couple of hours each day. It was supposed to be the leading project for my
    portfolio, and I wanted to create something big for that.

  • "Making of Nighmare Stalker" by Chris Davis
    After seeing this concept online, I decided to have a go at re-creating it in 3D. I usually do hard surface objects
    and not character/organic objects so I fancied the challenge. The character was quite a simple design but I
    thought I could get a lot out of creating it in 3D.

  • "Making of The Antagonist" by Nicolas Francoeur
    The goal for this picture was to create a piece called ‘The Antagonist’, with a horror and science-fiction setting. 
    I already knew I wanted to create a female character with a huge and weird mask.

  • "Making of Refueling at OrMorFour" by Patrick Merminod
    The first important thing I considered in my scene was the atmosphere. I started with a plain, fair weather spectral atmosphere with radiosity. Then I changed the settings as follows for the lighting, the clouds and sky settings.

  • "Making of Garage - using Total Textures" by Luca Fiorentini & Giovanni Lo Re
    I decided to take a model from a short I was developing and use it to study lighting and shading with a cartoony
    look. I wanted to create an ambient, alien look. The principal character is from another world (the one with the big
    feet that you can just see under the garage door) and I wanted to communicate that with little details here and there.

  • "Making of Junk Tree Paradise" by Corey Loving
    Hi all! For this tutorial I used a Wacom Intuous 2 tablet, Photoshop CS4 and Painter IX. Join me as I take you
    through a quick demonstration of my painting process for “Junk Tree Paradise”.

  • "Making of Cool Guy" by Ricardo Jost
    Hello everyone! I'm Ricardo Jost and I work as a character animator and CG artists. I live in Brazil, where I was
    born, and I’d like to share the creation process behind my recent personal work: “Cool Guy”.

  • "Making of Primateran" by Tamas Gyerman
    For this picture, I wanted to create a scene that showed a part of the world of the “Primaterans” – a civilization
    that prefers dark corners of the galaxy, hiding from their enemies until their armada is strong enough to destroy
    them. The idea was to create huge, blue planet in a dust cloud, with a meteor field and ships.

  • "Making of Jean-Luc Picard" by Miriam Bonetti
    As I'm a fan of Star Trek, I decided to try to reproduce Patrick Stewart. He has a really interesting facial shape and
    I knew it was going to be challenging to achieve a good likeness. I found some good references on Google and
    then got started!

  • "Making of Ravine" by Maciek Sikora
    To create my image, "Ravine", first I created a shaped terrain and tree roots in 3ds Max 2010 and Mudbox 2009.
    Next, using 3ds Max, I put unwrap UVWs on the terrain (I won't go into detail about this process because it is
    already available in tutorials on the net!) Then I exported the terrain and roots into Vue 7 Infinite.

  • "Making of Snapshot of a Zombie" by Jelle Van de Weghe
    I have been sculpting quite a lot of heads lately to improve my sculpting skills and I sort of have the feeling I’m
    starting to understand the anatomy of the head, which is actually one big puzzle. Once you know what goes on
    under the skin, a whole new world opens. A world full of freedom.

  • "Making of Nihal from the Land of the Wind" by Ivan Stalio
    The inspiration for this image came from the protagonist of the Licia Troisi's novels, Nihal from the Land of the
    , a young half-elf female warrior.  A very popular Italian illustrator, and friend of mine, Paolo Barbieri had
    created the illustrations for the novels’ covers and an illustrated book about the characters in the saga and so
    it was his image that I used as a starting concept

  • "Making of The Tunnel - Using Total Textures" by Henry Bonamigo
    For my latest work I choose to reproduce a piece of concept art by Seung Ho Henrik, “The Tunnel”. I thought
    this would make an interesting choice as far as the textures, the lighting and the general atmosphere
    involved were concerned.

  • "Making of Steam Traveler" by Andrew Averkin
    I recently finished my new work “Steam Traveler” and I will now tell you and even show how I did this project.
    I hope it will be funny, interestingly and, most importantly, useful.

  • "Making of Eastern Dragon Rider" by Seyyed Ghassem Farhany
    There were two things in my mind from the start of this image. I wanted to bring sense of tension and conflict
    between the dragon and the evil rider, to push the emotional feeling in the piece. The second thing was that I
    wanted the dragon to have an eastern look to make him more unique and differentiate him from others.

  • "Making of Jubal Opening Sequence" by Mcfly Studio, Animation
    The purpose of this Making Of is not only to show how we achieved the final shot for this animation, but also to
    point out the main problems we had to solve and why we choose one technique over another

  • "Making of Reform" by Donat Somogyi
    Once when I was driving through my town, I discovered an old agricultural factory. This abandoned place
    kick-started my imagination; the massive structure on the top of the garage and the whole feeling of the place
    made me feel, quite simply, spellbound. I later returned to the scene and took some photographs to use as
    reference images, and I worked on the environment for several months in my free time.

  • "Making of Baby Room" by Osman Safi
    Before you start any model, I think it’s important to make sure you plan all the details of what you want to model
    first. In order to deliver it is wise to draw a sketch or take some reference photographs. I gathered a lot of
    reference photographs before I started work on this piece

  • "Making of Princess of Madness" by Zoltan Miklosi
    My original concept was to create a female clown, but I changed my mind later and so the original concept and
    the result are totally different. When I was in the process of creating this image, new ideas came into my mind
    and these shaped the final image.

  • "Making of By the Sea" by Adrian Baluta
    I am a sci-fi fan and I like the appearance of space ships, with a strong perspective.  I decided to make a large
    ship hovering over the sea, and in the back of the painting I thought about adding a small, normal ship in order to
    achieve the correct proportions and to have a good visual impact.

  • "Making of Artist" by Nikita Veprikov
    Hello everybody! My name is Nikita Veprikov and I live in Kremenchug, Ukraine. I’ve been engaged in the 3D graphic
    arts for more than three years already and it takes up the greater part of my life. My latest work is “Artist” and I’m
    going to share the process of its creation in this Making Of.

  • "Making of Walther P99" by Romain Gouzenne
    Hello everybody, I would like to present you with the making of my latest image: “Walther P99”. Before starting to
    model the P99, I searched for as many different reference photos as I could find on the Internet, so that I could understand the form of the object better.

  • "Making of Eco-Wrestle" by Simon Reeves
    For this project I had the idea of two cars wrestling with each other. Originally I had it the other way around, with a
    larger car (4x4 etc.) overpowering a smaller car. But a moment of inspiration sent me in another direction, and
    I decided to switch the roles of the cars, changing large verses small, to “efficient” verses “gas guzzler”.

  • "Making of Kai" by Yu Cheng Hong
    Hello everyone!  Here I’m going to explain the process of painting my character, Kai.  In this ‘Making Of’, I will not
    go into every single detail; I will just show you my working process and what tools I prefer to use, and I hope that
    will be useful for you all.  If have any suggestions or better working methods then please feel free to contact me.

  • "Making of Digital Portrait - Barack Obama" by Anto Juricic Toni
    Hi, my name is Toni and I am going to walk you through the process of making a digital portrait. Making a digital
    portrait can be a very difficult task if not prepared well, so my first advice would be to get a lot of references for
    your project.

  • "Making of Billy Bob Boone" by Richard Rosenman
    Welcome to the making of “Billy Bob Boone”.  This tutorial walks you through a brief explanation of the steps involved
    in creating this character, from start to finish.  It is recommended that you understand the fundamentals of computer graphics and animation, as this is meant for intermediate to advanced users.

  • "Making of Cathedrale" by Aziz Maaqoul
    This picture was a research piece for a feature-length 3d movie, People of the Elephant. The purpose of the brief was
    to make a large view of the cathedral during the night-time, and the whole scene was to be bathed in moonlight.

  • "Making of The Tribe" by Sreenath
    This is the first CG work I’ve ever submitted to a CG website and indeed am happy that my first work has been
    selected by a popular website like! I did this work in my free time in the studio and I wouldn’t have been
    able to complete it without to help of my colleagues, namely Jayesh Paroli and Sajeesh M.K – thanks guys!

  • "Making of Guitar at Construction Site" by Alexander Nadein
    When I started this project, I didn’t have an exact concept for what the final image would look like. I only had a
    rough vision in my mind; I knew that I wanted to put a guitar in an unsuitable place, where it could contrast with its
    environment, but that was about it.

  • "Making of I am Sam" by SweeKim Lai
    Sam is my second attempt at creating a realistic CG human head. My main reason for choosing to create an old
    man is that there are many more skin details on an older face than there are on a younger person. To me, that would mean “more for less” - by which I mean that because there are more details, it’s less of an effort to achieve realism.

  • "Making of Human Touch" by Eric Wilkerson
    Welcome to my digital illustration demonstration. There are many ways of creating a digital painting.  This is just my
    way.  I’ve been trying my best to mimic my traditional oil painting with digital media and have found Photoshop CS2
    ideal for this purpose.

  • "Making of La espera" by Jorge Suarez
    “La espera” was created entirely in LightWave. At first I used version 9.3, which had already incorporated significant advances in fast skin and global light, but then I looked at version 9.6 and I could see that the improvements were
    even more notable so I decided to use this version for the rendering.

  • "Making of Angioletta Giolli" by Antonio Bonora
    After having collected some pictures of the famous actress Angelina Jolie, I decided to use some of them to help
    give life to my homonymous creation Angioletta Giolli.

  • "Making of La Mirada" by Irvin Rodriguez
    I took a trip to the NY Society of Illustrators to visit the 2009 Illustration Annual Exhibition. While I was there one piece
    in particular caught my attention. It was called "Gibson Girl" by Sterling Hundley. Much like Charles Dana Gibson's illustrations, the woman in Hundley's illustration had the famous hairstyle most commonly seen in Gibson's work.
    So this inspired me to follow in those footsteps and create a portrait of a woman with this hairstyle.

  • "Making of Aaaa!" by Yaroslav Primachenko
    Hi everybody! My name is Yaroslav Primachenko and I’d like to tell about the Making Of my work “Aaaa!” (or maybe
    I’ve missed one “a” – there’s too many of them in the title, too hard to count!). In my spare time I like drawing different freaky characters – it’s good for my karma. I also usually do sketches at the meetings at work – you know, especially
    the boring ones! This character wasn’t an exception.

  • "Making of Aretha Franklin" by Jason Seiler
    These are the steps I took while painting my recent caricature, ‘Aretha Franklin’. The sketch was drawn in Photoshop, using a small round brush. For the painting I used Photoshop CS and a Wacom Cintiq; the size of the final painting
    is 13 inches wide by 14.5 inches high, at 300 dpi resolution.

  • "Making of Vantage at Dusk" by Ian Brink
    As with any project of this nature, the key to a realistic model is proper research and a decent set of blueprints.
    Having sourced the blueprints, I soon discovered that (as usual) there were certain discrepancies between the
    different angles represented on the blueprints. However, this was unavoidable as the angles were sourced from
    different locations and traced from different perspectives and photos.

  • "Making of Benjamin Linus" by Eder Carfagnini
    The purpose of this project was to create a portrait of a real man, to test my skills. The likeness was my main goal.
    First of all, I decided the subject of the portrait. I wanted a person with peculiar physical features and, in the end,
    I chose Benjamin Linus, my favorite character on Lost, played by Michael Emerson.

  • "Making of Repair Shop" by Andreas Rocha
    In the following Making Of, I will describe the main tools and techniques employed to produce the painting
    "Repair Shop".

  • "Making of Mr Froggy" by Darko Vucenik
    My name is Darko Vucenik and I am a 3D artist and illustrator from Croatia. This is a project overview for my image
    “Mister Froggy”. I created this image purely for fun.

  • "Making of Stiks" by Damir G Martin
    Hi, I’m Damir Martin and this is a quick look at how I created my DinoMonster’s character “Stiks” in ZBrush.

  • "Making of Natsu" by Leonid Kozienko
    I would have named this piece “How to paint an attractive Asian female in less than four hours” but it sounded lame.
    So here we go… the making of Natsu.

  • "Making of Compsongnathus" by Hugo Costa
    My name is Hugo Costa, I'm from Portugal and with this mini tutorial I'll show you briefly how I created this little guy.
    I’ve always liked dinosaurs and Compsognathus in particular and I created this one using Cinema 4D, Corel
    Photo-Paint and xNormal for the Normal Map generation.

  • "Making of Zero" by Marcos Nicacio
    Since being a kid, I’ve always liked to play video games – particularly the Mega Man series. In the Mega Man X
    a character suddenly appeared who was different from the kinds of character I was accustomed to seeing
    in the previous games. His name was Zero.

  • "Making of Chinese Girl" by Ke Weilin
    After seeing a lot of nice girl renders on the internet, I decided to make a Chinese style girl myself. In the process of making this girl, I found that the most important thing to a character is the facial expression and posture. When considering the facial expression, I paid most attention to her eyes and mouth because these two areas are the key
    to the facial expression.

  • "Making of Loading Dock" by Richard Lee
    The goal was to have a nice wide screen shot of a loading dock, with a greenish palette. I was given an exact picture
    and asked to extend it and come up with some magic. I decided to go super wide, 5000x1500 pixels wide at 300dpi.

  • "Making of My Pets" by Fran Ferriz
    "My Pets" is a collection of pets that I have done over the past year. Some designs have been made for the toy
    company where I work and have come to be manufactured.

  • "Making of Focke-Wulf Crashed in the Snow" by Tiago Medeiros
    The idea for this project was born while watching the movie The Golden Compass, which has scenes on ice and
    snow that are really fantastic. I added to that the fact that I like old airplanes and then started to develop the idea.

  • "Making of Far Far Away" by Vladimir Venkov
    Half of the time when I start something. I don’t have an initial concept in my head; I just start modelling, and when the model is ready I create a story based on it, and then an image. The idea is then born along the process of creation.
    “Far, Far Away” was done in this exact, same way.

  • "Making of Forest Mage" by Christophe Vacher
    This “Forest Mage” image was created for a book of the same name, written by Robin Hobb and published
    by Harper Collins.

  • "Making of Time Under The Trees" by Alfa Smyrna
    I am happy to share the Making Of story of my scene “Time Under The Trees”, which was created in 3ds Max and rendered in V-Ray.

  • "Making of Heavy Unit Industries F1 Prototype" by Mike Hill
    The idea behind this car came mainly from a love of sci-fi and vehicle design. The engineering of F1 cars and
    aircrafts is also something that always blows me away, so I wanted to try and develop something that would blend
    the two areas together somehow.

  • "Making of By The Sea" by Adrian Baluta
    I am a sci-fi fan and I like the appearance of space ships, with a strong perspective.  I decided to make a large
    ship hovering over the sea, and in the back of the painting I thought about adding a small, normal ship in order
    to achieve the correct proportions and to have a good visual impact.

  • "Making of K.A.O.S Submarine Control Room" by Israel Fornes
    Hi everyone, my name is Israel Fornés and I have been invited to show you how and why I produced the piece
    “K.A.O.S. Submarine Control Room”. I hope you enjoy this Making Of – here goes!

  • "Making of Barack" by Patrick Harboun
    Portraying a real person is an artistic challenge that I’ve always wanted to take. I chose Barack Obama, not only
    because he’s someone that inspires me, but also because his omnipresence in the media meant it would be
    easy to find reference

  • "Making of Syndaren Exotique" by Robin Olausson
    First of all I did some quick thumbnail sketches with different poses, which is a really fast way of trying designs
    out and making a strong silhouette.  When I was pleased with the results, I scanned and printed out a larger
    copy of it, then used translucent paper to trace over it with a ballpoint pen

  • "Making of Joker Was Here" by George Patsouras
    In this tutorial, I will take you through the process of how to create the Joker piece. This image was created from
    scratch entirely in Photoshop, although you should be able to obtain similar results with Painter. The brushes I
    used were fairly standard; a hard edged brush, soft edged brush, as well as a speckled one.

  • "Making of Ran Out Of Money" by Dennis Ekk
    The idea for this rendering came from my brother’s upcoming wedding and the fact that most of my work is
    focused on exterior scenes. I wanted to explore interior lighting and specifically the effect of bounced light within
    a room with minimal direct light from the outside.

  • "Making of Hateful Draft" by James Wolf Strehle
    Generally, I like to start out with a sketch, but for this piece I had the confidence and vision to head straight into the painting stage.  I knew I wanted a dark image, so I flooded the canvas with a dark tone that I could build upon.  Using Photoshop’s Airbrush tool, I started slapping on simple light to give shape to the face that I planned on painting.

  • "Making of Orange Bridge" by Zdenek Urbanek
    In this Making Of I would like to mention the reason why this image came to exist, my inspiration behind it and
    some further information about the scene as whole. Then I would like to present the models themselves, which
    occupy scene.

  • "Making of Points of View" by Roberto Oleotto
    "Points of View" is the title of a work that wants to praise the contrast and the different points of views that you can
    have about a subject. I designed the matte painting to illuminate this issue, mixing everything with a strong and
    romantic light to provide a little contrast to the cold futurism of the city.

  • "Making of The Prison Yard" by Richard Tilbury
    This scene was developed to promote the Skies collection in the Total Textures range, and as such needed to
    have a fair proportion of the final render dedicated to this aspect.

  • "Making of Kid" by Rakesh Sandhu
    I was looking for a character to do for my reel and so I started looking around on the Internet. Normally I have no
    idea what I want, so I just visit flickr or other photo sites to find good images.

  • "Making of After The Rain" by Esam Darweesh
    The warmth of the sun’s rays after the rain inspired me to make this scene. I began to draw and collect references
    for the scene in my mind

  • "Making of The Final Warning" by Carlos Ortega
    The character was made for the Stylized Challenges #016: Creatures of Legend - Dragons at After
    several failed sketches I came up with a roguish looking dragon. I wasn´t able to finish within the timeframe of the competition, but I was happy enough with my current progress back then that I decided to give the dragon a second try.

  • "Making of Hadron" by Grant Warwick
    My name is Grant Warwick and I’m a freelancer modeller / 3D artist in Sydney, Australia.This making of will go over the process I used for my entry in the first Digital Apprentice modelling challenge, where I ended up winning 1st place.

  • "Making of Crow" by Andrius Balciunas
    Hi, I’m Andrius Balciunas, and I’m going to guide through the creation process behind my image “Crow”. I suggest
    you go and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, so that reading this will be more enjoyable. I hope you find this
    Making Of useful and that you learn something new!

  • "Making of Dream" by Alex Kashpersky
    Hello to everyone who’s interested in the work entitled "Dream." For the next few minutes I, Alex Kashpersky or
    RIDDICK, will be taking you through the creation process behind this piece of work.

  • "Making of The Gift" by Mohamed Abuyhia
    This image was based on the following idea: A carpenter wishes to give his son a gift and the only thing he knows
    for certain is that he wants the gift to be new. Finally he comes up with the idea of a wooden car.

  • "Making of Speed Runners" by Joel Carlo
    The concept illustration ‘Speed Runners’ was a personal project, mainly geared towards helping me get quicker results with my concept work. At the time, I was involved in creating a series of illustrations based on science-fiction themes using a ZBrush to Photoshop pipeline. ‘Speed Runners’ was a direct result of that multi-platform experiment.

  • "Making of Bunny" by Carlos Ortega
    There weren’t any sketches or concepts done in the process of creating this character, I simply wanted to create a cute, cartoonish bunny character. The only reference I had in mind at the time was of Bugs Bunny’s girlfriend from the movie, Space Jam, but I didn’t use any actual visual references in order to avoid copying that character.

  • "Making of Dominance War IV: Bishop" by Gavin Goulden
    In this article, I will attempt to cover the various different steps of his creation, from concept to final render.
    I’ve also included three accompanying movies, which can be found at the end of the article.

  • "Making of The Prometheus" by Marco Turr & Sebastian Skupch
    Hi everybody, we are Marco Türr and Sebastian Skupch from Germany and we want to give you a short overview of our latest project "The Prometheus". We are both students in Virtual Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern.

  • "Making of Chef Zabuza" by Daniele Orsetti
    Hi, my name is Daniele Orsetti and I'm a freelance modeller living in Italy right now. The idea for this character came up when I was reviewing the pictures I took a year ago in Tokyo. I always had dinner in amazing places when I was there, and that really caught my attention was a "Kaiten-zushi" restaurant

  • "Making of The Cursed Pirate" by Rohan Oka
    Sometimes I got lost in the look of the character, but my friends and teachers gave me some great feedback that
    really helped to keep me focused and on track as to how the final look would be. A lot of time and effort was spent
    mainly in the idea and concept creation stages.

  • "Making of Steamnocchio" by Fabricio Moraes
    I chose Pinocchio because he is a well-known character and because of his artificial nature. He is a wooden
    marionette, so I imagined it would be nice to turn him into a mechanical steam robot. In this version, Geppetto is a
    mad and lonely old man. Since he has no friends at all, he decided to make one.

  • "Making of Spider's Web" by Aziz Maaqoul
    This matte painting was a personal project.  In this Making Of, I’ve presented all of the different stages of the image (Spider’s Web) to you, from the conception through to the final image.

  • "Fruity Flash: The Creation of Mrs Pear" by Jose Maria Andres Martin
    In this mini tutorial I'd like to show briefly how I modelled and textured Mrs Pear, as well as talk a bit about the texturing process in Mudbox. This character, as with the strawberry, was originally scheduled for two days max. The first day was going to be for geometry and UVs, and the second day for refining the geometry with Mudbox and creating the textures in Mudbox and Photoshop.

  • "Making of Young Girl" by Viki Yeo
    Hi everybody! My name is Viki Yeo. I'm from Korea and I'm a character artist for games. Today I am going to show you how I created my image “Young Girl”. For this piece, I used 3ds Max2008, Zbrush, Mentalray, Photoshop CS2 and reference images...

  • "Making of Dream" by Michail Kalinich
    Hello, my name is Michail Kalinich and I am very grateful to 3DTotal for the possibility to create a making of my work, Dream. The objective of this project was to create a picture of an old toy. I hope this work will interest a lot of people for whom this image may have reawakened their recollection of their teen years.

  • "Making Of The Two Mighty Kings"
    My latest work, “The Two Mighty Kings”, was created for CGSociety’s 23rd challenge, “Steampunk Legends and
    The project took me a little bit less than two months to complete. Photoshop and XSI were used for the

  • "Making of Prolapsed Eye" by Fausto Tejeda
    Modeling was very simple. I based my model off of the original sketch (Fig. 01) and created what is known as an organized mesh.

  • "Making of 65 MYA" by Vlad Konstantinov
    I have always been fond of dinosaurs since my childhood, and likewise I always wanted to create a model of a
    dinosaur in 3D. I was impressed by the Jurassic Park movies and later found out that the dinosaurs were made
    with the help of computers. From that moment on, much of my time was dedicated to CG, which is now both my
    hobby as well my work.

  • "Making of Odin's Final Battle" by Marthin Agusta Simny
    Hi everyone, I would like to share with you a short step-by-step process of my latest artwork, Odin's Final Battle. I
    created this image for a competition with a steam punk mythology theme. After I decided to join the competition, I
    was soon doing research for a good story, and I chose to go for the Nordic myth, Ragnarök.

  • "Making of Enforcer" my Olli Sorjonen
    I wanted to create a slightly stylised UN soldier of the not-so-distant future. I first visualised a concept in my head and then started to gather reference material. I think it's important that you always check photos or any real source material you can get your hands on. That way you don't end up with clichéd ideas or any replicated mistakes.

  • "Hornedman" by Paul Large
    The purpose of this making of is to outline the tools and techniques I used in the creation of my image, Hornedman.
    The image started as a sketch inside ZBrush and grew from there into the final image almost by accident. Sketching characters in ZBrush is a great way to concept ideas, mess around with forms and come up with cool new things.

  • "Girls Experience" by Jiri Adamec
    The original idea was born 3 years ago when I saw an old photograph of drunken women. After having the initial idea
    I realised a few weeks later that it could become a good image. It happens to me sometimes that I’ll see something
    and have an idea, and I tell myself that it will work, but after some time I’ll discover that it won’t and stop...

  • "Making of Duli Baduli" by Maksym Khirnyy
    I made Duli-Baduli with 3ds Max, Photoshop, ZBrush and CrazyBump, and I also used After Effects. I’ve had the idea
    of an intergalactic fruit salesman for a long time, but never found an opportunity to work on it until recently...

  • "The Hunter" by Rodrigo Paulicchi
    Well, I started this project thinking that I wanted a funny image – nothing realistic, I simply wanted a character with
    some personality. At first I thought about creating a boxer, but something made me change my mind ... I started
    looking for hunter references and, when I saw them, I was ready to start modelling my character. To complete the composition I also modelled a Jeep Wrangler; the Background was created by my friend, André Pereira, a talented
    2D and 3D artist.

  • "Making of CG Painting" by Vadim Valiullin
    Hello, my name is Vadim Valiullin, I live in Russia, Ufa, and I am currently a student of the 5th course of Bashkir Pedagogical University, studying design. I want to share with you an article about the creation of the work, “CG
    Painting”. I would like to note that this article reflects my point of view and is not an axiom. 3ds Max 8 (2008), Mental
    Ray and Photoshop CS3 were used in the creation of this 3D image.

  • "Making of Ethaus" by Cedric Seaut
    Generally outside of work, I try to experiment with different styles, or to polish and furnish a personal universe. I have a
    lot of fun thinking up creatures belonging to this world of my creation, and the particular character I’m talking about in this ‘making of’ article belongs to the "Sang Bleu" series – a mix between "metabaron" and "moebius" (heavy references for me).

  • "Making of Unplugged" by Luis Ramos
    For this project I didn’t make any sketches, because I already had an idea of what I wanted to make.  Since my idea
    was make a scene with my bass, I simply put the actual bass by my side whilst I was working on its model.  Having the real model is very good for making details and taking some measurements.  For the amp, I based it on some different amps that I found on Google...

  • "Making of The Sky Fisherman" by Akin Bilgic
    Hi, my name is Akin Bilgic; I’m a freelance modeller and VFX artist currently living in San Francisco, CA. I’d like to
    thank for inviting me to share this making of with you. Hopefully this article will help others, as many of the tutorials here have helped get me to where I am today. If you have any further questions after reading this making of, I invite you to contact me through my website, and I’ll do my best to help answer any questions. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

  • "Making of The Mirror" by Sergio Santos
    “The Mirror” began when I was doing a face a few days ago, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to so I decided to
    give it a try in a different way.  I wanted to do something grotesque: big nose, big forehead, creepy looking… so I took
    the head that was driving me crazy and I changed it with no direction.

  • "Making of Chef Gordon Ramsey
    This particular piece of work came about because I worked on ITV’s CG series, Headcases, as one of the character modellers (building and correcting up to 30 out of 64 characters), and I was asked by the nice people at to create this model of the hot tempered chef, Gordon Ramsay, as a character/caricature video
    tutorial, explaining the process of working on an actual production, such as the Headcases series.

  • "Making of The Alchemist Room" by Ognian Bonev
    A bunch of soft, bright beams of late afternoon winter sun is playfully sneaking through the grated window of the old alchemic lab, graciously eliciting its velvet warmth on all those thick books and manuscripts, full of ancient knowledge and forbidden secrets.  It lightens up the strange equipment, various flasks and objects scattered all over the room (Fig01).

  • "Making of My Ten Wheel House" by Daniel Iulian Vijoi
    This illustration was made for fun, the purpose was to try something different from what I usually do – game art.
    I wanted to picture here something that is more of a lifestyle than a few objects gathered around; there’s something about the pleasure of driving and loving everything about cars.

  • "Making of Drum Kit 101" by Daniel Anderson
    This was a personal project that I went ahead with; I’ve been using 3ds Max for two years, and more recently I’ve
    started using more than just Mental Ray. For this project, I decided to use V-Ray, simply for its fast calculations and realistic results. Plus it’s easy as hell to use once your passed rendering a million spheres just because you can
    and just for the hell of it!

  • "Making of Old Elf" by Thaddeua Mitra Maharaj
    The making of the Elven Archer was quite an organic process. Unlike most of my modelling projects, I didn’t start
    this one off with a set goal in mind. In fact, the model just started off as a doodle in ZBrush. I had no idea when I
    started that I would take it so far!

  • "Making of LeChuck the Zombie Pirate
    This image was inspired by illustrations created for graphic adventures; in particular I was influenced by the cover of "Monkey Island 2" the videogame, designed by Steve Purcell.

  • "Making of Compass and Paperclip" by Volkan Kacar
    First of all, I would like to explain why I have chosen this particular scene to model, and why I have used Modo for the task. I had seen so many compasses in my life, thanks to my grandfather, and I have always thought about modelling a compass; however, because of my work I tended to forget about it, or I simply didn’t have the time to do it...

  • "Making of Cheese Platter" by Hau Ming Li
    This piece is actually based on a photographic concept, which was partially derived from Fig02.Originally, I was
    asked to create this piece based on the original photographic reference image, but I feel that the point of shading
    and lighting is to show off your texturing skills and give it better lighting, if possible.

  • "Making of Mules Gold" by Wishing Well Studios
    I had designed the original cigar smoking character for a short college project. I never thought too much about the character till I was putting together an animation portfolio whilst freelancing in London, I had drawn a model sheet for it and a friend really picked up on it. It kind of snowballed from there and I kept refining the design and coming up with further characters

  • "Making of Faceless Joe and Penny" by Matt Olson
    The inspiration to this image is quite simple: I like robots. In this case I wanted to create an extremely detailed robot
    that would fit into the Steam world backdrops I love creating. I often try to put elements into the image that may convey
    a story, even if they do not stretch beyond the image itself. In this case, Faceless Joe is a steam powered mechanical man built to be the companion of a young girl named Amber, and her teddy bear Penny.

  • "Making of the Horn Monster" by Rodrigue Pralier
    Generally, I like to think ahead and plan my models, but with this one it was different. When I started this model I was
    very busy at work doing army type characters, trying to improve our pipeline, and I was dealing with lots of constraints.
    At one point I wanted to do something at home that would be fast and personal, just to refresh my mind more than anything.

  • "Making of Tough Love" by Etienne Jabbour
    Partly inspired by the current economic turmoil, we decided to paint the portrait of a couple who have descended
    into criminality against the backdrop of a once prosperous, consumer-driven European country – in some ways
    echoing Bonnie and Clyde and their spiral into notoriety during the Great Depression of the 30s.

  • "Making of Night of the Cat" by Cristian Mihaescu
    Many thanks to the 3DTotal team, for this opportunity; it is a pleasure for me to share some of the techniques that I used to create my “Night of the Cat” image. My name is Cristian Mihaescu, and I am an electronic
    music composer who also loves to create digital art - mostly 3D scenes - as a hobby...

  • "Making of Rising" by Mahmoud Keshta
    When the humans finish their work and leave their offices, these isomorphic special characters rise from the 2D
    paper world to live in the 3D world, where they try to build their own world and generate new people to live amongst
    them. I was inspired by my childhood when I was at school and I used to cut characters from paper.

  • "Making of The Joker" by Mohammadtaghi Aibaghi Esfehani
    On this project I used Maya for the base model, ZBrush for details, Photoshop for texturing and matte painting,
    Shave and Haircut for the hair, and Mental Ray for rendering.

  • "Making of The Guard" by Alexey Kashpersky
    As I was working on the sketch I remembered the work of another artist, and with that the concept of a jumping
    creature was born (Fig.03). I even did a sculptural sketch in ZBrush, but gave up on it (Fig.04). I wanted the monster to
    be of my own design and creation, right from the end of the tail to the tips of the tusks. Which is why, the next day, I
    started with the primary planning in ZBrush.

  • "Making of the Snail" by Anna Celarek
    The idea was to frighten the snail with a cool, fast and stylish car. So what would be better than a Fiat 126, aka
    Maluch? Apart from the fact that the Maluch is the only car I can distinguish without reading its label (I’m not a car specialist).

  • "Making of Namaki (Sweetie) by Yasser Aazarnoush
    Namaki means sweetie; in my country we use the expression when we see a cute baby girl or boy. For the past five years, since I started learning how to draw perfect circles with a pen, I’ve had the idea of designing what you see
    now – this is just the beginning. Back then, I wasn't too serious about it because I didn't have any drawing skills; I was more into 3D than 2D.

  • "Making of The Defender" by Won Gyo, Lee
    First of all, this game character was to be made through the Unreal 3 Engine, and this character illustration was for commercial purposes. However, for several reasons, the project couldn’t be completed.

  • "Making of Sirne" by Anna Celarek
    I will not talk too much about the modelling process here, but will instead discuss more about the texturing. This is
    not a tutorial about the basics, just a general overview. I am assuming that the reader already knows the basics of the programs I have used.

  • "Making of The Old House" by Grzegorz Wisniewski
    This scene was made especially as a quick test for the Total Textures collection. I mainly used textures from the following DVDs: Aged & Stressed, Around the World: Part 1, Around the World: Part 2, Dirt & Graffiti, and Trees & Plants.

  • "Making of Female Rogue" by Dani Garcia
    In a project like this one, I always like to find as many references as I can and to be very clear about what I want to do before starting to model. For this image, as the subject was a rogue, I searched for references in videogames, illustrations and real photos ... I always try to get a large amount of them, and then I try to design nice clothing, a good pose, and so on...

  • "Making of The Patient" by James Busby
    he following article isn't intended to be a tutorial as such, but rather a focused ‘making of', during which I will attempt
    to explain a lot of my working practices and techniques. I'm going to illustrate this with videos and images, where appropriate. You will also find at the bottom of the article a link to the scene file, which includes a version of the scene with a frozen mesh and all the textures in JPG format at full resolution.

  • "Making of Surpirse" by Guido Zatti
    The original idea was to create a realistic mummy, but one that’s not too scary. I wanted to show my mummy it in
    typical daily situations. Once I had created it, the first situation which came to my mind was the mummy tripping over
    its bandages.

  • "Making of Flamethrower S.U" by Andrei Cristea
    To make this model I used 3ds Max and ZBrush. The first step was to model a quick base mesh in 3ds Max –
    nothing too fancy, I just wanted to have some geometry in place (Fig.02). I usually try to have the polygons evenly distributed on the model, and sometimes I also add some edge loops into the areas that I know will hold more
    detail when I move onto sculpting in ZBrush.

  • "Making of Scarecrow" by Christopher Tackett
    When I first started this project, I was going to do the final rendering in LightWave after modelling and texturing the elements in ZBrush. Then, as I was making some test renders, which were turning out better than I expected, I
    decided to just render the whole scene in ZBrush

  • "Making of Restart" by Eugene A. Halimanov
    This is a very important stage in the creation of 3D work, for me. There are two reasons for this. The first is that, by
    using high quality models we can achieve a good start for the entire project and avoid possible problems in the future. The second reason is that I love modelling and try to give it as much time as I can!

  • "Making of Ferrari F-2000 Michael Schumacher" by Raymond Yang
    To begin this project, I started by collecting as much reference material as I could possibly find (images, technical
    data, and even the box of a Tamiya F1-2000 scale model) (Fig01 - 04). I chose to use V-Ray for this particular project
    due to its fast and amazing quality renders.

  • "Making of Ivan & Bonnie" by Willaim Vaughan
    Hello everyone, my name is William Vaughan; I'm currently living in Orlando, Florida – the home of Mickey Mouse! I recently created two new characters that I like to call “Ivan” and “Bonnie”, and I thought we could take a look at how I
    went about bringing them to life. Ivan was greatly influenced by the work of Mark Behm and I created him as a way to learn a new piece of software. Total creation time was one day and I'm excited to be sharing with you the steps I took to get to the final image!

  • "Making of No More Wine" by Simon Blanc
    I started this piece with something as simple as a Z-sphere (Fig.01a). Playing with the Symmetry tool, an idea was
    born (Fig.01b)!  Z-spheres are simply awesome! They allowed me to build the body of my concept in the fastest way – ever (Fig.01c) – and with a clean mesh, too (Fig.01d)! The UVs were done in 3ds Max, and I added the left arm and the hat before starting to sculpt the details (Fig.01e).

  • "Making of Classical girl" by Wang Shiyong
    When I was still new to 3D modelling things took me much longer than they do now; now I can do things according to clear steps, and figure out some of the key points and tips during these steps! The first step in the creation of this piece was the outline. My best advice to you is to not consider the detailing of the five specific organs at this stage....

  • "Making of Reaching Out' by Soenke Maeter
    When the Blender World Cup contest opened for 2008, I couldn't resist challenging myself by entering. The basic idea was to create a big tower with an Asian feel to it, so after gathering many references of Asian-style buildings and towers, like the famous paintings of the Tower of Babel created by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, I started modelling.

  • "Making of Coffee" by Roman Samakovsky
    Hello, I’m Roman Samakovsky. In this article I would like to discuss the process of re-texturing my image, “Coffee”, especially for, using their wonderful library of Total Textures.

  • "Making of Street 13 - 26" by Grzegorz Wisniewski
    This project was simply meant to be a texture test, but as I kept working on it I decided to make it a complete scene. I start each new project by collecting as many reference photos as possible – this step I find to be very essential

  • "Making of Carlos Huante Creature Model" by Avinash Hedge
    This Making Of will show the different stages of the complete artwork from a basic 3D mesh, adding details using Mudbox, to rendering the final model in 3ds Max with Brazil, and with completed textures in Photoshop. Firstly, I must
    give thanks to the great artist Carlos Huante for inspiring me to create my 3D artwork

  • "Making of BMW C1: Urban Trespasser" by Makar Verigo
    In my non-commercial projects I try to select a subject and components that will make use of my skills to a maximum, and I set myself tasks to solve using new methods. In particular, I was interested in industrial and automobile design,
    as I have no experience in these fields, and I felt that work of this nature would grant me new opportunities to develop...

  • "Making of The Sentinel" by Konstantin Schonberg
    The modelling work went well. I started with the eyes and continued with the body and the tentacles. Most parts were made of primitives (Fig.02).

  • "Making of the Sea Turtle" by Katrin Schmid
    After playing for some weeks with ZBrush, I wanted to do a small project. As I am personally not too interested in
    those aliens, dragons and monsters that you see done a lot, I decided on a sea turtle. To keep this short, I’m going
    to assume for this tutorial that the reader is already familiar with the basics of Mental Ray for Maya and ZBrush...

  • "Making of Hornbill Express" by Tiong-seah YAP
    The work “Hornbill Express” is another design from my “2200 City without a Name” project, and it is a train from this
    city. As a part of the project, there are some important points I need to take care of, for example I want to create something unique but not straying too far away from the main style of the design, and so right from very beginning
    I made some sketches for each part of the project before going on to build them in 3D...

  • "Making of Alfama" by Omar Fernandes
    I decided to make this image/movie because I wanted to show some of the beautiful places in Portugal. Although this place is located in the stunning neighbourhood of Alfama, Lisbon, I decided to go with this old alley to show – and improve – my texturing skills.

  • "Making of Italian Food Shop" by Giorgia Baldissera
    The ‘Italian Food Shop’ artwork came about from the concept of videogames carrying out Italian cooking, and the
    project was realised in 3ds Max.

  • "Making of Shazam!" by Daniel Adami
    As I’m sure a lot of other people here are I am a big fan of comics! I wanted to make a tribute to one of my favourite heroes. I like the style of the contemporary comics, but I tried to do something more classic, nostalgic – with an old school look!

  • "Making of Pitch" by Jesse van Dijk
    In order to practice and improve on certain aspects of painting I often do quick sketches with a specific theme or
    subject matter. The drawing "Pitch" was one of these 'test-paintings'; I started working on it with the intention of
    creating a very complex scene, but not over detailing it. Detail in the wrong place can hurt the overall picture, as it
    distracts the viewer from where he should be looking instead.

  • "Making of Joker - Undead Version" by Vit Budin
    This Joker model was actually in my head for a long time before I was able to create it. For about one year I didn‘t
    have the time for any personal projects, but this year I took ten days’ breaks and happily started work on my vision
    of the Joker!

  • "Making of Carnival" by Sebastiao Lopes
    The sad boy on the stairs, sitting beside the new toys that he won today and enjoying his last drink, is actually a descendent of a Leprechaun. He is sad and almost crying because the fun day at the fair has finished. The small
    winged creatures are descendents of pixies; their wings are translucent so their blood makes their wings shine,
    and little sparks fly from them.

  • "Making of Ella" by Ziv Qual
    In this tutorial I will cover some of the interesting steps of this project.  I will cover modelling and rigging in general, texturing, working with complex hairs, rendering and compositing.  I will also share a few tips and tricks as I show the working process! (Fig.01)

  • "Making of Reproductor" by Federico Scarbini - Warning: Contains Male Frontal Nudity
    The purpose of this personal project was meant to bring life to a highly disturbing creature, something frightening
    but that could also catch the viewer's wonder at the same time with all its detail. My goal was to divide the viewer’s attention between two different key points...

  • "Makign of Peterbilt 379" by Andrey Krygov
    To begin, I would like to say that I'm basically a 3D modeller, and so for the creation of this work it was necessary for
    me to study many articles about the adjustment of lights, renders, materials, and so on. This experience proved to be very useful for me in the creation of this artwork, despite the amount of time spent researching. In general, I think that before starting to do something, it is necessary to have the necessary experience in order to be 100% assured that all will turn out OK in the end.

  • "Making of Sweet Mary Jane" by Adam Ross
    Howdy! I'm Adam Ross and I'm the head of the digital department at McFarlane Toys and occasional freelance
    modeller (non-competition, of course). In this Making Of article I'm going to go through the entire process of taking
    my model from digital to reality, utilising a cadre of software packages and one nice rapid prototyping machine!

  • "Making of Zitto" by Fernando Fautino Ribeiro
    Hello, my name is Fernando Faustino Ribeiro (Ferpulha) and I'm Character Animator and Character Designer.  I’m actually working on Renderbrasil, and I generally really enjoy working with animation. On my character, ‘Zito’, I wanted
    to create a tiny, non-proportioned character, simply because I like cartoons.  For the environment, I decided on an
    alien planet.

  • "Making of Kamran Saeed" by Saad Ahmed
    The idea with this piece was to create a caricature of a real person – to capture a funny look with a modern spirit. The person I based the artwork on is Kamran Saeed, an excellent artist and a very good friend of mine!

  • "Making of Boom" by Guillermo Soria
    At the moment, we can't really say too much about this character, but we expect he'll be one of the most peculiar
    ones in our upcoming short film, Z14!

  • "Making of Neoclassic Livingroom" by Serkan Celik
    In this Making Of article, I’ll primarily be investigating the rendering and lighting adjustments for my neo-classical livingroom scene.  In the first instance, I activated the Maxwell render and set the materials in the Material eEditor to Maxwell materials.

  • "Making of Interior Hallway" by Cyril Taussat
    There were two challenges for this picture: the first of which was to create an interior design scene, keeping a focus
    on a specific part of a living room. My inspiration came from a design study by Steve Nuss Ltd. Interior Design &
    Antiques (, and the main objective for this project was to work on realistic lighting,

  • "Making of Captain Bonecrusher" by Luis Arizaga Rico
    I usually start with lots of research that I have been collecting over time. My idea for this piece was to create a future mercenary belonging to a group of warriors where people simulate cyborg technology. His body and clothing had to reflect all of these elements.

  • "Making of Klara Medkova" by Fabio M. Silva
    Hello everyone, my name is Fábio M. Silva and I’m a CG artist from Portugal.  Today I am going to give you some insight into how I created my CG model of Klara Medkova, which is to date probably the most famous of my works in the CG community.

  • "Making of Kilowog" by Adrian Chan
    The general base of the model was blocked out and unwrapped in Maya. It is always a good idea, when constructing
    the base, to strive for 'square' quads and keep the 'flow' as clean as possible – it will make it much easier when doing the unwrap and deformation if needed later on. Once I captured all the key features, I took the mesh into ZBrush as my starting point (Fig.02).

  • "Making of The Special One" by Malanjo
    The next step was to re-touch the geometry and try other approaches in the design of the character and the mood.
    My main inspiration came from Lord of the Rings and fantasy art – I really love fantasy art! So this was the starting
    point for the main subject of the image, and helped with the mood of the character. Here are some of the experiments done during the process of the image

  • "Making of All Within Her Hands" by Ioan Dumitrescu
    Hello, my name is Ioan Dumitrescu (aka Jonone); I’m a 20-year old self-taught concept designer and currently a
    student of architecture.  In this article I’m going to try explaining a little about the working process and thoughts
    behind a picture which I created for the Uplift Universe challenge over CGTalk.

  • "Making of The Poseidon Adventure" by
    This ship was used to transport treasures; it disappeared without any trace near the Arctic Circle during a shipment.  
    No one knows the reason for her disappearance, but in this image she has been rediscovered, and the expedition is aiming to find the answer of the secret which has remained unknown… until now!

  • "Making of On the Precipice of the Universe" by Alexey Kashpersky
    Greetings, Artists!  My name is Alexey Kashpersky, more often known as RIDDICK or simply RID on the
    forums, and I’m currently studying at the Poltava Technic University, specializing in Graphic, Arts and Crafts.  I study
    such subjects as sculpture, drawing, painting, composition, and this knowledge was extremely useful for me during
    the creation of this particular artwork.

  • "Making of Story of Time 1981" by Hao Ai Qiang
    This work was created to commemorate my childhood; the inspiration was from my living environment. Although many years have passed since I was a child, the images are still deeply engraved in my mind.

  • "Making of Course of a Young Warrior" by Andrew Kovaltchuk
    Greetings to All!  This project all started when I became interested in several works by artists that participated in the
    well-known contest, Dominance War III.  In short, the idea of this contest helped me to come up with a concept: to
    think up a story and to create a character with an original artefact and weapon.

  • "Making of The Hulk" by Fabricio Torres
    This project started as a personal challenge.  The new Hulk film was to be released and (again) I didn't like the way
    he was portrayed.  I do understand the idea behind the concepts, with Hulk being a "realistic" character, but I wanted
    to see more of a comic book beast, with everything over-exaggerated.

  • "Making of Lady of Shalott" by Zhang Yang
    In the beginning, I wanted to do a portrait of a young girl, with a sort of love story type background, but then I decided
    to place her into an environment which better fitted her story. Remembering an oil painting by John William
    Waterhouse, my favourite Master of art, I wished for my own female character to be in such a beautiful picture. I
    changed the heroine and the environment of Waterhouse’s original painting, and made my character expressive
    through her body language and her abundant expression...

  • "Making of El Nino" by Malanjo
    After I saw this concept by DOC (inspired by Kroenen from the ‘Hellboy’ movie) (Fig01), I started to imagine something creepy, but also cool at the same time.  The design of the character grew day by day, and into the 3D stage.  I was constantly trying to push the levels and create the design directly in the 3D process, just to be different, to play with the imagination a little and to push my own skill levels.

  • "Texturing a Ship Scene" by Richard Tilbury
    This particular scene was made as a base for an environmental lighting tutorial which ran for six months in
    3DCreative magazine and is currently for sale as an eBook on the 3D Total website across a multitude of platforms.

  • "Making of Corner of Cobblestone" by Wade Muller
    The idea for this project was to create natural textures and to experiment with V-Ray Sun. I will explain more about
    V-Ray Sun and the lighting I used later on in this article. The original reference image was taken of a building in my
    local area, Coogee, in Australia.

  • "Making of Lonely Driver" by Kashkin Andrei
    Hello!  My name is Kashkin Andrei; I'm from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and I would like to present the Making Of my work,
    “Lonely driver”.  I will try to pay attention to each creative part of the piece, and tell you about some of the difficulties
    that I faced and decisions that were made along the way, as well as mentioning any special features during the
    project.  I hope that you will draw something interesting from this article for yourself.

  • "Making of Hunter" by Alessandro Baldasseroni
    I tried to stay as close as possible to the given reference (Fig01), which was just a ¾ sketch depicting the main proportions, with some details here and there, and the colour scheme for texturing. Not having an overly detailed
    sketch is good for me, since it allows more room for personal touches and pushes me to figure...

  • "Making of Fisherman in Town" by Suresh Kumar
    This model was created in 3D Studio Max, and detail was later added in ZBrush. The scene was rendered with
    Mental Ray, using its SSS Fast skin shader. The hair was created with 3D Studio Max’s native hair system, “Shave
    and Haircut”, and the texturing (skin and face) used 3DTotal Textures V4:R2 (Humans & Creatures).

  • "Making of Airbase - 2200 City without a name" by Tiong-seah YAP
    I have split this ‘Making Of’ into 4 parts; you will find some of references, my sketches and technical snapshots of
    Maya throughout this article.  I will be focusing more on the inspiration of my work and less on the technical side,
    and I intend this article for those people with a basic understanding of Maya and Photoshop, and who are interested
    in the process of my work.  OK so let’s start!

  • "Making of It's For You' by Kevin Beakers
    For this Making Of, an intermediate knowledge of 3D Studio Max and Mental Ray is required. I started work on this
    image after seeing a small photograph in a TV guide of Rodin’s “Thinker”, where the head had been replaced by a Logitech Quickcam, and I thought it would make a cool character.

  • "Making of The Warrior" by Cedric Roisseau
    For the concept, I started doing a quick sketch in Photoshop (Fig.01) (A); I wanted to make a warrior without a clear
    idea about the style, and I decided with a mixture of a Viking and Samurai.

  • "Making of 5o'clock" by Gustavo Sandrini Groppo
    This is my very first Making Of in four years working with 3D graphics, and it is a pleasure to share my work
    process here, with you. I graduated in Digital Design from São Paulo, Brazil, but my passion is computer graphics.
    In this Making Of, I’ll try to give you an objective explanation of my work titled, “5 o’clock”. So, here we go...

  • "Making of the Old Toy" by Daniil V. Alikov
    In my ‘Old Toy’ artwork, I wanted to create a warm atmosphere of a summer household evening, when the sunset
    hits through the window and there is an invisible haze in the air.  The lonely toy is hanging on the nail and feeling forsaken and unhappy.  This gives some sadness and drama to the picture.

  • "Making of the Flower Messenger" by Zlwen Zhang
    One of my colleagues suggested for me to make a portrait. I then set my target on Liu Yifei, a young Chinese
    actress. She is now quite famous in China, which makes it very easy to find tonnes of reference images on the
    Internet. I eventually found one image of her from a TV show. The level of details of her costume totally amazed
    me, and so I decided to take that as my final reference.

  • "Making of Knocked Out" by Ilan Cohen
    The idea for the image came from a short scene in one of my favourite movies, “Pulp Fiction”. In this particular
    scene, we see actor “Bruce Willis” playing the character of a boxer named “Butch”, as he wakes up in a boxing
    dressing room after having a little nightmare just minutes before a big fight (Fig.01). Obviously, I didn’t try to remake
    the exact scene, it was just inspirational for me.

  • "Making of Blue Bird Fishing" by Sebastiao Lopes
    This image popped into my mind in a morning’s dream, while I was just about waking up.  Although this image
    does not show the original idea I had that morning, it has been composed since to be even funnier!

  • "Making of No Fishing" by Stephen Cooper
    With this piece, I wanted to create a sense of vertigo looking down, but adjusting the focal length on the camera
    wasn’t enough on its own to achieve what I had in mind.  I found a useful tutorial on Highend3d which described
    how to fake a fisheye lens effect.  Basically, you point a camera away from the scene but looking into its reflection
    on a sphere.  The sphere then curves the scene in its reflection – in a similar way to how a fisheye lens works!

  • "Making of Fagin's Lot" by Hethe Srodawa
    This illustration began as a challenge I suggested between a few coworkers of mine. There was no real
    competition as such, but the idea was to create a finished illustration from the phrase 'Away We Go'. We could do anything we wanted as long as we used the phrase as a starting point

  • "Making of Ingrid Bergmna" by Max Wahyudi
    Finding good references is the key to creating a good likeness. For this I always use screen captures from movies because sometimes you can find shots where the character turns, plus the camera distortion is always the same and predictable. The only drawback is the low image quality, but in my case that’s totally fine because you can't find high resolution images of Ingrid Bergman anyway!

  • "Making of Robot Rock" by Jonathan Simard
    Robot Rock is based on a song called “The Same” by Daft Punk. And yeah, I think robots are cool, but they’re even cooler when you choose to go with a different style! Let’s just say, with this piece, I tried to make a different kind of robot…

  • "Making of Tiny - Battle of the Planets" by Chih-Han Hsu
    From my childhood memories I can remember watching Battle of the Planets after school, and as I grew up I thought about these characters, and they are now cooler than ever - amazed by their strong colours, bold designs and iconic silhouettes. So, I decided to create a character from the G-force team, choosing Tiny, simply because I think he’s probably the last choice people would make out the 5 members...

  • "Making of Underground Escalator" by Lionel Verlinden
    I did some research about the system of the escalator in order to create my own design and to be able to reproduce
    it in the most realistic way possible.  My goal was to create a dynamic vision of architecture with a fantastic
    atmosphere – not a simple representation.

  • "Making of Jeep Willys MB" by Mhd. Rasyid Ridha
    Hello, my name is Muhammad Rasyid Ridha and I'm from Indonesia.  In this article, I will show the general making of this image.  First of all, as for any project that I start, I collected as much reference material as I needed.  I like a variety of Jeeps, including military ones.  After looking at so many of them I chose to work on a U.S Military Jeep, post World War II, and the model I decided on was the Jeep® Willys MB Officer.

  • "Making of Swamp" by Jordan Walker
    When starting this image I wanted to create a monster that was integrated with its environment.  I began sketching various monsters and ended up with this image which was a type of swamp monster built of wood, mud, grass and moss.  After I came up with a decent sketch I browsed the Internet...

  • "Making of Prince NyTael" by Malanjo
    This is the 1st of 6 characters that I’m creating to apply to Blur Studio (Venice, California).  By the way, I wish to also give thanks to Laurent Pierlot and to Alessandro Baldessorini (from Blur Studio) for their personal opinions during the execution of this project.  Thanks guys!

  • "Making of The Airship Station" by Stefano Tsai
    The idea came from a series of documentaries called ''Airbus A380'', from the Discovery Channel. Fig.00 was captured from the videos. This is one of my hobbies: to see the process of making of machines, especially seeing where thousands of components have been designed and assembled. In the final moment, when the control tower permits, they prepare to take off – Airbus A380 starts up with full power going to all of its engines

  • "Making of Female Zombie" by Gary Newman
    As far as creating an initial concept for this character goes, I started off with a basic idea in my head.  I never actually made any rough drawings or anything like that; the idea I had was reasonably clear so I decided to leave it at that.

  • "Making of Hummerbot Destroy" by Hakan Hancer
    Hi again friends.  I wanted to share my "Hummerbot’s” design, step by step.  This piece really took a long time to complete!  As you know, Transformers were superheroes for most of us during our childhoods.  In 2007, we saw
    them return in the movies with huge visual effects and charm.  The movie gave me the inspiration to create this
    artwork; I decided that I had to create my very own Autobot, and I didn’t care how hard it would be!

  • "Making of The Rapture" by Brajan Martinovic
    This image is a part of an animation that I have been working on from time to time, and I made it to keep my spirits
    up – to keep motivated for animating.  It all started a long time ago, at the moment of boredom, when I drew a
    strange character that resembled a cat, rat and a bat – all in one

  • "Making of Ready to Fly" by Adrian Baluta
    I started with a sketch of a bird which had the character base of a kite silhouette (Fig.01). The main tip of this
    exercise was in focusing upon a strong pose of a bird (Fig.02).

  • "Making of Golden Moment" by Ricky Linton
    Hi, my name is Ricky Linton. This is an overview for the project I created recently. I’ll explain about the general workflow about creation for my project, starting from modelling through to the compositing process. You will not find step-by-step tutorial here, and if you find better or more appropriate ways....

  • "Making of the Ferrari Enzo" by Hamouche Yassine
    Hello, my name is Hamouche Yassine; I am from Morocco and I am 22 years old. The idea for this project came
    by coincidence; I saw a picture of an Enzo while I was surfing the Internet and I thought to myself, “Why don't I model

  • "Making of Carnostaurus Sastrei" by Damir Martin
    This is the image I have used for the Background. I’m addicted to mountain biking, picture taken by my friend with
    Sony R1 during one of our rides. I loved the foggy after-rain atmosphere, so I removed my self, and made space for Dinosaur.

  • "Making of The Kitchen" by Carlo Maura 'Boda'
    My intention with this image was to create a photorealistic place. The kitchen of this image is a Scavolini Mood
    kitchen that I found on a catalogue and the challenge was to give to the image an interesting lightning and a photographic shot.

  • "Making of Environment Concept" by Adrian Baluta
    I like fantasy styles a lot, so I decided to make another fantasy art work using matte painting techniques. Here are
    the steps of creation of this particular work.

  • "Making of The Steam Master" by Sorin Lupu
    This tutorial is intended for people with a prior understanding of the basic tools used for modelling and texturing. 
    This is not a step-by-step walkthrough, but more of a project overview.

  • "Making of a Ford Mustang" by Zdenek Urbanek
    Firstly, I found many reference images and blue-prints of the Mustang 1965, and used a few elements from other
    models as reference material. For the blue-prints I made 4 planes for 4 views, and I right-set it with the aid of a box.

  • "Making of Ready to Go" by Jaime Otegui
    Hi, my name is Jaime Otegui and I work in the videogame industry. In this tutorial I will try to explain how I created this render (Fig.01), and I hope it will be useful for you. Before I start though, I would like to give you some advice – especially for the beginners out there: be patient. I know this sounds obvious...

  • "Making of the Mazda CX-9" by Michael Seidl and Bernhard Rieder
    We both are very happy about our good teamwork and progress in the 3D industry, and it was a long journey to get our skills and experience and to know that we fit perfectly together. There are several reasons for this, like our passion for photo-real rendering, and the fun we have every time working for productions. We also know that we are reliable and ambitious and we take our job very seriously.

  • "Making of The Scarecrow" by Darko Hanzic
    In this article, I will explain the process of making my Scarecrow image. I will cover all aspects of creation, such
    as the illustration, modelling and also the texturing which i have used the below textures from 3DTotal's Total Texture Collection....

  • "Making of The Conductor" by Gunaars Miezis
    My work usually starts out as an idea - lots of things come into play when it develops, movies that I’ve seen, music I’m listening to, people that I’ve met and so on. And it usually takes some time to brew and flesh itself out. I don't start doing anything until I have a clear picture in my head.

  • "Making of Lida" by Yu Cheng
    In this piece, I wanted to interpret a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantastical, sci-fi
    and surreal. So I started out by doing research some research. Here are a few images I found from a Google
    Image search

  • "Making of Say Cheese" by Eric Provan
    This creepy fella started out as a quick sketch. Once I had a few sketches of his head to work from, I started
    searching ‘Google Images’ for some ideas on the mood, lighting, and theme for the project. Being a big fan of
    the classic horror film, “Nosferatu”, I thought it would be a great reference piece for this project...

  • "Making of Total Kitchen" by Mohamad AbuYhia
    I have taken a lot of time over this design after which I also spent a good deal of time creating a material library in
    order to texture the Total kitchen.

  • "Making of Madness" by Marcin Solarz
    Several softwares were used to create the “Madness” image. The base mesh was prepared in 3D Studio Max 8. I
    tried to capture the facial expression that accompanies screaming - to catch the grimace at the sight of something
    really frightening; something, that changes one’s life forever.

  • "Making of Training Day" by Arnaud Valette
    Hi everyone and welcome to the Making Of ‘Training Day’, a personal 3d artwork created in my spare time. I
    conceived this picture in two weeks, and I hope you’ll find some answers to some of your own questions in the
    Making Of.

  • "Making of The Old Lamp" by Roman Samakosky
    The idea for this image came about after I saw a similar lamp in a magazine. I seldom do replicas as I prefer to
    create something new, something unique, which is why I only took the idea from the lamp which I had seen, and
    then began searching for my own various antique lamp references on the Internet

  • "Making of Salvatore" by Alan Camara
    Hi, my name is Alan Camara and this is the making of my work, “Salvatore”. Salvatore is the one of characters from
    a movie called “The Name of the Rose”, played by Ron Perlman (the same actor from the Hell Boy movie). Starring
    Sean Connery and Christian Slater, this movie was one of the greats from the 1980s.

  • "Making of Antonio" by Pablo Vazquez
    This character was created using Blender 2.36, in May 2005. The textures are mouse-made using Photoshop
    (shame on me). When I was making Antonio I didn't know that I would be doing a making of (this is my first time
    at doing this kind of article), so some parts have been re-modelled.

  • "Making of Sander" by Percy Tienhooven
    It all started on Queens day when I and a friend (micha) saw some ‘Emo’ people walking down the street. Have to
    say I am not into that kind of style, but it’s a style really good for caricatures. It’s easy to tell someone how an ‘Emo’
    looks like, so it is really good for translating it to a 3d character (or any other medium). So I made a sketch in my
    little sketchbook.

  • "Making of The Kid" by Claudius Vesting
    In the year 2000 the "Der Spiegel“(the mirror) magazine (a german politics and society magazine like “the times“) published a work by the fantastic caricaturist Chris F. Payne on his cover here. I’m a huge fan of caricatures and
    totally fascinated about the realism they put the artists in their works. And I identified myself and my own childhood
    with this work and I think to myself that I want to try a similar work one day.

  • "Making of Instantaneous Eternal" by Zhang Ye(Zivix),Luo ZiXiong(PuMel)
    We sought materials from movies, games and books in order to find out how knights looked in that period...

  • "Making of Showstopper" by Neville Dsouza
    hello everyone, you all must've met celine and got to know about her life in the fashion world. Now, let's go deeper
    as to how she was created!

  • "Making of Autumnal" by Paul Davies
    The inspiration for this piece came at the end of a week’s holiday in Scotland last autumn. I'd spent a week
    absorbing all of the wonderful natural displays of colour at that time of year and I wanted to create an image that
    captured not only the look, but also the feel of a warm, golden autumn.

  • "Making of Dead City" by Andrzej Majewski
    " Dead City" is one of the fourteen locations which I'm preparing for my music clip. I don't want to say too much
    about the story, because some things can change (there's still a lot of work to do) and - what is more important -
    I might kill the punch line. Anyway, in this scene I wanted to show abandoned city

  • "Making of Gollum" by Nicholas Boyer
    There was no real concept. In the beginning, the idea came from a speed work on a French forum: We had to make Gollum’s head. So I started with this and, because this idea was
    cool, I decided to do a portrait of the entire Gollum…

  • "Making of Audi R8 in the Desert" by Jacobo Rojo
    For the modeling process of this scene I used 3ds Max, I used polygonal modeling and some nurbs curves for
    basic curvy objects for interior mainly which were converted later into polygons. The more details you can add to
    your model the best it will look in the final image.

  • "Making of lowout at Exit 16A" by Till Nowak
    The work on “Blowout at Exit 16A” (created specially for the book “Carnivora” by Les Barany) started with a purely computer generated image featuring Till Nowak‘s Woojet concept car and the city of his short film “Delivery”.