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Write us a Tutorial!
Written any great tutorials recently? Want to share them with the wider artistic community, get some valuable exposure and help other aspiring artists? Well, now you can!

3DTotal are looking for fresh, educational tutorials to showcase on our website. They can be for any software and difficulty level, any topic and both 2D and 3D tutorials will be welcomed, in text- or video-based format.

Accepted tutorials will be showcased on the homepage of 3DTotal for up to two weeks, as well as being featured in our forums, before being given a permanent home in our tutorial archives. There are also 3DTotal goodies up for grabs for every accepted tutorial, so get writing!

For full details about how to submit a tutorial, please see the following page:

On Site Tutorials

  • "Lighting Basics" by Yahya Ehsan
    We can’t see anything without light. Nature have it own rules, ‘natural rules’ and to reproducing images or animations
    in 3d/2d space we need to know about the lighting basics; so that our creation in terms of image(s) looks closer to nature. Sometimes we view two colored image and believe...

  • "Character Modelling for games using Mudbox" by Michael Jensen
    Welcome to this five part Mudbox video tutorial series, which will cover the modelling of a character for games. The series is broken into five parts as shown below...

  • "Sculpting Hair" by Joe Lee
    The following are some of my observations while learning the new features in ZBrush. It is my hope that this
    process will help shed light on achieving a unique look as well as open new ideas for other techniques.

  • "Bird of Prey - ZBrush 3" by Joe Lee
    Before getting started on this project, I tried to surround myself with as much reference and inspiration as I could before taking the plunge on the Zbrush canvas. I have great admiration for master bird carvers such as Floyd Scholz and I have always wondered if such wood carving...

  • "Normal Mapping" by Misja Baas
    Normal mapping is a great way of showing more detail on a 3D model by simulating the way surface detail responds
    to light. It is a 2D effect so it will not change the shape of an object, but inside the profile outlines it can simulate a
    tremendous amount of extra detail. This is very useful for real time game....

  • "Creation of the Captain" by Stepan Grakov
    I am going to show you how to create the making of “The Captain” - my lastest work - from modelling and rendering,
    to composing and post effects. This is not a “step-by-step” tutorial, here you will find explanations of my techniques.
    To create this image I used ZBrush 2.0 for modelling and rendering, and Fireworks MX....

  • "Modo - ZBrush Displacement workflow with Displacement Exporter" by Zoltan Korcsok
    Hello, I'm going to show you, how to create and apply a displacement map with the help of a WIP model.

  • "Maxwell Tutorial" by Dave Davidson
    Hi all. Here is a little tutorial based on the render you see above. I shall discuss the material setup (using the maxwell v1.1 c4d plugin) and then the lightiing.

  • "A guide to re-topologising" by Wayne Robson
    Re-topologising a mesh, that’s one heck of a mouthful that sounds complex and scary to people new-ish to modelling. Really it’s nothing of the kind, it’s a simple concept that’s easy to grasp and put into practice. Topology are the edge loops on your model, most people are aware......

  • "HDRI from scratch" by Seger Van Wijk
    In this new tutorial, I will guide you into making a simple self-made HDRI from scratch, without the use of a photo camera. As you may know by now, an HDRI-image is the simulation of light in its natural state....

  • "Old Man" by Oskar Swierad & Kamil Makowski
    In this tutorial we will explain how we have created the artwork “Old man - Portrait”. At the beginning - modelling and unwrapping was done in Blender, detailing and rendering in Zbrush and some post production with Photoshop. You must be a bit familiar with...

  • "Making Taho" by Michel Roger - Translated by Julien Dephix
    Always seeking new modelling techniques with Maya or Max using Surface, PatchSmooth, MeshSmooth, box
    modeling, edge modeling and so on, I must admit I was feeling frustrated with these techniques which I found
    long and tedious. It takes a long white to create something out of a cube !

  • "Making Hoggle" by Ken Brilliant
    Whenever you are recreating a character or person that has, or does exist in some form (even as a puppet), it's
    important to collect as much reference material and images as you can. While the Internet yielded some
    decent pictures of Hoggle, the best images came from viewing the "Labyrinth"

  • "Modelling Creature Detail" by Ziv Qual
    I have always believed that the smaller details are the ones that make the difference. Look at the dragon for example,
    it just won't be the same without all the spikes, fins and other details on it. Having said that, this tutorial isn't about making your model from scratch

  • "Edge loops for faces" by Athey Nansel-Moravetz
    When modeling a humanoid face that you intend to animate, one very important concept to grasp is the concept
    of Edge Loops.

  • "Occulusion Pass Guide" by Ziv Qual
    In this tutorial I will try to cover everything you need to know about occlusion pass in 3 simplified parts. The first part is explains what an occlusion pass is and what its good for. The second part is all the technical info on how to make an occlusion pass.The third part explains how to use it.

  • "Making of The Seedbed" by Ao Xingcun
    Hello, I am Ao Xingcun from china. CG is one of my favorite means of creation in art. In this article, I think it is a
    pleasure to share the technique with you, which I have used in the art creation. The main subject I want to show
    in this works is harmony as well as opposite relationship between nature and the huma

  • "Making of Young Rodeo" by Rishikesh Nandlasker
    The idea and concept for this image for a young boy riding a huge bull came to me while scribbling in my sketch
    book. I then went about creating a rough story revolving around the image.

  • "Making of Drunken Leprechaun" by Andre Wilke
    This scene was done in Cinema 4d for modelling, texturing and rendering. Post production done in Photoshop

  • "Creating animated Pupil Reflex" by Segar van Wijk
    This tutorial show you how to create pupil reflex.

  • "the making of Wall Street" by Carlo Maura
    The modelling for this image is quite simple because it’s essential made by profile extrusions for skyscrapers
    and by subtractions for windows.Most complicated parts as the street-lamp were modelled using box modelling.

  • "Making Swords and Daggers" by Tim Ellis
    This overview is specific to Blender 3D, although the principles can be applied to most other 3D applications.
    Some knowledge of Blender will be needed, as I don't cover any hot keys
    . I used the textures directly from the
    Total Textures V14 CD, without modifying them

  • "Summer in Gerona" by Miguel Fonseca
    Hi again and welcome to my tutorial. Summer in Gerona (Gerona - border Spain with France), is a combination of
    rustic house elements in a fantastic light environment in a bright sunny day. Once more i try to combine a variety of materials that 3dtotal texture cd's offer me, i try to explore the power of the light, instead making a clear scene. I add some props to the scene and choose a camera plan that.....

  • "Faking HDRI" by Radoslav Zilinsky
    Im going to introduce you my method of faking HDRI images for reflections. Have you ever say "if this nice image
    could be a HDRI map..".At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to make fake HDRI from every picture you have
    and result will be quite similiar to real HDRI relflections

  • "Making of - They Came From the Sea" by Danny Felch
    The scene was originally made for a 3d challenge on the Danish 3d community site, it won
    the contest even tho it was not finished, but the main feel, modeling and concept was there

  • "Rustic House" by Miguel Fonseca
    Once again i'm here to make a short tutorial about the new outstanding 3D total CD no.12/13 Textures. This new
    CD is full of textures of around the world, several types of walls, bricks, concretes, great for exterior and interior architectural scenes, and with a great variety of materials

  • "Daylight" by Carles Piles
    The main element in the scene is the bridge, which is done using extruded objects; except the bottom ornament, which is a sweep nurbs object.

  • "Traditional Animation Workspace" by Nikola Drincic
    Many of you asked about work space for traditional animation, so here is the short explanation how to do it yourself. The aim was to spend as less money as you can...

  • "The Power of Diffuse" by Isham Padron
    This isn't really a tutorial just a study of one channel, diffuse. Which is the absorption of light. This tutorial is intended to be general in nature and is supposed to apply to almost every 3d package out there...

  • 'African Mole Warrior' by Pete Sussi
    This tutorial will give you some insight into working with textures and adding some details to our model.
    I decided to re-work my original "mole warrior model", which was based off of Feng's wonderful design and
    create my own "african warrior mole

  • "Layering Cultures" by Marco Rolandi
    The purpose of this tutorial is to create a scene using most of the textures contained in cd number 9. Examining
    the content of texture cd, you’ll soon realize each own “civilization” solved the same problem into different ways,
    using very different materials. Some used stones, some wood.

  • "Making of: The Spider" by Martin Ernst
    Welcome to this little tutorial. For 99% of this scene I used 3D Total's Scifi Texture....

  • "The Passage" by Adam Guzowski
    I am going to write about some texturing tips I use when working under my short film "The Passage" In this title-image I used only one texture, put on simple plane object. No lights, no highly detailed objects, only one good texture. "The Passage" is a computer animated short film showing simple life story of a small robot-ball...

  • "Texturing with 3D Total's Texture CD's" by Balazs Kiss
    The basic idea of this image was to try out the possibilities of the 3D Total texture series. Therefore this project started mainly as a texturing exercise, but later it become more or less a Lighting-Rendering study with PRMan. I have used Maya for modeling-lighting......

  • "Renault Clio in Cinema 4D" by Black Graphics
    This tutorial explains how to add dirt to your vehicle using the new Total Textures V8 Vehicles CD.

  • "Raytraced depth maps" by Luma Clark
    Hi. this is a method i pretty much burnt my brain out trying to figure out. the method described here is to get a raytraced depth map for post-processing dof, which up til now is not possible. this is a post-processing method for use with post-processing filters, such as potoshop cs' lens blur. . .

  • "Capturing Heaven " by Greg Martin
    We have all seen the spectacular images that the Hubble Space Telescope and other such observatories have revealed to the world. Their haunting splendor inspires and compels us as artists. The question is, how can we capture the elusive essence space in our own representations of the heavens?

  • "Texturing: False Geometry" by Ben Mathis
    The Design of the Apple Pro Speaker by Harmon Kardon is as simple as ingenious. Because of that this tutorial should be especially useful for beginners. . .

  • "Apple Pro Speaker Cinema4D Tutorial" by Martin "DerMattin" Ernst
    The Design of the Apple Pro Speaker by Harmon Kardon is as simple as ingenious. Because of that this tutorial should be especially useful for beginners. . .

  • "Colour Theory" by Michal Matczak
    In this tutorial I will try to explain the basic rules of working with colour. Heh, that's a really tough task, so be understanding and gentle ;). I urge anyone that reads this article to paint and make observations as you go along, even copy the images as closely as possible to learn. . .

  • "The Crock" by Marco Rolandi
    This tutorial explains how to create a convincing spaceship using Total Texture-CDs without too much trouble and too much painting/customizing. . .

  • "Helms Deep" by Patrick Pirker
    Hi, I would like to write a little bit about my scene "helms deep", including modelling, lighting, and the major part, texturing. . .