What has been your most accomplished piece of artwork to date, and why?
Weiye: Many people have asked me this question, my answer is always the same, the best work of mine will be the next (Although the answer seems to be empty, but it is a serious answer, cause I will always try my best to exceed myself).

Ahh good answer, Ok let’s try and reword it. If you had to pick one piece for self promotion purposes (whether it be for the first image that people


would see on your website or to place in an gallery), which piece would you choose and why?
In aspect of techniques, I will choose the 3D character [RED GIRL], and 3D scene [TOWER], because I devoted a lot into these two works. If I have to choose one from these two, then it will be [TOWER] that I will choose, because it reflects some kind of my feeling.

3DTotal: As I mentioned previously you’re an accomplished 2d and 3d artist, but which area to you favour the most, and why?
Weiye: Because I used to be a canvas painter, I prefer 2D slightly. While in fact, to put it accurately, 2D and 3D are just different representation medias and tools in my opinion. What they show is visual art, so 2D and 3D are complementary and indispensable in my creation of work.

3DTotal: A lot of 2d artist nowadays use 3d in order to help achieve correct perspective or to experiment with different viewpoints. Have you been tempted to mix these two mediums together to help in your production of art?
Weiye: I’ll mix these two mediums if the perspective is very difficult, but it is very rare, because camera perspective in 3D software is very different from what we see with our eyes. Relying on 3D to achieve correct perspective will make the work quite stiff.

3DTotal: Putting aside work for a moment, what kind of things do you do to unwind whilst you have a spare moment?
Weiye: Besides painting, I love to go out for sight seeing, to seek inspiration in the wide, and relax body and heart.

3DTotal: Well it has been a pleasure chatting with you Weiye and I wish you all the best for the future. One last question before we wrap things up. With switching from traditional to digital, have you been tempted to switch back?

Weiye: I’ve never given up or stopped traditional painting. I always paint when I’m free. Because I think traditional oil painting is not only my base, but also my capital, which I won’t throw away. We live in a fast-pace society now, to make a living, traditional art has to be laid aside as a hobby, but I hope someday it will become an important part in my life again.

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