Hi Weiye, it’s not every day you see an accomplished 2d and 3d artist so it’s a really pleasure to talk to you today. Right let the probing begin. Could you introduce yourself and tell us how you got into 2d and 3d?

Weiye: Before I started doing CG, I was a canvas painter. In 1997 I began to set foot in the art of CG production and got some achievements. In 2003, I engaged in an official CG art work.

3DTotal: So what made you take the leap from traditional canvas to a digital one?
Weiye: Because it is easier to make a living by CG art, this is a quite practical reason. Of course, I love


CG art very much. Compared with traditional art, CG art has more representation measures, particularly 3D art. It could create more real fantasyland, and it has got rid of constraint of 2D space, having more dimensions, and is a new representation mode of art.

So how did you get into art. Can you recollect the first image you every painted?

Weiye: When I was a little child, I was very interested in painting, and often doodled around. My parents discovered my interest, so they sent me to a painting training class. I have met many good teachers, and spent over 20 years from child enlightenment, to interest cultivation, professional training, till entrance to normal art circle.

Well, my first image should be a work in my childhood, it was quite simple, and I’ve almost forgot it, what I still remember very clear is an oil painting teacher of academism I met when I was 9 years old, it is him that truly brought me to the realm of traditional art.


Browsing your portfolio you have a huge variety of work from stunning portraits to wondrous landscapes to even some low poly game pieces. So what does a talented artist such as yourself do for work?

Weiye: From 2003, I became engaged in research and development art for game, control of each the art style (from concept design, 3D modeling, texturing, to atmosphere control of light and shadow effect) is not only my job, but it’s also my hobby

3DTotal: The one thing that strikes me most about your work is the richness of the colours you’ve used, making me think that

    you take great pride in the texturing side of your work. Could you tell us how long would you spend in this particular area of the creation process?
I attach great importance to the final effect, no matter if its 3D or 2D work. Even picture of real-time rendered game should be as beautiful as a painting, because CG should bring sensory experience to the viewers as traditional painting. Rich colour is represented in the whole picture, while every texture is a factor of the whole picture, it will not cost me much time in representing the details, but harmonizing the factors are very important and time-consuming.

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