3DTotal : Hi, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Wei Wei Hua : Hi my name is Wei Wei Hua i'm 29 years old, Chinese, and now working in Paris for a CG studio. I’m interested in fantasy art and cinema environment. I love to design everything from buildings and scenes to spaceships and characters.

3DTotal : What first got you started in 3D?
Wei Wei Hua : The first time I started to work in 3D it was for a architectural design company in China in 1996, using PC’s and 3dstudio Max 4 with DOS and so that's why now I’m a 3dsmax user.


3DTotal : Could you tell us the story behind your fantasy world Green Valley?
Wei Wei Hua : It is a long story based in the future. Green Valley is a planet far away from earth, a fantasy world that has its own community, culture and history. In the future, a new world is created, whereby human kind live hand in hand with the communities on the Green Valley planet. However, inevitably, war erupts between the future of mankind and Green Valley. From a personal point of view, I hope to relate the story to the youths of present day. In total there are three parts to the Green Valley story. I have finished one of three parts but there is still a lot of design work needed to complete the story, such as the culture,
the different buildings, the creatures of the Green Valley and the design of these characters. Only my spare time is dedicated to the project so progress is very slow. But I really enjoy it.

3DTotal : All the scenes that you have done have a tremendous amount of detail, do you work on this in the concept stages of production or do you add it in as you model?

Wei Wei Hua : Usually I like to add in all the details when I’m modelling, but if there are too many polygons in one scene, I have to render these elements that I wish to add separately and compose them into the final image in Photoshop.

3DTotal :
Have you ever thought of creating an animated feature on your world?

Wei Wei Hua: Yes, I would love to make some kind of short animated feature to introduce my story. It would be great making it into a film. However, it's a long
story and I don’t think I can finish it on my own. Now I'm only in the working process of scenarios, designs and scenes. In the future, I hope I can eventually work with a company that takes interest in my story.
3DTotal : Where do you get all the inspiration from to produce such visually stunning scenes?
Wei Wei Hua :I get a lot of the inspiration from the work of other top designers and films, especially science-fiction films. I also get inspiration from music. I would imagine a scene when listening to my favourite tunes. I also take photos on my travels. A lot of scenes are from real life. The designs as well as the working scenes, are all based on elements of real life. I believe that the soul of excellent work is dependent on both ones ideas and skills.
How long does it take to produce one scene. From concept through to final rendering?
Wei Wei Hua: I normally take about one month to produce one scene in my spare time, including final rendering.
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