3DTotal: So what are you currently working on at the moment at ArenaNet?
Shawn: Guild Wars 2. Um, beyond that I can’t really go into much detail. I still try to do a little concept work but that, and any and all other art I can squeeze in, is done in the evenings and the occasional weekend.
    3DTotal: Throughout your career you must have worked on a variety of different games. Do you think Guildwars and such MMOs are the future, or do you feel that there’s still a certain appeal to blasting zombies with a BFG?
Shawn: I think there will always be a market for both. At least I hope so, since I’m sitting firmly in both camps. Both certainly have diehard fans, but there’s also a lot of overlap. For me, it sort of depends on my frame of mind and how much time I have available. If I only have a few minutes, I may just jump in and kill some zombies; if I have time to immerse myself in something then it’s more likely to be an RPG.
3DTotal: If you could sum up your style of work in one sentence, what would it be?
Shawn: I may have to come back to this; I’ve never really thought about it before. Like everyone I suppose, I try to tell a story. One thing I would say is that, in my line of work, I use concept art to convey a concept, not to wow someone with a portfolio piece. If it gets the idea across then it was successful and at that point the piece is as detailed and finished as it is likely to get.

3DTotal: Throughout an artist’s career, they will always look at artwork by their favourite artist, whether it’s for research or for inspiration. So where do you draw inspiration from?
Shawn: You know, I still find myself inspired by the artists that I was a fan of when I was just starting out: Frank Frazetta, Mike Kaluta, Berni Wrightson, Barry Windsore Smith. But really, there’s just far too many more recent folks to even mention. To me that’s one of the most incredible things about the Internet - I’m never at a loss for inspiration or references. Pretty much any artist and any subject matter is at your fingertips.
3DTotal: Well it has been a pleasure talking with you, but one last question before we round things up. If I were to hang around with you for a whole day, what one thing would I learn about you?
Shawn: That I drink waaaaay too much espresso.
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