An interview with Robert Chang by Mike Rickard.

Click on the image to see how Rob painted this beautiful image of Scythe Wolf.

3D Total: Tell us a little about yourself.

Robert Chang: Lesee. . .. I'm 30 years old, was born in Taiwan, immigrated to the U.S. in 1984, and grew up in Bay Area California. I had a pretty harsh early life--poverty, multiple divorces, abuse..etc--but thankfully I'm not a tower climbing psycho because of it. Well, my wife thinks I'm pretty well adjusted, so I guess that's not too bad. Creative things had always been my sanctuary when life was harsh, and my joy when life was prosperous. I don't think that'll ever change.
The little bio I wrote for my website probably sums me up the best:
"Me in a nutshell: I surround myself with things I'm passionate about, and people I care for. My love affair with painting, writing, music, photography, and film have been, and will be the guiding light of my life. From the blithe curiousity of a small child, to the melancholic gaze of a broken heart, the mystery and elegance of our world captivates and moves me. We are only human, imperfect and flawed, but in our moments of radiance, we are capable of such profound beauty. It is those moments of radiance that makes this life worth living."

Skin tones obviously pose no great problem for Rob.

3DT: Did you study art at college or are you all self taught?

RC: I'm self-taught.

Rob's subjects are most often soulful and beautiful.

3DT: What do you think the most useful thing related to art you've learned?

RC: Useful? I'm not sure how to define something as "useful" in art, but I would say the ability to make others feel what you feel, or what you want them to feel, through your creative endeavors, is the single most important and relevant skill/talent that I treasure.


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