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Hi Raul could you give us a brief background and also tell us what interested you about 3d to make you want to do it as a career?
    Raul : Hello, my name is Raul ‘reznek’ Teleki, I’m 21 years of age, and I am from Romania. I started cg almost 6 years ago at that time I was still in highschool, now I am student at the Institute of Atchitecture Ion Mincu, Bucharest, 3rd year of studies. The reason why I would choose cg as a career is because it is closely connected to the things I love to do, it is a bridge between all the contemporary forms of art.

3DTotal :
How long do you normally spend in the concept stages of a character before you start modelling?
Raul : Nowadays I just go on impulse. I have a sensation in my head or my stomach and I try to materialise that, many times the figures aren’t very clear at the beginning, but after I start, I know where I am headed. When I have the time I like to sit down, draw and think about what I am going to do, but lately I have not had time to do this.

3DTotal : Could you tell us a bit about your modelling technique, software used and the processes involved?
Raul :To model organic characters I use the poly by poly, or edge extrusion technique in Softimage|XSI. It is in a way very similar to the spline modelling that I used to
do a few years back in 3d Studio Max.
All my recent works have been created with more than just one application, mainly they are Softimage|XSI, 3d Studio Max, Pixologic Zbrush and Mudbox. I start off by making my base mesh in XSI, I then export it to 3d Studio Max where I take care of UVs, skinning, and some minor topology issues, next I take the posed model to Mudbox or Zbrush, depending on what kind of result I am looking to achieve. This is the workflow I use for personal, static characters, for a professional job I would exclude the posing part or proceed in a different manner. After the displacement work is done, I export the displacement map and I render the final character in 3d Studio Max.

3DTotal :
What advantages and disadvantages do you find this technique has over other methods?
Raul : The advantage is that you have, in the first stage(base mesh modelling), a more technical control over the mesh, and in the second part(displacement mapping) you have a lot of artistic freedom, the disadvantage could be the fact that you can’t do it all in one software, but this is a minor inconvenience for me.

3DTotal : What are your favourite
genres and what would be your ideal project to work on?
Raul : I don’t think I have favourite genres anymore, I just like to look at something that is inspiring, peaceful, beautiful, smart or others. I can’t think of an ideal personal project yet, when I will find it for sure it will be a great feeling. An ideal professional project for me is highly dependent on the team and on the studio and not in all cases on the type of work I have to do.
3DTotal : How important do you feel drawing is with regards to the modelling process ?
Raul : I think that for a skilled modeller it’s not so important, because he can visualize in his head what he wants to achieve and he also has experience to back it up, but for the beginner I think it is crucial to draw a few concepts before starting. Drawing is also very good because it helps you define those unclear parts of your concept in a very fast way.
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